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Saturday, September 1, 2012

the progress is great

the photo of almost NO  tumor is  making the rounds,,,  more people are  picking up my story.

I've been able to have some brief talks about  the way I'M  fighting cancer.. People are  stunned , they didn't know there was ( well kinda ) an alternative  to  "traditional treatment" .   In just  45 days, we've , ( me and all you nice people  sending positive vibes),  shrunk this tumor to almost nothing.  

i go back for my re-test  october  16th ,, that's another  45 days,,  i'm feeling really confident that my cancer report will be what we want to hear...  and i'll get to shave !!!!   I'm going to look way younger than  54 when i get this  gray taken off !!

in my dream world . i will be  done  with "cancer" october 16th ,, that will be a total of   105  days that  "i had cancer"  so to speak...  and  NO  side effects ..  and i really do feel good.. 

again,, thank you all so very much,, for the support..  

i was pretty grumpy at first,  the out look was grim,,  and thanks to the internet, i was able to find the data that actually IS  saving my life..

if you know someone who gets "diagnosed" with cancer,,, keep them calm, take a few weeks off, research until your fingers are bleeding...   

they told me        "we have to get that out ASAP "  ,, "you NEED  chemo",,
" you need an operation",,    "that's gonna be as big as a grapefruit in 6 months"   &  " the cancer will take over your whole head and  shoulders  in 9 months"...  ...........

 well  , i didn't rush into an operation, and that recovery ,, my tumor IS NOT  gonna be as big as a grapefruit,,  and    if i had  3 grams of cancer in ONE spot , why do i NEED to chemo my whole body ??..

 i don't know the actual % of people who  "walk away"  from  traditional treatment .  but i am guessing it is very small  -  maybe i'm a  .01 % er

my name is otto, and this is my story

Friday, August 31, 2012

my favorite weekend

is Labor Day weekend ,, because of  OdomFest...

The  Odom Family has an outdoor festival , this is #12,,, it is the most loved  filled event ever..  food, camping, family friendly... it's everything GOOD an event can be..  it's the most satisfying gig of the year for me

so short post today , BE SAFE !!!  lets  hope for not so much rain..

health report ,,   feeling  super ,, tumor is almost not  noticeable .. 

                 this is incredible ................................................
  just weeks ago , my neck was blown up  wider than my jaw line,, and  you  can see here , the  smallest little  bump ,,, 

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  i'm killin this !!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

mental exhausting

my body feels great , the  super foods are working, ,,  the tumor is shrinking..all is good........

mental side          -- coming back to full strength ,  ... 

it is quite  the trip to get the cancer news, and then  try to filter  what you should actually do about it..     i wanted to know "what i had"  ,, that's all i needed  from the cancer guys,,   the  fix is on my end,, and it's working

i saw my cancer counselor  today ,, always a   wonderful relaxing time  over there.....

i'll get my "60 day pin" sept 2nd,,,   AA  talk ,,  

i'm starting to write again,, yipeeeeee!!!!   that's been a while ,,  songs  come pretty easy , actual comedy material is not easy at all... 

i need to get sponsored by the carrot   company ...  they should be able to afford  35 #  of carrots a week ,, if it's  curing cancer .... 

i can't thank everyone enough  for the positive thoughts, and the  donations  have kept  my medicine at 100 %  = FOOD &  vitamins

lets  hope  for a NICE dry weekend, mild showers at night ,, please

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

things keep getting better

in life, goals can make you,,,  or break you...........

mom told me as a kid,, "don't make a goal out of the impossible"  and let me think about it for a day.

every day i think about this,, still 50 +  years later ..

my goal,, make everyday just a bit better,        be nicer,, ............. 

start small

try easy goals, at least you can cross them off a list ..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

put a quarter in your hand

my tumor ,,the day of the  biopsy , was  3.3 cm,,,,   a  quarter is  2 .8 cm... now put that  quarter against your neck, where my  tumor is...   imagine that under your skin- that's a pretty big lump....  

today a quarter can hide my entire lump,!!!!!, that's the tumor, plus the area around it...

  after the PET scan it grew to  basically the size of your computer mouse , stuffed under my skin.. that's  two ROLLS  of quarters

i truely believe  that my program  is going to "cure" me..

i'd love to co-author a short book  (( as in - i need an actual writer)) . an E-Book, that would only be a $1.. so this "ray of hope" can be spread, and i can make a $ or  two  since i haven't worked in a while.. any writers out there ???    i hope to be cancer free in october

my  favorite gig of my year is ODOM fest . this sunday  , and the band is playing

health report . weight  151..    attitude -  good   pain level--  0

Monday, August 27, 2012

i'm doing great

as far  as cancer victims go....  i feel super energized ...

 it's almost  60 days since  YHC     ...( you have cancer) .....  i'm starting to  get out of the cancer funk and feel  creative again...  sleep &  rest are  a big part of healing ,, and  "doing nothing"  is also good for me..

i am able to work , gigs  and a part time deal,,,  although i really liked  having June completely  off

i can't feel sorry for myself, and i can't  mope around..  i have no physical ailments besides the tumor,, and that lil bitch is pretty small now...   so once i'm completely out of the mind funk,, i should be on top of the world...

the anti-cancer food program is a Life-Style change that will continue forever..  like  NOT drinking

thank you for reading my blog , and sending the positive thoughts..

like the benefit a few weeks ago, i'd like to have a         " WE Beat Cancer  Party " in october

we can invite the "doctors" and have them run  through a spanking gauntlet

the other night , at the show i was in,, a young kid ( 10 ) ,sayes on his way out ,, 
"" i hope your tumor is smaller , because i laughed a lot ""

and it was !!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

the line of time ...........

time goes forward , like a line , where you are on that line is the HERE and NOW , the present.. what i just typed is now in the past, what you will read later is the future

the past can't be changed ,, the future can be planned , it is not certain. because we are Humans , we are "Judge-mental" things are "good" or "bad " or "happy " or "Sad" it's human nature "right or wrong" etc.. we have emotions

another human fault is - not being satisfied - by something for "X" amount of time.. (faster car , greener grass, hotter girlfriend, shiney-er guitar)

in the Past is all of our memories good bad , happy sad,, etc,, they cant be changed.

in the Future is Uncertainty , nervousness , anxiety - about things that HAVE not happened.. have not happened

like a teeter totter,, the more you are in the past , or IN the future , you are distant from the present ,, where things are actually happening,, and being "Judged ".. the more you are not in the present , the more your Teeter totter tips,, being Unbalanced in Life..
if you find the present unplesant, you can dip back into your memory for an instant ,to a most wonderful memory, which feels good,, if you are anxious , you are too far into the Unknown Future,, so back to the past , for another quick good memory burst.. if you are SAD or MAD ,, it is about something in the PAST , it might just be seconds ago , but it's IN the past ,, can't be changed .. you've Judged it, you made it mad or sad .. here's the key --- since you are already in the past - MAD or SAD ,, just walk across memory lane to a GOOD memory,, all of those are right next to the bad ones. ; like AC current , learn to jump from those bad memories to good ones - back n forth , a million times a second if you have to.. until you feel better ,, naturally that won't work if you are being WaterBoarded or something physically terrible .. most times it's our thought 's that make us feel bad . our Judgements.. ....................... are you with me still ?? this might help ..
.....tennis , 2 players A , and B,, , and the "judge" , correct ? $100,000 prize.. A double faults and " looses" , he sayes $#*&^% !!! ... B "wins" and cheerfully yells HORAAAY,, this event is in the past already ,one second later , THE JUDGE sayes , with no emotion,, DOUBLE FAULT... the same event = happy , sad ,, or just an event,............. all on the same dot,, on the same spot , on the line of time... 
later that evening A & B will "remember" (or go into the past) the day's match , "A " can choose to be unhappy , ?? or maybe think of something fantastic, right there, in memory lane . maybe how his daughter is getting straight A's ?? ..............
"B" ,, high on emotions, "the win" he feels great !!! , but he mistakenly walks across memory lane to the fact he can't pay his house payment , and his wife is sleeping with the post-man, and in a milli-second , he's crushed , defeated.. who "won" ??

boiled down .. think of what you're thinking, how far out of Balance , is it taking you.

stay balanced if you can,, learn some  quick relaxing exercises,, use your car as a calm spot , not a shouting booth