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Saturday, August 18, 2012

what's up with all the carrots ??

the guy at Pogues Run Grocery asks... 

"i juice  them , 5 lbs carrots + 3 lbs  apples   = 3 +        quarts .. "        i reply ,, then i add ,,
      ........ it's my 'Chemo',, i drink this instead ..

surprised he sayes      " you have  cancer ? " .. yes       ,, "you look  GREAT " he adds

i give him the quickie story, he's amazed,,   &   i get goosebumps  from his positive thoughts !!!!  and show them to  him -- " see look  what yer doing , right here "  

some people have asked for some recipies   ,,, really don't have any  yet ,,   the  anti-cancer foods ,, you just pile the ones you like in a bowl,,,  start munchin

here's a link to an Alkaline Food site... i don't  'endorse'   this  site , it is one of the places i used in my fight ......

                 i pick the foods  i like ,,    i   don't  eat the  "bad foods" ,,   and all is great so far,,

                                          here's today's meal ,, i had this  same thing twice...

ORGANIC !!!   potatoes, red bell pepper, broccoli , cucumbers, tomatoes,cilantro, green onions, roasted garlic ,  flax seed oil,   &  hot sauce ---      with   coconut milk to drink...   i did put  a few Ghost Pepper slices in this too..

the  potatoes were HOT , and it threw everything on top raw,,  this  was really tasty

                                            good  real food ,  makes you feel real  good.... 

health report  .. attitude - super... 
                          body - great ,,,
                           mind - just a bit  dented

Friday, August 17, 2012

battle Vs. battle

i'm getting nice comments about this here blog,,      i'm flattered ,,   my  "writing / typing"  style  has  got to be  annoying .....     what's  up with all the  commas ?,,,,,,,,,,,   and stuff like that .. ?

       i type  like  i talk..

i started  this  to make it  easy for  people who wanted to keep up with my cancer battle... at first i was super freaked out about the cancer,, and i thought the battle was  going to be  gruesome....  you hear about it all the time --   "so & so"  has  cancer ,,               "oh ,   ( insert  worst thought here ) " ..

i'm fighting with  food & vitamins,,  i have to Juice carrots  & apples, (  25 minutes ) , i have to eat PROPER foods,, that means washing vegetables,, tuff stuff...  ORGANIC only if possible ,,  so----  my "fight" is very tasty !!  it  doesn't hurt , i feel fantastic, people say i look better than EVER !!?!!        .......        i don't see the carnage that "treatment"  causes ,, i'm not  pissed  that i'm doing  "treatment"  . i'm   so freaking happy i'm   doing it  this way ,,,   i can still work

i can't have - coffee , sugar , fake CRAP !!!, packaged foods, ice cream, candy, bagels, bread, meat, chicken, GMO food., poison, alcohol, Big Pharma Meds,, STRESS      &    food i don't prepare- ..  wow,  the  "stuff"  i can't  have  sounds     like SHIT   anyway  ...  how i didn't   ""get cancer""   a long time ago is amazing ..... 

so my  "battle " is mostly  mental ..  i "have cancer" , THAT'S  a mind destroyer ,,,,  but it  has  no where to go , it doesn't like my body anymore,, it's imploding on itself, i am laughing at it everyday ..  screw YOU cancer, i have plans...

our bodies are amazing healing machines,,, they need  GOOD CLEAN FUELS  to work right.
fuel is    --     food , sleep, rest, proper positive inputs, exercise .. 

you  don't put mud & sand & sugar in your  CAR'S  gas tank, that would  mess up the fuel system..  then you'll need , a new tank, fuel lines , injectors,  &  fuel pump - PLUS  whatever they screw you for  !!!!

ding !!!   ding !!!!!!  ding !!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

photographic evidence

                                                                tumor  before  PET scan ..

                                                           and then   3 hours  after PET scan

                                                               and then the next day .............. 


                                                       6 days ago , aug  10th,, below 

       and  YESTERDAY    aug  15th ,,, smaller than before the PET scan  ,, IMPOSSIBLE  my ass!!

         please dont say , different  camera angle,, different lighting ,,,  it's way smaller !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     food & vitamins, +  Good Vibes =    cancer  be  gone !!!

when it's confirmed that we beat the shit out of cancer , i will call the "news" and i bet they won't touch this story....   because  ........................................

                  "we cant have people  fixing cancer without our machines & medicines!"

support  LIVE  entertainment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i quit drinking

8688  days ago ,,   (23 years 9 months 19 days)  ..   i was a problem drinker - 2 weeks after my first beer. it was  obvious   ..................

 i had a few really bad events  with alcohol  .. i  had "quit  drinking"   2 previous times - 3rd time was the charm ..

 i was a happy  drunk , i made people  laugh.. i blacked out  a lot - so i knew  i could  only drink with supervision..

even  being LEGAL - alcohol was  very bad for me..

so the last & final time i quit .. i went to an AA meeting , 1988.. day  #1 meeting #1 ,,,  it was scary .. everybody was smoking, and everybody had big coffee mugs,, there was 3 coffee machines on..

   i  thought to myself -- wow ...these people are  wasted on coffee & cigs..  ( my coffee addiction had not started yet , i don't smoke ) ..  the stories i heard were tragic, i knew i had a drinking problem , but my "life" was  a-ok..  i didn't like  that meeting ..    
           .......  day  2 meeting #2 , at a church... ,,  no smoking , lots  of coffee,, but the person said i had NO chance of making it ,, with out   the  God she  preferred . ...  the stories were tragic there too...  people at each meeting talked about  having a "slip-up"  where they had  a drink ,,  i was  new, this was a bad thing,,,,,   both places stressed a MEETING every day.. i could see how that would be good.....    i didn't like either of the  meetings ..  i can stop drinking on my own  forever , no problem.....      i am 30 years old

no drinks ,,,,,,,, 5000 days later ,, meeting # 3,,  i had a bad mental hit , and thought i'd better just check in...   the meeting was  different ,, NO smoking ,  and i loved coffee now..  and ANYthing that helped you not drink was ok,,  if a spoon helped you not  drink, well OK !!! ,, i liked this meeting ,, it was  about   not  drinking ,, how-ever possible ,, don't  drink

 they said i was a drunk - who didn't drink,,                          because i didn't go to meetings...  and it was a miracle  that i had not  drank,,   no  "slips"... 

i had  NO alcohol, no toothpaste, no cough syrup,  no alcohol medicine,, no alcohol in my food,  no vanilla in my  coffee,, nothing ..    i am the ..

"one match in the fire-works  factory "  type....  

 "one's too  many , and  a thousands not enough"

i'm addicted to excess....   it's  a balancing act..   i fell.   my teeter totter tipped

so NO I HAVE CANCER,, i went to  2  meetings , ( doctor  opinions) ,, i didn't like them ,  so i'm going on my  own,, i'll see them for meeting # 3  in 61 days...  

so i feel like ........          "  i'm the cancer victim who doesn't do "treatment"  "  to  them ..

i am  gonna blow their minds  with my progress.. 
and my worst  "side effect" ... kinda gross,,
                orange skid marks ,  at first ,,,,,,,,,, i've  got a handle on it now.. 
blogs  should be truthful

                  i don't  have a feeding tube  stuck in me,, and this is day 3 of  radiation i didn't do,,
32 more ,, ( + 5 )  = 37  , because i refused the tonsil removal,,, ..............................
 8 weeks of  NOT  going to get  microwaved...  and then  feeling  "fried"  all day ..  no "driving,, to get cooked"   everyday... 

tomorrow i'll post  some  time line  pics,,  and  you'll see what i'm talking about

i used to love being alive,, and now i do even more,   the food  has  me feeling so good,,

ok, have  fun



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

nothing new

health report . feel very good .

this would have  been day  2  of  radiation.. eek

tumor --  continued shrinkage ,  and  shape  change.. 

tonight is the last night of Locals Only  - 56th & tacoma,,,  
in 2006   i   did     131    shows there...  i love  the place ..
tonight will be open mic  with  jethro  easyfields..
 talent starts at 9 pm ,, should be a hootennanny

Monday, August 13, 2012

huge success

Thanks  to  D Roq ..!!!   he put on one heck of a benefit ,,  the  otto-Jam !!

i sold a bunch of art & handicraft stuff, got LOTS of generous   $$  donations ..  

all the performers  were  fantastic.

the event did wear me out !!!   my head was  vibrating this  morning until noon  ..

health report --  feel good , a bit tired from last night ,  my tumor is  re-shaping , and  still shrinking

Sunday, August 12, 2012

tonight at Birdy's , Indy

they are  having a benefit  for me  , Otto-Jam  6pm to midnight ,,  @  Birdy's ...71st & keystone .

                                       well  cancer sucks , but tonight  should be  great !!! 
                                      bands & comics ,, Bike Rafle , otto's weird art & merch

                                       DeNiro  with beard .............
                                           " come on out  tonight !! "

super SALE  tonight ,, most items  $ 5  !!!!!!