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Saturday, December 29, 2012

last weekend of 2012

last night  i did a show in Anderson at the casino


that's the  stage  , way  back there, plus 200 people behind where i took this pic,  they had speakers where i was  , for the people  way back here...  .    the  show started off with the  mics going bad, but they got that fixed quick. ( 7 minutes )..  ..   i had not been in front of this many people for a while, and man did it feel good....     lots  of cancer killing laughs, and plenty of applause,    what's left of my tumor took a big hit..     

New Years Eve is monday ,,, amateur night for drinkers and drunk driving ..   be careful everybody !!!!    i will be staying home .  i will be celebrating feeling great . 

this  snow  and  no sun has got me super sleepy.  the  dogs like romping in the snow, and when Bella  comes in she sits on the heat vent.  

nothing new to report -

weight .............   149 ,, back down from 159
strength ..........     a + 
tumor ..............    hard little bump
attitude ...........    medium +  . need some  sun
pain.................     .06
overall  ...........     9.1

Friday, December 28, 2012

a new year approaches

i had monday & tuesday off  for  X mas, then got  wednesday off too, because of the snow..   that's  minus  24 hours,, dang ...

snow ........  it was almost  3 feet high in our driveway, but  Heather bought a snow-blower  2 years ago, and i fired that baby up .  electric start even !!   and  2 hours  of  snow-blowing , was easier than  20 minutes  of shoveling..   and  today i felt like i didn't  do any snow removal ...  

cancer  ,, i'm over it ....  it's not  gonna get me. it's been almost 6  months since  diagnosis..  if i had  more  cancer than before , i would be feeling it by now ,, i'd be  sick, weak, and frail.  i'd have cancer symptoms - like  ringing in the ears, or night sweats,, or  continued  weight  loss,, ..

 but i'm a bad   cancer patient-- i CAN  gain weight, i feel great , i'm super strong, NO ringing in my ears (( i did have some in july , so i do know what that symptom is )) ,, NO  night sweats...  

4 days  and this  crazy year will be  done,,,  all the  past will be left behind. ....... the  future  looks  incredibly wonderful

now that my Dad is  somewhat OK with me  NOT  being  re-tested,,  i really feel like i have this beat ...     i don't  have the  grapefruit size  tumor,  and i am not "full of cancer"  from chest  to top of head,,  my outlook  is  VERY  good...  

what the doctor said  was  wrong ,, i'm sure  he was just doing what he knows, but they missed  big time with me..    i escaped with no damage, no side effects, no drugs, and no pain...                           radiate THAT   cancer people ,, and use the Chemo on yourselves,,  i was told  i  " NEEDED CHEMO "...  no i don't 

i do feel lucky about this whole deal,,  i'm the lucky-ist cancer  victim ever !!!...    if this started in my lungs, it would have been a bigger mess..  but my tumor was  visible, and  touch-able - LUCKY  i  am ...   

i knew  people liked  me , and that i was a  "good  guy " ,, but  the  outpouring of  love  &  HELP has  blown me away...   the  food  angels -  i don't know who all of you are , but i thank you everyday !!    being able to eat my way out of cancer is pretty cool,,  and  free food ( my medicine)  is just plain fantastic..  

my old  job that i retired from, they were so nice to have me  back, and gave me a better job than i had  in the first place.   my money  woes are almost  over..  one more month and i should be out of  debt...  whew !!!

i used to be thinking  comedy 110% of the day.. 24 / 7 .    365 days a year..    now its  beat cancer !!,,  eat correctly, exercise, think straight, and  stay  calm... 

stay calm,,,  that's a switch  for me...    do  you remember  rubber band airplanes,,  the  balsa  wood  jobs , with the wind up propeller ??  ,,  have you ever wound that propeller up so tight that there are  knots in the  rubber band ?  well that was me - for years !!   wound up so tight, i had  knots in my soul...   and unleashing that wound up rubber band  usually led  to disaster.   and it  did -  i wound myself up right into a ball of  cancer...

so now i look at life differently,,  what REALLY  matters?  what  do i really need to put my energies toward ?? 

staying healthy - if i remain  healthy , everything else will fall into place

i'm ready     to see what 2013  brings

i will be  55 in june...  ha  ha   ha ..  i'm a bad ass           

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas

ho ho ho,,,  & ha ha ha .   december  25th , and NO side effects  in my cancer battle.  

i am  healthier than ever ,   to  me it's hilarious   

no feeding tube and  issues with that
my fillings  didn't get boiled out of my teeth
i can swallow
my saliva glands still work
my voice is the same
so burnt skin
no side effects from no tonsil operation
my hair didn't fall out
i can work   two jobs 
i am not  " this " close to death
no poison injected in my veins
no  visits to the cancer center
 i can exercise and gain weight
 i have no   cancer  symptoms.
 - refused radiation 
refused  chemotherapy
refused  tonsil  removal

even with all these  +'s ,,,  it has sucked big time having cancer..   

my whole life  has gotten WAY better ,   if i think of how i feel  and how my attitude is  better , and all the love  & good  vibes i receive -  having  cancer is not an issue..   like being an alcoholic , i can't  drink,,  so  as a cancer  fighter, i don't eat cancer products,,  cancer can't  hurt me now ...

here's some stuff i can't eat ..................  

it's  everywhere !!!!  

 i am already dreading  NO  PEEPS in april

big storm possible,, have at least  3 days  of  food and water  always ready... =  4 gallons  of water , and 12 meals of some kind.. for  each person,, +  pets ...     it  happened  on the east coast , just weeks ago , so  be ready .. no electricity would  be a real bummer in this  cold, and that just takes  some snow on the  wires 

be  safe !!!