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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

back on stage !!!!!!!!!!!

the stage  " juice ", or   buzz a performer gets , is simply the best feeling.  weather it's 15,000 people  or 8,  it's  so intoxicating.    i like  family friendly events outside, i can be my weirdo self . the kids think i'm some wacky science teacher on acid.   the  parents get a kick out of  someone their age , ( or  older  ~ 55 ), being so nutty - the  freedom they don't have in life..          

saturday a fellow comic - Gerry Gobel  and i went to "Soda - Fest"  to entertain.   what a fun and super positive  event.  some fundraisers are really  great , some seem like  big-biz scams...     this  was a Love  Fest ...  they had a cash raffle , the  person who  won , turned all the money right back into the charity..  they had a big ass TV as a prize, the winner  gave it right back too , so they could raffle it off again.  the organizers were so nice, very calm, and a pleasure to work with and meet  .. even the sound man was ultra-friendly.   i asked him to make me sound sexy, and wow ---

after our sets  i got to talk about my cancer story with a few people..   talking about correct food is invigorating , and add on the  supreme stage buzz from about 200 ppl, you could say , i was feeling  really good..   &  they  fed us BBQ !! , ( not me ) , and treated us like movie stars.  we got in the car feeling like  kings...                 

and then , as  comics , as soon as the doors shut we started ripping  apart our shows , criticizing every  part.    comics think they can and should have always done better....    applause breaks , laughter, giggling, silence -  all  so powerful

i can't wait  for  Odom Fest in september, you will hear  about that  soon

one year ago i was sick as hell from the PET scan, july 22 '12,  ,,  ...  today i am  18 lbs. lighter   , and feeling excellent. 

health report 

weight ........... 144
strength ........  very good
pain .............. teeenie  bit  - neck
attitude ......... good  , needs more stage time
overall .......... 9.3

 i know ,, my shirt isn't tucked in right , and i have  tan shoes