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Saturday, December 29, 2012

last weekend of 2012

last night  i did a show in Anderson at the casino


that's the  stage  , way  back there, plus 200 people behind where i took this pic,  they had speakers where i was  , for the people  way back here...  .    the  show started off with the  mics going bad, but they got that fixed quick. ( 7 minutes )..  ..   i had not been in front of this many people for a while, and man did it feel good....     lots  of cancer killing laughs, and plenty of applause,    what's left of my tumor took a big hit..     

New Years Eve is monday ,,, amateur night for drinkers and drunk driving ..   be careful everybody !!!!    i will be staying home .  i will be celebrating feeling great . 

this  snow  and  no sun has got me super sleepy.  the  dogs like romping in the snow, and when Bella  comes in she sits on the heat vent.  

nothing new to report -

weight .............   149 ,, back down from 159
strength ..........     a + 
tumor ..............    hard little bump
attitude ...........    medium +  . need some  sun
pain.................     .06
overall  ...........     9.1

Friday, December 28, 2012

a new year approaches

i had monday & tuesday off  for  X mas, then got  wednesday off too, because of the snow..   that's  minus  24 hours,, dang ...

snow ........  it was almost  3 feet high in our driveway, but  Heather bought a snow-blower  2 years ago, and i fired that baby up .  electric start even !!   and  2 hours  of  snow-blowing , was easier than  20 minutes  of shoveling..   and  today i felt like i didn't  do any snow removal ...  

cancer  ,, i'm over it ....  it's not  gonna get me. it's been almost 6  months since  diagnosis..  if i had  more  cancer than before , i would be feeling it by now ,, i'd be  sick, weak, and frail.  i'd have cancer symptoms - like  ringing in the ears, or night sweats,, or  continued  weight  loss,, ..

 but i'm a bad   cancer patient-- i CAN  gain weight, i feel great , i'm super strong, NO ringing in my ears (( i did have some in july , so i do know what that symptom is )) ,, NO  night sweats...  

4 days  and this  crazy year will be  done,,,  all the  past will be left behind. ....... the  future  looks  incredibly wonderful

now that my Dad is  somewhat OK with me  NOT  being  re-tested,,  i really feel like i have this beat ...     i don't  have the  grapefruit size  tumor,  and i am not "full of cancer"  from chest  to top of head,,  my outlook  is  VERY  good...  

what the doctor said  was  wrong ,, i'm sure  he was just doing what he knows, but they missed  big time with me..    i escaped with no damage, no side effects, no drugs, and no pain...                           radiate THAT   cancer people ,, and use the Chemo on yourselves,,  i was told  i  " NEEDED CHEMO "...  no i don't 

i do feel lucky about this whole deal,,  i'm the lucky-ist cancer  victim ever !!!...    if this started in my lungs, it would have been a bigger mess..  but my tumor was  visible, and  touch-able - LUCKY  i  am ...   

i knew  people liked  me , and that i was a  "good  guy " ,, but  the  outpouring of  love  &  HELP has  blown me away...   the  food  angels -  i don't know who all of you are , but i thank you everyday !!    being able to eat my way out of cancer is pretty cool,,  and  free food ( my medicine)  is just plain fantastic..  

my old  job that i retired from, they were so nice to have me  back, and gave me a better job than i had  in the first place.   my money  woes are almost  over..  one more month and i should be out of  debt...  whew !!!

i used to be thinking  comedy 110% of the day.. 24 / 7 .    365 days a year..    now its  beat cancer !!,,  eat correctly, exercise, think straight, and  stay  calm... 

stay calm,,,  that's a switch  for me...    do  you remember  rubber band airplanes,,  the  balsa  wood  jobs , with the wind up propeller ??  ,,  have you ever wound that propeller up so tight that there are  knots in the  rubber band ?  well that was me - for years !!   wound up so tight, i had  knots in my soul...   and unleashing that wound up rubber band  usually led  to disaster.   and it  did -  i wound myself up right into a ball of  cancer...

so now i look at life differently,,  what REALLY  matters?  what  do i really need to put my energies toward ?? 

staying healthy - if i remain  healthy , everything else will fall into place

i'm ready     to see what 2013  brings

i will be  55 in june...  ha  ha   ha ..  i'm a bad ass           

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas

ho ho ho,,,  & ha ha ha .   december  25th , and NO side effects  in my cancer battle.  

i am  healthier than ever ,   to  me it's hilarious   

no feeding tube and  issues with that
my fillings  didn't get boiled out of my teeth
i can swallow
my saliva glands still work
my voice is the same
so burnt skin
no side effects from no tonsil operation
my hair didn't fall out
i can work   two jobs 
i am not  " this " close to death
no poison injected in my veins
no  visits to the cancer center
 i can exercise and gain weight
 i have no   cancer  symptoms.
 - refused radiation 
refused  chemotherapy
refused  tonsil  removal

even with all these  +'s ,,,  it has sucked big time having cancer..   

my whole life  has gotten WAY better ,   if i think of how i feel  and how my attitude is  better , and all the love  & good  vibes i receive -  having  cancer is not an issue..   like being an alcoholic , i can't  drink,,  so  as a cancer  fighter, i don't eat cancer products,,  cancer can't  hurt me now ...

here's some stuff i can't eat ..................  

it's  everywhere !!!!  

 i am already dreading  NO  PEEPS in april

big storm possible,, have at least  3 days  of  food and water  always ready... =  4 gallons  of water , and 12 meals of some kind.. for  each person,, +  pets ...     it  happened  on the east coast , just weeks ago , so  be ready .. no electricity would  be a real bummer in this  cold, and that just takes  some snow on the  wires 

be  safe !!! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

sunny but COLD

i am not blogging everyday,,  i don't have anything "new" everyday,  so i  try to get 5 posts a week..

i feel great , and it's almost January.  The  doctors said i'd be in dire straights soon...as in complete cancer take-over 
 ha ha ha .. no i am not

yesterday was GREAT !!!!   in june i booked a wedding , for 12-21-12.. oooooh  end of world gig !!..  so the months go buy , i don't hear anything about the gig,,   2 weeks ago , i saw  the guy ,, and  he mentioned nothing,, it's his daughters wedding,, so it's a big deal if you ask me,, but  he mentions  nothing....  hmm ,, did i loose the gig ??     so tuesday,, the  18th , i see him again, we do a show together , and he mentions  nothing again,, 3 days till wedding ???...   i don't ask,, figuring he'd mention it first ,, like  - are you stoked for friday ??    but no,, a big hug and a  "see you later"...     i had requested off from the "job" , so i could  do the wedding,,and had the  21st off,, all good  & ready to go..
   5 pm thursday , one of the other managers at work asks if i can work for him friday night,, so i need the $$ and  i thought there's  no gig , so  heck yeah !!  ,,,   moments later , i get a text  about the wedding,,  "are you ready for tomorrow, ? arrive at  noon"...  oh  hell yeah !!!   a noon gig !!  and i still get to work at night ..   sweet ....  

  the gig went great , i did get a bit lost in the country parts of Shelbyville , but  still got  to work on time,, and work was a breeze too...

not a bad  day for a guy who was supposed to be "this close to death"  ( the small distance between your thumb and index  finger = 3 sheets of paper )  , right about now.

i get bits  of  anger when i think of what the cancer industry was gonna  do to me .. i wonder  how many more  people  could "walk away " and be better off,, i know it is working for me .

happy holidays everybody  !!!    i hope  everyone gets what they want .. 

 i am alive ,  my wish has been granted 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


i am not a fan of  all  of those 'cancer awareness' agencies , or the   "raise money for the cure" ,    those type of things...  

i followed  a 70 year old program,  and  , wow , it's working ,,  

 the people who have been working on the "cure " for 50 years, where all this  donated  $$  goes,,  yeah right,,   they haven't  discovered what i know about fighting cancer  ??  

i'm just a goof with the internet...  i learned / found out what would help me in just a matter of  hours  ~   ( 80 ) ... and my "cure" has nothing to do with all the failed research, and   billions of dollars spent with horrible results.

i walked in this club last night , and this sign was at the door , i was like  .  hell yeah !!!!  
  oh my i was laughing so hard,, zero !!   not even  did the bar  kick in 50 ,, so it wouldn't be  zero ..             

zero ,,,  nothing ..          and i thought  ...  as it should be ... 

 if a citizen really wanted to help  "fight cancer" ,, find someone who HAS cancer , drive to their house, and  hand THEM the  cash you  wanted to donate...  they could buy some nice food, or pay a bill,,,  but  don't  give it to some lost cause

here's an example,, some one , or some people, have been loading  credits at Pogues Run  for me,,  i'm guessing they are  a blog reader, i don't know , i am so thankful  for  what they are doing ,,,    that $$ goes  DIRECTLY to fight cancer..  it doesn't get thrown into some fund where they have to buy shirts  and ribbons  so people are  'aware' there is a fight against  cancer....  it goes directly to MY fight ,, more of a challenge now,, but it  does  something very good!!!!  

so next time you are gonna donate to some 'cause'  , take a few minutes to look up where that $ might really end up ..  maybe it  IS a good thing , but if it isn't ,, give that donation somewhere it will actually  be used...  buy food and  donate it  ,, something like that 

i feel super alive, what a wild , 5 months it's been...     

Monday, December 17, 2012

monday the 17th

we had the company xmas party last night,,  there was one of those  gift grab/exchanges..   i submitted one of my Poor Man's GPS,,,, the  exchange was about  1/2 over ,,, one of the cashier  gals  had lotto tickets , so i stole them from her ,,,,    with her new pick , she picked the GPS ,,,,she had no clue what it was,, it was awesome, she hated it , and tried to give it away at each draw,,,  some one  else  took my lotto tickets , so i took the GPS  back  from her, and she got  a new pick  from the table....    walking to the  table she says....  """oh my god , i'm so glad to get rid of that stupid thing"""  ,, she  got a super  cool garden knome..

the  cloudy days are  hard to get moving ,,   cold  & rainy , no thanks,,                           the  dogs  go nuts inside  if we don't get to go  walking,.

what a relief it is to be free  from the  doctors.  now i feel like i just wasted 5 months  thinking  all the bad thoughts about  "having cancer" ...

 ok, i'm really happy  about everything .. it's all good ,, 

another thank you!!!!!!!        to the Pogues Run food angel or angels !!!!! .. it is so very nice , and it makes me feel so good

feeling great , thanks for all the  good  vibes    

Saturday, December 15, 2012

big moment , really happy

i am calm,  finally .   i talked to my Dad,, he's ok  with  no CT  test. 

 that was the last "hurdle " for me ... i feel like i'm free now..

i did eat too much last week, and i am up to 154..   i feel chubby today,, just a few weeks ago i was in the low 140's...   it was kind of an experiment,,, i wanted to see if i could  gain weight -  and i can 

well it's all systems GO  now !!!!  
i am free from the cancer industry  !!!    

if i was under their  "care" , i'd be  re-tested in a few months,, and  on a side  by side comparison,,  my treatment has been much better than what they offered....  i am so glad i walked away from them

ok, that's it for today ,, a big relief. 

attitude     ...............   good
weight      ...............    154
tumor      ................     invisible
strength    ...............    A +
pain         ................     1.2     Zuzu's  leash / hand
overall     ...............     9.4

Thursday, December 13, 2012

3 days went by quick

ooops ,,  sunday was my last post,,  i had cancer funk brain for a couple days....   i had a CT scan scheduled , for dec 12th, yesterday,   but didn't  do it...   i had it scheduled for my Dad,, he wanted me to  "get tested to see if it spread" ... the test is poison, so  no test for me.. now i have to tell him,  dang..

i can gain weight if i want to ,,  that's a good thing for  a cancer  victim ,, i am 154 this week,,  this is the most i've weighed for a while .. some of it might be muscle mass, the weights are starting to show more

i'm working 5 or 6 shifts a week , which is nice, but i liked not working at all ,, in june , july and august , much better ..  i have a few december comedy gigs, so that's  nice too...   i feel better now that i'm  able to get my bills paid .. yay 

back to the cancer...  to me ,, i feel like it 's ( cancer ) done  on me,,  the lump on my neck is scar tissue, it's not getting worse.the grapefruit  did NOT appear .....  my tonsils have not had any problems,  they look the same as they did ,  with no growths, or voice change..     i feel great ,,  last week would have been may last week of Chemo, if i had signed up for that .. they would want to "re-test" me in a few months.. i was told i'd be very close to death, so they could treat me..                   

 i currently am super -ALIVE ..  i just have to keep the funk out of my head..

i weenied -out, chickened out , retreated, backed into a corner, the last coupled of  days..  what a  wuss.. 
i felt weak about  the test / cancel / telling my dad. 

i have to keep focused on all the positive stuff happening, so i apologize  for  the absence .. 

current report

weight     ............... 154
attitude   ................ chicken
strength    .............. real good 
pain      ...................  .01
tumor   ...................  dead
overall ................... 8.3   


Sunday, December 9, 2012

161 days -- pretty amazing

i started doing this .........http://healthfree.com/incurables_program_hydrotherapy.html

oh my , how it has energized my system..

after the first one i was giggling all day, i felt  so good,,   

when i started with the weights, i did  5 presses 5 curls,   3 times each,,,  160 days  later ,,   50 presses, 35 curls ,, 3 times  each,,,,, i do this while in the neck traction device,, 10 # dumbells,, just takes a few minutes,, 

the  bike peddling is the best thing,, gets the blood flowing, and good breathing,,, more  oxygen ..  

here is a neck pic,, it's been a while since i  posted one..

                1/2 inch above my finger tip.. it's hard to see, you have to touch it to find it...

when it was giant,, it was  from my ear lobe to where my finger is, and all that  space above, wider than my jaw line...

here's  something .......http://www.rawforbeauty.com/blog/477-qi-beat-cancer-with-a-raw-diet-and-holistic-lifestyleq.html

i did the right thing , i am going to , well to me , i already am , a -ok ,  cancer conqueror ...

it is messing with the wrong  guy

Friday, December 7, 2012

feeling MUCH better

happy friday everyone , i hope you all have great weekends.

yesterday i was an emotional mess,, caused by stress - my biggest enemy..

the future is not written,,,  a good statement , ( and a great movie about Joe Strummer ) ...   anyway ...

 i got myself swirled up in stressing out about a possible January event.. what a dumbass i am...  some nice talk with some great people  un-did my terror..   i will most likely  not try to do the NYC trip,,,    it would be great to go and speak about my "battle" , but  it's  a lot of  different things would have to "line up " to make the trip do-able ,,,   basically 4 days of travel & lodging for  an 8 minute  presentation ...

i'm still trying to dig out of my $$ hole,  so i should probably concentrate on local things that will not cost me  any additional   funds that i don't really have ...  

at work last night, one of the regular racers / comedy fans, came in... he hadn't seen me since May,,  he knew i "retired" in june, and was surprised to see me there,,  "you're back "  he  said ,,,  then from about 15 feet away he added,,  "" wow , have you been on vacation or something ?  You  look fantastic,, are you getting some  sun from somewhere?,,""  he knew of my old neck issues, and asked how that was going...  then i told him about the cancer ...          ""Whaaaaaaat !!,,, no way ""..     i gave  him the  quick story,, the good vibes flowing off him made me fell so good...  this  guy  has a great spirit, you just feel good talking to him, he's one of those  people...     the  boost in my whole attitude from talking with him, erased all the trama i put on my self earlier in the day ,,,  a good  dose  of  "tumor-be-gone",,,  

the  ' kicker' was him saying --  ""you need to tell people about this,,,  this  could be something big ""  ,,,   

and then the NYC  trip  went   "ding" , in my head..

i got another call from one of my dear friends, she's  a my  blog reader,, and she might be able to get me a place to stay, right downtown in Manhattan...  with her nephew..  

i'll decide on the NYC deal in a day or two, i need to get a few more details worked out.....  the  easiest , less stress full thing to do would be  "forget about it"  for january, and try to get in another one , in the future..  bam , done deal, stress  is gone,,  focus on food & vitamins,  relax 

D W  - ( darrell waltrip , nascar racer)  had many  "sayings" ,, one of them --- "95 % of what you worry about  DOESN'T  happen --- stay cool , it will be  OK"

today is another  great day in my life ,  #1 - i am alive and feel great , #2  so many people are helping me with this cancer battle, #3  i feel great,, and can work , eat , and poop normally  ..............  " winning " 

ok that's it for now,,  all positive , all good

here is a pic of my extensive work out gear..  

         15 # dumbells,   40 # barbell,  sit up/ crunch device, ball for reverse crunches, wood roller for feet bottoms,  in the mirror , you can see the red hanging bands, and the  stationary bike wheel .. NO gym, no excuses , everyday !!

and we will end today with these words ......

super , fantastic, wonderful, bliss, sunny, cheer, grace, gratitude, excited, thankful , appreciate , kindness, love, happiness, warm,  calm, sincere,  humble

Thursday, December 6, 2012

don't mees with stress

it been a few days, i've been working and doing shows...

i'm a bit +  stressed.. which is really bad.. this time it's over the  NYC  trip...   my sister said i could use some of her husbands travel miles, and have  free ticket to and from, which is great ,  but i'd still have to take a few days off from work,,   it won't be "free" in NYC either,, parking - if i drive -  I DON"T WANT to fly , but it would be safer? ...  i'd need a place to stay,  my special diet would be troublesome,all my pills would be a nightmare to the TSA , and  a hotel would be too much for my budget,  and just getting to the show could be trouble too... what if it  snows really bad ??            i'd  hate  to make some one taxi me around,  and if i flew out there , then i'd be  paying  real taxi's,, and i don't have that  extra $  either..          i can always  get in another show , later in the year, if the chance becomes available

ok,, typing all that out just helped....

# 2  stress this week,,,,  my dad wants me to get the CT scan,,,  i don't want to AT ALL,,,   i know  it will not  go well - as in , i'm allergic to Iodine, and i'm positive i will have a really bad reaction to this one,,   ((  i had one at the start of all of this ,, but i went into it "blind" and was  in- "" i'm taking all the tests mode"",,))   the bad reaction is already "in place" in my mind..                 so far my mind has been pretty powerful in the right direction, and if  it gets fuel to go bad, i think it will..

wow , i feel better already,,, thanks  friendly readers, for  letting me spew all this crap, all the time..

the internal chatter in my mind can help a lot, or  bring me down quick ..  i have to be careful about  what kind of  stress i'm loading into my system..   stress  was my cancer trigger,,  so i need to stay away ,, if it's choice ..

at  5 months from diagnosis, i better chill, and  not  take on too many projects
i'd be stupid to load myself up with too much at this point..   so far   , the healing has been fantastic, i've  simplified  my life,,  i'm focused on healing , that's my # 1 priority ,,,  everything else should be on the back burner

i saw the chiropractor yesterday , on schedule, and  he's still impressed with my progress, and overall situation...   my neck pains that were creeping in last week were taken away with the two  adjustments he makes..  whew,, what a relief 

well , i feel  way better than an hour ago...

health report ........

tumor ..........  holding  at same size
strength.......   another plateau crossed
attitude .......   mostly good, some what if's
weight ........    150 , all week,, i like  145 better
pain level.....     .04
overall ........    8.1     ~  the stress     

Monday, December 3, 2012

water is really good stuff

dec 3rd, and its above 60 degrees . awesome..    for me, warm weather  makes my day,,,

months ago, i thought december was really gonna  be bad,  struck down by cancer, and battered by treatment ..  

but look at me now !!!!

hilarious .. 

groups of seconds,, that's what memories are,, good or bad,,   today , feeling super great, the group of seconds when my mind said .....

""you are not gonna let the cancer industry touch you, you are gonna  eat your way out of this....""

and Leonard Cohen would say ........................

that was close, august 1st..

MORE thank you's to my pogues run food angel, or angels !!!  that's where i get my life saving foods, and then the big burst of love when they say ..... you have another gift card loaded...  i am truely blessed ,  i am very lucky  people like  me for  some reason

5 full months  since  diagnosis,, what a trip...  i feel the best i ever have in my whole life.. i look better than ever too.. from what people are saying...   my mind is over the   super-cancer-freakout  stage ....    it's all smooth sailing now.....

ok , 

super cool, don't be a fool.........


Saturday, December 1, 2012

december has arrived

in racing,, when you're in the lead , near the end of the race, you start hearing "sounds".   it's like something is going to break, maybe just a small part, but it's gonna take you out of the lead, and maybe the race too........

i'm "hearing sounds",, my mind is playing tricks on me,,    by hearing sounds, i mean   i  am feeling little pains, and then the "what-if's" start.. i have to smack them out of my head..  

i'm  working the earth job 5 - 6 shifts a week, with comedy shows 3 nights a week.... my comedy shows have been extra physical lately, super good response, but i've just been a super-nut on stage ..  my neck takes the biggest beating when i'm a super-goofball, plus the guitar hanging on me doesn't help either...   if my neck hurts, then my mind starts talking  "what if"  crap..

even being "up-beat" and really positive,  this cancer thing blows..  it eats  up so much of your thinking time,,, it is a full time job - the food and great feeling is wonderful,,,   but that you have cancer ~ and cancer kills lots of people  is always clawing at your eyeballs..

TV is FULL of cancer "awareness" , walks, ribbons, pink football shoes,  movember,,,    you just can't get away from it ... and if you have  cancer,,,  you just  wanna scream...   it's all about treating and "early detection"  ,, nothing about  prevention,,,    when is the "we are  raising awareness that  real organic food prevents cancer and almost all other diseases"   1/2 hour special  going to be shown ?? 

not soon dang it 

November was  really great ,, i get to shave !! ,,  or ,, do i do the Dr Phil for a couple weeks ???? ,,,  then i could shave it all off,,  and have a "cancer-do",,, i'd look like an old skinhead , with nowhere  to go

 i wish facebook was never invented, but it was , and  lots of people use it.. it has some good value,,  people send me inspirational stuff, good vibes,  & love ,, that's  great .. i was sent this today .. 


Disabled war vet ..  if you haven't seen it , please watch 

comedy is wacky , tonight's show was really great for me , had a blast , everything worked great ....    the wacky part -- 6 comics , 2 audience members...  but those  2 were the best ,  we all had a great time , and they said they were glad they came

ok that's it for today

i think i've mentioned  this before,, but  worth repeating ,, 

"if you dress nice,  no one can tell that  you feel like shit"

Thursday, November 29, 2012

great month, good stuff happening

this month is still being really great.  best month since  diagnosis!!

i had more generous food gifts this month too, THANK YOU  to my food angels !!! 

my comedy shows have been very good.. i keep  getting great comments about  my "new show" ,, it's the same old crap, presented  better...  last night i moved forward again in the contest in Muncie ,, the crowd  did the   otto! otto! otto! otto! otto!   chant.  that killed a bunch of cancer cells .. 

2 more  Movember shows and i can shave my 'stache  off.   my mustache came in really fast , the  other guys in my group - not  so much ...  earlier in the month,  one  guy in the group was almost pissed at how mine grew in and his was so weak---  little secret ~~  mascara !!!  chaaa...   stage lights make light  &  gray hair disappear  ,, so you have to darken in things..        my gray hair is always glued in place, so it LOOKS  black,, but i'm almost 35 % all gray..   my charming face.... i can't do anything about that 

 i want  to make the New York trip in January. right now i just have the - date  - jan 5th ,,, & an invite to speak..  i hope to get more details soon , and i will post them ..   the weather could knock that whole  deal out,  we will have to wait & see ...

nothing to complain about, and i'm trying  not to anyway , so that's nice........               my mind has been cooperative lately, staying positive, and suppressing the "what if's"...  

my weight has been 150 - 153 all week, on the "eat way more than you want to "  program ..  i figured out roasting broccoli with potatoes in the oven makes a good base for  everything..   i needed a break from raw broccoli for a day or two...  the nutritional value goes down a bit , if they are cooked,  but you can eat more,,  and it's  in my diet program anyway ( cooked vegetables)  

what's left of my tumor is super hard , like a pebble,  it's been the  same shape for  a while now,, it might be mostly  scar tissue , after imploding on it's self ..  it's very hard to see , even if you know where to look.....     my neck did hurt a bit , the other day , and my mind took off like Evil Kenievel --  some  major "what if's" ,, 

i'm sure it's just because i stepped up the stretching, and added more time to my neck exercises.   i see the chiropractor next week , on schedule ,, i don't want to get behind on that again..

i am an old mess....  but -   i can stay pain free if i stay active.  do every exercise, stretch, eat right, think correctly,  &  sleep enough.  that's not very hard ...  chronic pain is awful

overall ............

weight   .................... 151
attitiude ...................  super
tumor  .....................   small, 
strength ..................   better still,   muscles building 
pain .........................   1.3
overall  ...................    9.4   ---   the comedy shows help !!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

here's what i eat

                             and here's  Zuzu  on  me...........

people have been asking about "what i eat" or my diet.. here it is

 all  organic  if possible...  

potatoes, tomatoes, avocados, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli ,cilantro, leaf lettuce, leafy greens,  beans- many types,  quinoa,  rice ( small amounts), granola, dried cherries-tart, corn tortillas, himalayan pink sea salt, onions, garlic, bananas, apples, other fruits, almonds, other vegetables, water, spices 

juice,  5 # carrots + 4 apples=   64 oz  or MORE - every day.

i eat a mix 'n match of those ingredients,  as much as you want,, 
 4 meals / day , i got down to 142  lbs,   
 5 / meals a day = 145.  
@ 6 meals/ day = 150 ... 

seriously, you can eat as much as you want,, here's my additives . 

                           these........... PLUS  vitamin C 


                     plus potassium ,  calcium, and  spirulina
       i split all of the above into  4 doses - 1 dose  each meal 

my "exercise" program is  

100  reverse crunches on ball   
100  crunches 
15 # free weights - presses & curls 
40 #  bar bell   presses & curls
Hang & stretch from handles from ceiling ,  many minutes
30 minutes , stationary bike
30 minutes NECK traction + 10 # dumbells while hanging

80 minutes all together..   60 of them are seated

also add  walking the  2 dogs, 2 times  per day
...2 X per day - breathe with authority 
 and  ..  stretch ALL day

no membership, i don't have to drive somewhere, no one else's   sweat!!!    for neck traction i'm  seated, the bike has a seat ,and  stretching !!!    just   minimal weights -  feel like a teenager again

                          what a neat way to start the  day .............the harness pulls up ,
                             and of course i have way "over the limit" amount of weight...   
       while hanging , i listen to healing tones,  Tibetan Bells , or  Native American Music  

            i have  an invite to tell my  FOOD  Vs cancer battle story in NYC in January,,
                                                                 more details  soon

                                                             here's my Movember 'stache

                                          2  Movember shows in Indy this week,,
                                                        Thursday @ Daddy Reals Place  .  96th street
                                                        Saturday @ the Under Ground 9    - irvington
 ok .........thanks for playing along


Sunday, November 25, 2012

paddle ball of the brain

                        here is  Zuzu, using Bella  as a pillow

the dog comedy just never ends here..

this month has been great , i'm blended in at work, there is minimal stress, and  i've had  many good shows.   i "feel"  normal again.    i have a good   "earth job" ,, and i get to be on stage frequently..... 14 + gigs a month....    i've received many nice comments from other comics, and audience members about how my show is  "more alive" or  "just better"  somehow...    i am also having fun ON stage  now too.

so THAT part of my life is doing great..

the cancer deal is and up & down thing... i'm UP !!  , my tumor is almost the  "speck" it was  for many years.. i'm healthier than ever !! , my strength is almost like my high school days,  and my attitude is constantly  very good.  i am confident in my "treatment" and i am not afraid of the cancer i have on me - it's not  moving , or getting worse. 

 my problem is  "proof" that it's working -  as in paperwork stating that my cancer is  going away.. the  2 tests that will show no spread are not user friendly.. one is nuclear, and the other is Iodine..  the nuclear ( PET) scan really did me wrong, so i'll never have another one of those..   the CT scan (iodine),   didn't effect me nearly as bad , but i signed up for that when  my mind was melting about the possible  cancer diagnosis..  i can't remember really even having the CT in late  june  or  early july ... i DO remember being really  itchy, that's one of the  minor side effects... 

if my cancer was "private" , as in, no one knew about it,, i would  never go back to the cancer  center..  i believe that my diet & suppliments are  working .. i feel really good..   One of my cancer friends told me   ---  " well - you can feel great , and have a shit-load  of cancer in you " .. this sentence has been re-playing in my mind ..   his cancer  spread quickly and would have  done  him in, , he went through "treatment" and is  fine now...    my other survivor friends  who went through treatment  and are also "cancer-free"  , but they did suffer  some side effects ...       so far my BAD side effects are only one thing - occasional  self -doubt..  this comes from the ( as i call it)  - public brainwashing about  cancer...  i think i'm right , and a zillion people think i'm crazy or  have  "huge balls" ..

i'm not that brave , i can compare how i feel right now , to how  they said i'd be  at this  time  ( late november) ..  well  i feel great , and they said  "id barely be alive , so they can treat me " ...  i have to  think i am way better off than "barely alive" 

so that's my problem ,, it's all mental...  

my dad wants me to re-test, and i don't want to.. both tests are "bad" in different ways... if i got retested , and  IF  the cancer has spread,  ((  NO WAY !! )), i still would NOT sign up for their "treatment"..    i'd like to give my dad some ease of mind, i owe it to him, his daughter/ my sister  died "from cancer",  and he's worried about me

report ... 
weight ...........  150    all week !!   i ate  6 times a day
tumor ...........   small  / tiny 
strength ........    very good
pain ..............    .02
attitude ........     very good

here is a link to my set from the other night - 40 minutes..  it goes by quick if you watch the whole thing,,  if you want to see if they liked me .. watch the last 4 minutes...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpF5OprCjOQ&feature=youtu.be

like i said the other day - my tumor got punched in the face,,  by this  crowd

ok have a great sunday AND week 

Friday, November 23, 2012

you should get re-tested........

 one of  the best thanksgivings ever,,, it looked all so good , i got to eat what i brought , and  a few veggie dishes.  it was rubbery.

my dad wants me to get re-tested , to make sure it hasn't spread,,, that would be a PET scan , or a CT scan

the PET scan is a NO WAY EVER !!!  

the CT scan , is also not as mild as most people think,  and i'd have to take  2 different drugs before the scan, so it doesn't hurt me .. i am allergic to Iodine... yay.. 

here's what i am up against 

iodine-based Contrast Materials

Mild reactions include:
  • nausea and vomiting
  • headache
  • itching
  • flushing
  • mild skin rash or hives
Moderate reactions include:
  • severe skin rash or hives
  • wheezing
  • abnormal heart rhythms
  • high or low blood pressure
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Severe reactions include:
  • difficulty breathing
  • cardiac arrest
  • swelling of the throat or other parts of the body
  • convulsions
  • profound low blood pressure

nice list eh?

i am allergic to iodine , and this test puts it in me ..   eeek X 2..  i ended up in the hospital before , from Iodine Reaction,, ...................plate of shrimp ..

 i had one (  CT )  in july , it didn't  effect me like the pet scan, but  my mind was super  blown  from the   recent cancer diagnosis,,  dang

bummer ,, personally ,, i want to be done with the cancer  "doctors" ,, i don't ever want to see them again..

i feel great , i look great ( that's what everyone's telling me ) .. my  tumor , which seemed to be a big deal,, is so close to being GONE...  

more frustration , thanks CANCER ,   i've  had  it up to my neck with you !!

this kinda knocked the nice showbiz buzz i had from tonight's show...

oh well,,  more tomorrow

Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

30 days till "dooms-day" if you believe in that  kind of stuff,, there is not too much chatter about the  end of the world on the web,, with only one month to go...  hmm,,  

oh boy , that internet !!!  what a crazy place....  i like some of the internet,, for fact finding, which can be hard , with all the  incorrect stuff out there.. what CAN  you believe???

the internet helped me in my info quest about cancer  treatment.. so 2 thumbs up for that.. 

as i dug into my research,,  food & vitamins  seemed to be the best   way to fight cancer.. and it has proven true - to me - so far

it's exciting to want to "get home"  -   to  eat ,, i bring some  food everywhere , but to eat at home is the best.       i got  close to 150#  most of the week

i hope  people are careful with their dogs today , that  T-Day meal is so dangerous in many different ways..  fruits, creams, BONES, ,,, and  overeating ...  ...we have  Mung beans..  the dogs are not interested

i'm thankful to  be so alive 

overall score   9.3


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

warm & fuzzy

two days from thanksgiving, oh my am i grateful  to be where i am.

so many people have helped me , i am Mr Lucky for sure

 to be feeling like this, ( fantastic) , is  a miracle.     the mental dump my brain  took in july was  a deep pit..   the dreaded  C word - on me .. whoa.......

to "walk away" from  treatment , to me, was a no option choice,,  some people think i'm super-brave , or  "have  HUGE balls",, but i'm just a chicken shit like everybody  else..  i want an easy, pain free life.  i want to be happy.    my life as i knew it was going to be drasticly altered..   i couldn't  "sign up" for that...   

 i  had a choice,,        A.  -  what 99.99 % of people do ,
 or  B.  -  take a "chance" and do what i believe in .. 

the  "chance" was backed up by lots  of  data , so it wasn't that much of a leap..  not that brave.. 

well, happy thanksgiving everyone,, be with friends, family & loved ones if you can  . 
i'm lucky to still have  my giant family , hollidays are great .

this year's  menu will be different  for me that's for sure

one  my examples about my "diet" is ... , i say -

 after i eat , i am energized !!!! like  bam! let's get it  going !!!, and then, think of Thanksgiving dinner,, after that meal , everyone is passed out,,  



Monday, November 19, 2012

it took 2 days to write this ??

this might sound horrible,, but it seems true...

"Cancer - the best thing that's ever happened  to me"

i've said  " that "  before,  and   i got a good slap in the face with reality ,, super-tuned everything going inside me , haven't missed a single workout,  got a great attitude adjustment,,  but the best thing about this "deal" is  how people are giving me so much love , kindness , & good vibes,,   and $  too !!!!

i couldn't have made it this far without the  generous donations directly to me.. i'm overwhelmed by the kindness i've received..   i'm pretty hard on myself, i think i'm a looser most of the time, i can't get a handle on why so many people want to help me. 

at this point in my life  ( 54 yrs old) , i'm in the last third of my life..  i would not have wanted this cancer thing to happen to me when i was  20 ,,i would not have been  mentally able to handle this  back then..
Now,, being  older &  wiser, this was at first a REAL bummer , but now it's more of an inconvenience ..     .....the drag,  is the constant - " ya got cancer",, that repeats over and over, in your head , the food prep , and  eating right is a pleasure.        the exercise is minimal, and it also is a feel good  activity..    so everything's  good - except my own mind ,,    but compared to july ,   wow !  what a fantastic change for the better

i was blessed with another  donation this weekend!!! and then  today at Pogues,, holy cow --  another GIFT CARD miracle

THANK YOU  !!!   ......  not worrying  about proper food is such a relief... 

ok  , outside i go,  &  my  show is tonight !! 

report ...

feeling ...........   really good
weight          ......148.4
attitude         ..... super 
strength        .....  bad -ass
tumor           ......  smaller  & easier to wiggle
over all         ......  9.4 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

my tumor got punched in the face

i had a blast on stage thursday  night.  really fun, although it was a smoking venue - eeeeeeeeek - but  they let me go up first , so i could get out of there . almost wanted  to burn the clothes.. 
s t i n k y !!

my "fire " about being alive  feels  wonderful..  people who see me once in a while are commenting on how much better  i look  - each time !!

the energy and nice  feeling from a packed house is just fantastic..tonight in Metamora , sold  out , SRO , wonderful group of people..  the tumor took a beating from the laughs & applause .. 

i'm  pretty fried so this might be short & jumbled in thought.

here is Zuzu making a seat out of Bella 
                       Bella                                            Zuzu

                                            clearly a  "seat " 

Bella is thinking,,, get this little crazy train off me ........
Zuzu is thinking ,,   what ??  i'm not doing  nothing

Bella is so nice , she weighs 45 , and  Zuzu weighs 27.. they are  equal in strength.. Zuzu is crazy as hell, Bella is calm and relaxed.
they get along  wonderfully .. they  snuggle up on each side of me , i feel so loved 

well that's it for tonight 

no supreme words of wisdom today.. 
although Mr Fong told me once,,,   "yu want gud week, buy 10 fortune cookies - keep the best  7" 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

more fluff & ho hum

and i'm feeling  even better than last week,,  this is  great , i'm not sure how good i will feel in 3 weeks , but it's gonna be on the  fantastic scale...   like  fantastic 3.4

i had to kind of  go "budget"  on  the last 6 days  of food,, not as much leafy greens , and fresh veggies  as i wanted.. we  had  lots  of  beans & quinoa ...   beans are inexpensive and good  for  me , i cook 2 cup batches ( 4 days worth of  yield) , and season each batch differently.  NO  "boring"  food around here !!...  our garden is still producing leaf lettuce in large amounts,  so it's  back on for the greens !!! 

today's catch ...... just picked leaf lettuce, carmelized sweet onions, carrots, cilantro, hot yellow potatoes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes .  hemp oil for  dressing, on a 14 inch plate .........   a  ( big salad) 

 more good vibes keep flowing my way , so i must thank you all for reading my rants, and staying on my positive team..

i've had a few thoughts about , "what  if" i kept this whole deal private, and i'm certain that i would not be  healing as well on my own ..  by that i mean , without  all the  love i'm getting , and positive  energies from you all ..    we are still "on our own"  ~ doctor wise.. they are waiting on the sidelines, and they aren't gonna get play in this game .. 

compared to  july / august , when i was pretty much collapsing , my life is 98% back on track / normal   .. my "earth job"  ( the  job that pays most of my bills ) is better than it was before i retired.. apparently - i did more than i thought - when i was working, and they chopped up all those  duties between many people.   So now i get to "manage" and help in all areas, instead of being "locked" in one area... plus,,,,,,  way less stress than before...  

Special  thanks  to my friendly comedian friends, they are booking me in their shows .  i really like  having  at least 
14 or more shows a month.. the  stage energy is very healing..  "with every laugh - a cancer cell dies" - is working  out nicely,,  and that's  14 nights that i'm not home  being the "cancer-guy"

my hand and arm pains are not even thought about anymore.  my neck  has full mobility,  it still crunches and creaks, but it doesn't hurt,,   my lower back , L-3, ruptured in 1985, that pain is not around either..    now,, the  pain in my ass....... ME ......or,,,  my brain,  my constant battle to keep thinking correctly - is a daily / hourly deal...    i must remember , RIGHT across ,or "next to", any bad  thoughts / ideas , is a fantastic memory that has easy access .

i like cleaning stuff,, it's a good activity for me , instant results, and there's always MORE  to do..  after cleaning,  i don't feel guilty about playing guitar for hours - which is very important-   i've gotta keep my hands in shape & keep writing new stuff, when the comedy brain isn't producing "gold" ,,or even mediocre  crap.......

i had a sleepy day in the sun  with the dogs,, just having them next to me is a wonderful feeling,, nice and warm, they are  happy all the time, and that soaks into me . the Humor factor they produce is also really great.. Zuzu , the little one, likes to SIT ON Bella,, on her face , neck, legs, body , it doesn't matter where they are ,  Zuzu is on top of Bella,, like the small fish that clings onto a big shark, they are always together ..  it's a dang love fest around here!!

well ok, that was all useless info, but that's how i feel today , and you got to read about it....... 

health report

weight             148.4     the  beans put a few #'s on
tumor size        "holding" at very small
attitude            really good
strength            ever improving
overall              9.4 

i'm booked on December 21st,,  2012  if the world  DOES end, i'll be on stage, laughing about it

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

bacon toast with sugar

"generally speaking" ,, MANY / most -  stage  4 cancer patients, die within 18 months,, with "treatment"  or  without.. that is  a statistical fact..    and  with "treatment" , many of those  18 months are not the best "quality of life" .. 

i'm  5 months after diagnosis,, i feel really good, my body is intact, i'm not suffering  from my cancer battle physically ,, mentally - yes, but i've got a good handle on that now..

i'm  doing the  Gerson Therapy,, 70 years  of proven success . 

with food  & vitamins, if it takes  up to 2 years to become "cancer free" , and i get to feel like this the whole time- ,, well,,, winner winner - chicken dinner ,,,  that's   24 months  of feeling great, compared  to a hopeful 18 months , with the  bad side effects starting  immediately , when traditional treatment starts,,  

to me , i still think i am WAY ahead , and i'm quite  happy about it

i feel good , and i'm HAPPY  about my treatment,, not bad for a cancer patient............

two thumbs up , hell yeaaah !! fantastico ,  wunderbar,, top shelf, that's how i feel about this whole deal now,,   i'm strong , confident, and  ready to take on anything..

my passion for life  "meter" is pegged .. i want to live long time, smiling, joking, and playing music...      

not too much can get me down now,,,  cancer - schmantzer .. what else you got ,,,  traffic troubles?, line too long at the grocery?, cell phone dropped in the toilet?,  guitar string breaks? dog chewed up your schedule book? ,,  

"it's all in yo head"  -   that  madness,   

if anyone  asks------------  i'm feeling great ,, pass it  on 


Sunday, November 11, 2012


i've been back to work now for  6 weeks ,   it feels nice . 
 no stress from "where's the $$ gonna come from".. i was even able to get a couple extra shifts this week

i've got 12  more  shows   this  month , and so far,     9  for december, so  my  "life"  seems to be closer to back to normal. 

well as normal as i can be now ,, 2 jobs , like before, + cancer

i used to really dislike reading , but i've  had to make myself read LOTS of stuff.    it's  all been very  helpful ,  lots  of cancer books.

i still am fully confident in my treatment,, i'm able to suppress the "what if's "  easier now

still feeling really good,,  stress level super low, strength - better each week ,  attitude  on a good upswing

 my  mustache is coming in , for the MoVember  Cancer awareness program.. i just got rid of that stinking Go-Tee in october, and was enjoying  the clean face again.. 

i had  a bit of bread that i made, to gain a pound or two this week,  along with  bumping up the quantity of  my  regular  anti-cancer  foods.. ..    the results are in,  + 3 lbs, but  i don't feel as  "pure" , knowing the bread  got in me... so  no more  bread..  even if i make it.   

 i have  nothing to complain about now ,  i was quite the bitch  the last few months...  well,    i'm thinking smarter, i feel better ,  i know my  correct foods diet can not be altered at all..

this nice weather  was really a boost of goodness..  sunny AND warm , mid  november,, just fantastic 

alright , that's it for today .. oops,,   one  more thing

                   here's an example of  that # code ,
                                 for  organic vegetables  , 
                                             they start with a  9

                                           happy eating !!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

sunny in indianapolis

things are getting better , short post today, been in the   nice weather with the  dogs.. Zuzu is now  jumping  so she can see OVER the top of the fence.. when she arrived she was a pudgy little dough-ball, with big boobs.. now she  looks like a chawowwa that has gone all "stewie griffen " in the gym.
higher than this fence.. eek 

                                                               that's a  6 foot leap

                                                          and  today's tumor photo

                                                                 that's it for today ...

                                                     keep it real,  love what you feel