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Monday, September 2, 2013

my favorite gig , yearly !

if i forced myself to write  here everyday , the content might be thin, so i write when it's worth reading . i'd rather you  wait for  something  good , than read a daily diary about some weirdo who's addicted to attention.   i'm like you , we are all struggling to live in america.    i TRY to stay upbeat & happy , but there are bumps in the road .. 

first , thanks for all the support !!!    i have nothing spectacular to add to your lives,  just a few thoughts. 

my favorite gig of each year was yesterday -  Odom Fest.
the wonderful Odom family has a love , food , & music  filled weekend on labor day , this was the 12th one , and i've been in 9 of them.   last year , i was 60 days into my cancer battle, and the supremely wonderful good vibes there was the push my soul needed to win against cancer.  i'm sure of it, --  positivo !!

some of us had thoughts that last years Odom Fest could  have been my last.  -------- ,  so being on stage  last night was a victory for so many people 

the weather was supreme, the food spread was incredible . although i couldn't eat any of it , besides some fruit, the smells and the look of it all was delicious . 

the band played yesterday - otto & the GearHeads. what FUN !!!  it's much easier to perform with the band than solo , as a comic, and more fun too..  the music feels so good  as it's happening, and seeing people dance is really great.    and when they are screaming for MORE , that's how to leave the stage ..   i thought i played horribly, i know my singing was not 100 % , but the reviews  keep coming in - 
"you guys were great " - "fantastic " & "totally rockin!!"  

 .......  this  is the the show biz  buzz that is so intoxicating.

love and good  vibes ----   abundant !!!   people saying i'm an inspiration blows me away.   i don't think i really did anything  that special,  but if it makes people happy and better , i'll take it ..      to  a few people, seeing the band was a first, and comments like -  "i thought  you were just a comedian, but you're a musician too !!"  give me goosebumps.   

 so many people told me they love me, accompanied by warm hugs - that's a good day my friend

another bonus for me was  seeing people light up in happiness because Rapper was there.  he is Mr Sunshine, best cook on earth , nicest guy in the Universe, and the Bad-ass Bass player of all time.  one couple who met me last year were so pleasantly surprised to learn that Rapper &  i are brothers . " small but wonderful world " - "rapper's THE man "  yes  he is.........      

when i announced i was cancer free, Rapper added -  "cancer didn't have a chance ! "  - that was super special, i had to hold back the tears that are flowing  now, as i type

all the other performers were fantastic !!  i think everyone brings the " A "  game to Odom Fest.  it's an honor to be involved  

 here we are  - tearing i up!!!   that green mic foam cover - from my view, made me think i had a clown nose on . and yes , my shirt is  un-tucked..  my new  tiny waistline  would  have made me look like an hourglass on crack.  i do have new shoes on , unlike Soda-Fest .  Rapper has the pfeffer family "sweats" going , and Benny B. is not wearing a sweater, he IS furry.

ok that's my time..   

Shep Fest this weekend, and i co-Headline with Gerry Goble at the Laugh Comedy Club, mishawaka sept 12th & 13th.  very excited about that .

and health report:

weight ............ 146 
attitude...........  it's on - like donkey kong
pain ...............  zero
strength.........   good , i need to ride the bike more,

be  fierce or afraid- choose wisely