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Thursday, September 11, 2014

cancer update 9 / 10 / 14

it's  been a rough few weeks.. the pain pill deal is not something i ever wanted.  without them, impossible to get through the day.   i have been mostly sleeping in the daytime in little segments when i can.   i can't get a good sleep session in the evening, i can only sleep in on one side,  then the pain spikes, and it's a nightmare.  

got new meds,  3 X  stronger than before, with a 4  per day allotment .   they work, but not completely.  

so , since last blog -  20 days or so, the tumor has been  re-shaping, and moving back around my neck.  very painful , and  hard not to think about.

when the tumor re-appeared in January, my goal was to have  it "gone" by October, and seeing that that was not  gonna happen, i scheduled with a doctor a while back and saw  him yesterday. this went nice  & smooth.  i need to have a CT scan,  but until then, here is what   he suspects.

the neck tumor is eating my facial nerves, and my lymph nodes are active, one with a chick-pea size tumor  ( i found that one 2 weeks ago) .  the cancer in my throat / tonsils needs to be cut out..  the skin covering the blob on my neck  will have to be removed , it  has become cancerous.  the  right side  of upper body is  getting weak also

worst case - i will look like when Peter Griffin stroked out on the family guy

if it all goes  well, maybe 3 - 6 days in the  hospital, and a week at home

the  CT scan should be next week, with operation soon after those results

so that's the  latest update.   

there are some new food angels!!   thank you.. 

i really appreciate  you all keeping track of me with this. i know i've  dropped the blog ball a couple of times,  but  now that it's  "crunch time"  i will be more informative .

send good vibes please,  don't worry