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Saturday, August 25, 2012

two lines , real post sunday

active . out of the house  most of the day ,,

feeling great..  i'm a bit light

Friday, August 24, 2012

sweet stuff

i used  to think it was funny that i loved  sugar so  much,,,   &  candy too,, 7 oz. box of nerds,,  nerds on a rope,,,, necco,,,,,  pez WITHOUT the  dispenser ,,, blowpops,,, and of course  PEEPs..

 i'd put sugar on ice cream.. i called it  sand...

just the sour outsides of the  tangy skittles,, spit out the skittle

smashed up smarties in lemon sherbert

i'm minus  two teeth from Atomic FireBall s....

the first place i drove with my license as a 16 yr old was to the candy store ..

most companies  switched from a 5 lb bag to a 4 lb  bag. but  kept the  same  price,, 
 like the  12 oz. "pound"  of  coffee  , you know  who     sells

 as  kids , we got to put  sugar in our tea for  breakfast , i put it on my butter  toast too 

roasted marsh mellows  all year ,, at the stove .. duh .......

i tried  to be  "sponsored"  by sugar  

but its  bad stuff,, how i survived  my sugar addiction , is a mystery

health report ,, feeling  good,, weight ~~  152 ish ,   tumor - good progress,, neck at tumor  15 inches

Thursday, August 23, 2012

these titles don't match the story

i really have  nothing much to say today..
i'm really  tired  of  having cancer... even though i'm not getting  any bad side effects..   it  still sucks..

imagine   every empty space in your  thought process , those  little gaps ,, between thoughts  or  words... getting filled  with the  word  cancer  .. all day & all night ...  it's hard to get stuff done.. 

it's easy to almost get bummed out ..  i can't let it get to me .. i must stay above this!!!

i'm happy in life now,, the cancer  is very inconvenient ,,  

i realized that i have  very few   "wants" .. 

 i HAVE   everything . i'm lucky , i feel great , there's a lot of  LOVE in  my life ..  things are  good

NEEDS-- we all have needs ..  i need  good organic food..  i  need more work..
i need to stay up-beat !!

thanks  for   reading my blog...   

                                                    here's a pic of me laughing really hard 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

be careful of what you think

             here's  today's  tumor pic.............

still visible, but  getting  harder to see.... the top of it used to be round, and now it's getting a "ridge" or  peak,,, like a Brazil Nut .. i've lost about  13 lbs since this started,,  so the tumor sometimes looks bigger, but there is less  fat on my neck... i can use calipers to measure it now  ....      my neck blew up to 19 + inches at the tumor line, and it's down to 15 inches today

relaxing is very much part of my therapy , and  new  to my system  , i've been sitting in the sun daily , NO sunscreen !!,, and i'm quite tan.. i'm looking like some old dude from Florida   

  we have  2 dogs now , and the new one is extra effort..  they get along really well,  the humor factor is high ...  Bella , dog #1 ,  has a brindle coat,,  she turned  gold for the summer , and  now the  gold is turning a reddish  brown...  i've never  seen / heard of this before.................  ZuZu , dog #2 , the newest arrival, is a little bitty  Pittie...  dumped in our neighborhood,, she's so full of love ,, she's a cuddle  bunny

dogs keep me balanced , they don't have jobs, or talk smack on the internet, they don't stress about  not getting invited to some  stupid facebook event,,    they eat , sleep, have  fun,,, that's a routine i'd like to lock in ...                        they are  always  happy to see me ,,   they don't care if i have cancer, or had a crap filled day,, they just know  LOVE ...  smiley faces , waggy tails,  jumping with excitement , just because  they like me ...      and  they  don't have  bad opinions , they mostly agree with whatever i'm thinking

i  am proud of being a "good  dog owner" ....     people  could  / should learn a lot from dogs

i think PEOPLE  who abuse animals should be "put to sleep" ..  no long trial,  if you're  guilty , you're PUT TO SLEEP ... 

 let's  end on a positive note...  E ...........  A .............. G ................ E.....................................................


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

my brain is tired

today i spent  some time  with a guy who got off all his med's ,,   fighting  M.S.   ,,  he's doing the  food & vitamins thing ,, he looks great , he sayes  he feels great ... 

 as  we talked i mentioned that the  two of us  were FREAKS !!!!   two people  who are not  using "Traditional Treatment"  .. i know i'm on the right path

i am emotionally  drained..  these past 49 days have been tough..
my  dear friend loosing his battle,, is just  horrible..

i keep "messing with my tumor" ,,  it has  re-shaped again,, i think it's  imploding  ..

                                          here's another  food idea

                             "tacos"   white corn tortillas,, potatoes, garlic , broccoli ,
                                                red bell peppers, green onions, cilantro, hot sauce

stay up-beat everybody !!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

sad day , short post

my good friend /  boss / co-worker   lost  his battle  with cancer last night...   he fought  very hard for  3 years..  i am  very sad.....                  he was just  too nice  of  a person to get cancer,,,

i  will miss him,   he was so very  kind & fair..    

my heart aches for everyone who knew  him

i think his spirit is glad to be free,,   sailing

Sunday, August 19, 2012

i'm a slacker

i am supposed   to take  it  easy , rest,   &   don't stress,,,  that's 3  new  things to me ,,   i've been wound up since 1978,,  i've never  "taken a break"   at work,  i don't get it ...

today i rested ,  i took it  easy , and  didn't stress..    having  TWO  dogs now  has a bigger humor factor..  instant enjoyment ,, laughing all the time,, and the new one  like to spoon..

i keep getting texts & calls  wishing me well...   these are  quite a surprise, and the  rush of good  feelings that comes with these is really powerful..   the   tumor  cringes . it  doesn't like  positive molecules

my shows have been extra satisfying since the cancer deal.. it seems the audience is "more on my side" than before... 

tomorrow would have been the start of week  2 of radiation.. 

i need to de-tox my liver...  that will help the cancer      "be-gone"

thanks  everybody for the positive thoughts ,, i feel them as you think them