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Saturday, August 4, 2012

stupid Go-tee

i started growing my Go-Tee may 1st , 30 days before retirement .. i figured i could have a scraggley beard my first month of  being  RETIRED ..  ... it grew out pretty fast this time,, and  by june 30th, it's actually  "in" ... 

 july  2nd - THE DAY ...   you  have  cancer !!!  .. wow - the world  flips .. so i told myself ,, "'you're growing this out until you are "cured" ...   well they  don't say  "cured" anymore .. No evidence of Disease,, is the new term..

since i'm  "on my own" so to speak  , medically ,, i get to shave this  nasty thing  october 16th ,, TEST DAY .. if my tumor is smaller than  3.3 cm, and i FEEL GOOD .. i am way ahead of  "Traditional Treatments"  projection.. 

 it's me and my food , compared to ,  traditional treatment & the side effects..  the goal is a  smaller  tumor, and no cancer

today , !!!!!!   , the side of my neck with my tumor is  just barely  different than my "good side"..  and my weekend would have been ruined by the  feeding tube i don't  have installed ... 

i saw  my cancer survivor  friend again today,, he  was  amazed how my neck compered to last week ..

i feel great !!   how about  you ??

Friday, August 3, 2012

5 lbs carrotts & 3 lbs apples

that's what i am juicing / drinking  daily ,   and having wonderful crunchy vegetable  salads..  crunch is  a "mind satisfyer" ,,( almonds are Alkaline),, if  you  eat crunchy foods,, your mind  needs less ,    crunchy foods  take more effort to eat .   ****   think of  FAST -FoUD,, it's  ALL  soft & squishy.. you  can eat that crap forever..that's their  evil plan  . .

replace  your  "oils"  with FlaxSeed Oil,,  you'll get used to it  quickly , and your body will love you for it  ................

i'm NO  doctor , so  legally i can't recommend any dietary advice,, but i will post  what i'm  doing to battle  MY  cancer.. ...................             .......... my cancer  seems to be  kind of a puss,,  because i've got my tumor  down to almost un-noticeable  ,, JUST  with food !!!!...........my neck has full mobility again also

i 've  noticed that when i see someone  for the first time since they told me i have  cancer ,,  that they have  a face of dispair on, like  " oh, here's the poor bastard who has cancer " .. it happened thursday night , and today ,,, well, after you talk to me ,, and catch my new enthusiasm for life and FANTASTIC  up beat attitude.. you'll also notice  HOW HEALTHY  i am !!!.. to me , the cancer is  BEAT !!!     i      just need the  test in october..  cancer  can't  live IN  me anymore ,,,  if  it tries  to move,, it's dead..   so after you talk to me ,, pass it on to someone, that i am doing SUPER-FINE ,, lets stop the "Worry-Train"  too..   i am not bummed out , i feel GREAT, i am super healthy, i am able to work !! 

i don't have a feeding tube in me .. Naaaaaaaaaaaaa Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

the positive friends network is  doing its job!!  the Prayer People , that's  working too!!!   every time one of  you thinks a good thought (  cancer killer) ,,  i get that from you instantly !!!  it's true , and  you are  helping me    Kick Cancer's ASS !!!....

my  "charity event"            
                                             the   otto -Jam
                          is  aug 12th at Birdys, 6 to midnight,
                               many bands , comics, Bike Raffle ,
                                        otto's     Merch  to buy
                 bucket to donate $$ for my organic food & medical bills
                  bucket for        POSITIVE ENERGY  , drop some off !!

                    6 HOURS ,, please come  by , share  some love

Thursday, August 2, 2012

the two time lines would have started today

the  tumor is  smaller again today ..  i cant feel it  tugging  at all  now .

my day's big job is washing vegetables ,, and juicing . wow  tough.   made some fantastic taco's

today i would have  had the feeding tube put in , if i went that way..  i'm sure id be very grouchy about that..

our new visitor, has  been here 3 days  now, a  30 lb pitbull cutie pie..  we might keep her

not  much to report , the  fight continues, and i feel great ..  i'm  really  happy about   walking away from "traditional treatment" ... 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dentist report

no cavities, ,, no extra work needed ,  just a good  cleaning.. !!!!

   i  was expecting  4 rotten teeth, a small brush fire , and a pound of oregano stuck in #32..

well i cant do the  duel time line thing , it  wouldn't be even close to a real comparison ..i can still compare  how - i feel and the tumor report     Vs.      the side effects i never got ,, on oct 16th,,

i have many gigs in indy this month ..  2nd, 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 24th

 there's  a benefit  show  aug 12 th at Birdy's , 71st  & Keystone ( 6 pm to midnight )-  
                                                           the Otto-Jam
hosted  by  D Roc & Bullett Proof Soul ..  many bands and comics,, a donation bucket  for my  medical expenses so far , and raffling off a super cool  Bicycle  /   $5 a   chance.. i'll be selling my  merch too!!!   and some art,,  and anything else i can whip up before the  12th

i feel great today , thanks everybody ,, neck is down to 15 3/4 " at the tumor line   . it was  19"   the  evening of the PET scan , last week

super foods make  you feel great , try some  soon

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sigh of relief

a day with out cancer doctors is a day FULL of sunshine...    they are all makeing last ditch attempts to lure me back....  we have a "new" treatment , it's not  Chemo, is  Anti-Body Cancer treatment !!

one  doctor wants  me to come see HIM , asap , about my decision,, i'm like ,, "" i don't WANT to see him,, he WANTS  to see me "" , so,,  ""there is a  $40 co-pay to see ME ,, have that in cash please"" 

well i looked this  "new " 1994  idea up , and the  5 most common types of  Anti-Body cancer treatment have serious side effects.. so NO thanks ...  my food  is  working fine'

why was this  not presented to me before ???

my Laetrile arrived ,, BYE BYE  CANCER  !!!!!!!!!!!  

today the  tumor is  WAY  smaller ,, it's not even "tugging" on my neck, like from the PET scan incident .. tomorrow  i start the  dual time line..
  but  for today here is the  difference :::

"A".. my program .....     today i feel great, and  then some !!! can't  wait  for tomorrow

"B"..  Cancer industry ......  i WOULD be freaking the fuck out - because they would be putting a feeding tube in me thursday.. and  a Radiation Mask is on the way too ...tomorrow is gonna  SUCK !!

remember the goal. NO tumor , No cancer.. comparison date  Oct  16th 2012

i am so gonna kick "B" 's  ass !!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

feel 635 lbs lighter

 i feel relieved , i   told   all three  doctors that i'm  not on board  with them,,   the  predicted  side effects  make the choice easy ..   .

. so i feel great ,, i get to do my own thing ,,  i will start tracking two different time  lines ..........

 the ONE i'm on,  A.,

and   the  "what if i let them do this "  B.   

 one  of the treatments in B would have taken 8 weeks  so that "end of treatment"  date would have been  october  16th ..

   this  is  our comparison DATE .  october  16th  2012

        October 16th...  on plan B .=  by this  date i  am warned that i will not  be swallowing, and a feeding tube will be  in me    (( scheduled  for  aug 1st )) . i will be  very sick from  radiation  , 35 BLASTS , , talking will be different ,  headaches, cant  drink ,  and i can NOT  work at all ..  could be  wheelchair  bound.. and  chemo will start in days ........   winter will be near ,, i will be  weakened by "treatment"

my Plan  - A .. vitamins, food , juicing , good  vibes, love..   predicted  side effects = feel better, less  tumor  , less cancer  ................
         so lets  see  how i feel on october 16th ..

goal , both plans  --    no cancer , no tumor ..   comparison date     october  16th  2012

78 days  to  go....           C-78-X   the  cancer  workout

Sunday, July 29, 2012

another great meeting

fantastic  conversations last night  and  today ..   today's  was  with  a  person from the  holostic side  of   cancer ,,  i presented my case ,, it was very positive.. i'm in , for  sure now ,,

 i 'm feeling great .. my tumor shrank  a good amount last night,, ...  ...

  i opened last night show  with the  the new   mantra...
 i was recently diagnosed with cancer , ( point to neck )   don't worry !!!

  " my show is...     humor  Vs tumor ,, with every laugh , a cancer cell dies,,," 

---- crowd  goes  wild,, -----
 then i add ,,    " so  don't  let me  die  up here "      ..   that  gets good response

then used  " don't let me die up here "        ,,   like  the  bell , when needed

i realized how much of a true story my show is ,,  and i still can't remember it ,, maybe the new superfoods  will fix that too  

woke up , no neckie-stretchie - by tumor !!!!     the  60 people  came to my resque

BORING   race today, even on the radio,, they couldn't  put any excitement in it