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Saturday, May 25, 2013

fun night review

monday was my 11 years at the Melody Inn party .  it went fantastic. GIANT thanks to Janette Perez for getting it all together,, she fed everyone ,and had prize packs  for the Hoosier Comedy Awards..  i was lucky to win the "happening Host"  ,, the funniest part of the night was the otto impersonators.  i was holding my face on my skull i was laughing so hard.. Dave , who owns the Mel, was dressed to the tee with an STP jacket , glasses , and go-tee,, his  otto jokes we hilarious , the other comics were dying . Rick Garrett did a stellar  job, he had  a little table , set up as i was talking, spot on !!,, super cool bowling shirt,, we've done many shows together , so he  had me exact.. the crowd  went wild.. then Mansuper went  up ,, he looked just like me  10 years  ago..floral  hawiian shirt, goofy glasses, and was just a nut....  

a truly wonderful event !!!!

..tuesday  , i started  feeling sick.. microphone flu,, the worst sick you  can get.. 

i post about being sick tomorrow , if i make it..

Monday, May 20, 2013

longer than a week , slacker blogger

May  20th ,, where  have i been .. 

just trying to stay calm,  haven't  been super creative, and there's no amazing  cancer news,  and i must  confess to watching some TV..   i do play guitar at the same time , so it's not a total  loss..

tuesday nights have been band  practice,  we are getting super tight, my skills are getting  better also... 

the  Dave Dugan  show  at the  theater was  super amazing fun & fantastic  healing energy. 

i am very  happy about the  sunny  warm weather,, to  eat this  wonderful food in the   sun ... ka -Blam !!!  energy 
 like this mango ,  if you know  how to cut these, it's  quite a great deal.  it blows my mind  how cheap these are sometimes... and there's a mountain of them in costco..  

 i can get some  sun on my back , when i eat outside,, a good  20 minute shot.


some people  get mad about food pic's .     Chard, broccoli , tomatoes , quinua , potatoes, garlic,  coconut oil, lima beans, cucumbers , avocado.. organic chips.

tonight is my  11 years  aniversary show at the Melody inn,, monday  9 to midnight ,,  lots of  stuff happening ..

health report  -- 

i'm strong,  in no pain,   but  a little weak in the  brain. 

i stupidly  think about the wrong  things