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Saturday, July 28, 2012

wonderful weather

.. i  noticed that my reader  count  exploded  yesterday ,,  today's post is just a quickie

had a nice meeting with a cancer survivor  in the morning..    these meetings are very helpful,, an actual opinion with credit..

just de-compressing from yesterday,  i  have a show  tonight,  @  Tomlinson Tap Room,, in the  City Market  INDY  9 pm,,,        , trying to relax..

have  a safe weekend

Friday, July 27, 2012

frying pan to the face

POW !!!   saw the radiologist today , this guy went through  everything , made their side  of the story understandable.. finally...  

if i "sign on", for treatment , this will happen  very soon..  he wants me to go to the dentist, get my teeth  cleaned & repaired,,, ok,, sounds  good ,  and get this special mouth  guard made ,(  like  a sports thing ).  asap
       they  can't  RADIATE  until the  mouth guard is ready,, but meanwhile, ( next thursday)  , they want  to put a  feeding  tube in my stomach....   ************************,, hold on Bobbalouie ..  because the   predicted  SIDE effects  are gonna take  95 %  of my swallowing away,, maybe after my first shot ,  or  maybe  2 weeks in .., but  MOST LIKELY..  !!   &   no chance  for infection here ....

the mouth guard is for when the radiation hits my 45 year old fillings,, they are gonna release or  "steam"  tooth fillings!!!  and the mouthguard will catch this toxic stew..  hmmmmmm sounds safe

then he wants to radiate me  35 times , 5  X a week , seven weeks ,, and  THEN  see how its  going,, then hop  on the CHEMO  train ..

so i wont be able to eat the GREAT food i am eating,

here are the two sentences of the day ..............

1.    oh,,,  you  N E E D chemo.
2.   basically , we will be keeping you alive         - to "treat" you

so i'm sitting there,,,  THE    healthiest MF'er in the building ,, and  he sayes  soon,,,,  they'll be  "keeping me  alive"      &   in a matter  of  weeks ????   and it's 2012, 50 years  of "cancer research" . and that's  the deal  you  get  ...  

i also was the  ONLY  patient  who WALKED in  and out,  of that office,, everyone else was  "karted in" .. with  tubes attached

 when i told him about  the tumor getting smaller  until the PET scan , he said  IMPOSSIBLE

they have a ""scripted time line  of  disaster"", written for me,, if i stay on my method i get to FEEL GREAT , and watch my tumor go away..  

i asked the  doc his goal,,       make the tumor go away, and have the cancer gone

i am already doing that ,   my  side effects- feel great ..  NEXT !!!!    no  cancer  for  you !

Thursday, July 26, 2012

boiled brains

meet  & greet  with radiologist tomorrow,,  my tumor is starting to  get smaller since the PET scan,,      so maybe by noon , i'll have  my near  future mapped out...   sleepy from the heat  & the mindbending trip cancer  puts on you..     

thanks for the good vibes &  phone calls  ,, i'm hanging in there..  tough challenge  this one is

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

chemical history

what  kind of  chemicals have i been around since i was  a kid ?
1. Top Job  , my mom's  favorite cleaner,  &   lemon pledge , shined  it all up   (  from age  3 -18 )
2. airplane glue , spray paint fumes   (age  10 to 18). i built model cars
3.bleach   , restuarant chemicals, dish machine  vapors , grill smoke , fryer grease (from age 16 to 54 )
4. Zylol, benzine, turpintine , screen printing inks  & fumes , ( age 26 to 34)
5 .  artificial sweeteners  (age 18 to 50)  worst year - 24 POUNDS of that pink stuff, for just coffee
6. sugar ,!!!!  tons,, (age  3 till 51),,  worst year 4 # a week = 208 lbs, in just coffee
7 . american food  ( age  1 till 44 ) the last 10 years i've only eaten my food
8.alcohol  (age  18 to 30 )  12 years span ,with 3 years no consumption, no alcohol since 1988
9. stress..  (age  22 to 54) ..  then i  retired ,  then i got cancer  31 days later ,,   dang
10. second hand smoke  (age 10 - 54)  , roomates, places i worked , performance venues
11. i have a lot of fillings in my teeth,, old school ones,, not good.
12. head injuries -  hospital worthy .1971,, 1982,, 1986,,

looking at my data above,, my cancer is probably from STRESS+sugar+artificial sweeteners+mercury fillings+second hand smoke and COFFEE  ... i made my body  acidic ,, they never told us in "Health Class", about food,,,  the american diets sets you up for cancer ,,    re-tune  your  diet asap !!     get an  Alkaline food menu,,,  your body will love you

stress is a real bummer,, when they tell you you  have cancer,, the stress dial  gets  cranked ..

ok that's my thought  for today

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

holy crap it's 10 pm

the  PET scan made my tumor blow up yesterday,  my neck was 19 inches  around the  biggest part ,,

woke up today , could still feel the  " juice "  in me ,, neck was  down to 16 inches  ,,  very sleepy all day ,, stress feeds the  tumor also, so if i sleep , i  hope to not stress,,,

crazy cancer machine dreams last night, 

friday  they should present  their  plan of attack..

the stuff they use is      Fludeoxyglucose ...  eek ,,     

PET scan machine = 

hoping wednesday i'll be  back to normal ,, i was doing so good,  dang

Monday, July 23, 2012

no side effects..........

 the  tech said  "there's no side  effects"   i giggled,, and said "" that's  radio-active right?""   he adds , "yeah , but it's just a small amount"  ,,   so in   IT    went....   i could feel it  moving  along ,, then i  had to  let it circulate  for 90 minutes,, so a  relaxing snooze was nice ...    then into the machine ,  strapped in mummy style,  so you can't move,, like  one of  SAW's  patients ..    this machine was quite  , it took 37 minutes,  calm,  relaxing ,, then my arms fell asleep ., i've  haven't been still for that long since i was 4 months old............... ..   ok, all done , out  you  go..    i ask the gal in the  lobby if i have to check out ??  she sayes  -  "no . you have  insurance, they'll get their  $$ , that's all they want "

then the side effects kicked in,,  the drive was fine, but i could feel that crap still circulating , and  seemed to be collecting in my tumor area. ( insert Twilight Zone music here ) .  i get  home and         whalaaaaa~,,  i look in the mirror and my little buddy is huge!!!.. this poison they put in me  turned my  1/2 ping pong ball into a hamburger bun ...

had a fantastic lunch,   &  apricot seeds !!!  Laetrile,,,  yay !  put some Tibetan Bells music on and went to sleep ..  5  pm,  the goo is still in me somewhat , my tumor is  "slider"   size bun now , and shrinking

american medicine is  like the  oil machine, wall street, and  the  insurance cartels,, all rolled into one..                                                  they  " legally " , can't   use ,  or even talk about  anything that is not on the APPROVED medicine list,, and   the list is small,,,
 1). cut you up ,,
 2).radiate the shit out of you,, and
3).  send in a toxic stew that's  like  ALIEN blood, CHEMO , it's  gonna burn clear through the hull

... ............................................ now if you survive the  triple dose of the approved list , and you still need  help , then they might "allow you "  (( hardship case, NO chance of surviving )) to use the stuff that actually  works,,  they've  got  patents on it already , ,,,,,   but if you  do live, they'll say it was the chemo that saved you                  

but  ya  can't  use that first, it 's against the  law...   and  don't ask about it  either

so friday i see the Radiologist, meet & greet,, odds are , that     i will be listed as "trouble -some patient "   .. ,,

and that's how i feel today  .. day  21-YHC           ( you - have - cancer)

i have 8665  days  of  sobriety...  that's  a lot

 if you need to beat the heat and  have a  laugh ---comedy room TONIGHT  -  at Red Lion Grog House 8 pm,, on Mass ave .. new  room , just started , need some peeps in the  audience..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

i've got a head ache this big..

looked at cancer videos today.. found some FUNNY ones ,, i get my PET scan tomorrow,   then all the tests "they need" will be done,,  so show me some photos of what  they want to shoot , stab,  or burn with chemicals...

 on my alkaline diet , my tumor is smaller still,,    and  oh yeah, the tumor  is "not the primary "  ... i know  ,,,,,,,     so show  me  the primary on any of  the   3   tests that  the machines -  take up  a whole  room, and the people operating them are hiding behind a lead wall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yeah this  shit's  got  to be good  for me ....     well we  got  to  see where it  is .....  show me the cancer !!!!

i'm still gonna try to just heal this  with  natural stuff ...   if you disagree, or think i'm CRAZY,,  please  spend , to start ,,    6 days / 10 hours a day  looking at both sides  of this  battle..

  it's Health Insurance & the  Cancer Machines   Vs ...    Natural stuff,, things that  have  been around for  1000's of  years    ....   i've had this  cancer in me for years,, it just recently  made itself  Visible,, so ,,  now  these guys  say   IT'S GOT  to COME  out  !!!    hurry !!!...       yes if it's  pushing on a Vein or an artery ,,  but it's just  hanging out ...

and we feel great , me  and  my tumor,,,   ,, no doctors yet have handed me anything  that  discusses , how to battle  cancer .,,, just    "" here's what's  coming ""  & one brochure is  3  pages  about  how the  payments  can be made 

this is  gonna  be a great week ,, shows       - thursday @  Daddy Reals , and saturday  @  the Tomlinson Tap room  .. come  laugh  some cancer  cells  off   me !!