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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

look at this !!

 are you believer ? do you believe in something you can't see , can't touch , can't alter , of course you do, and good thing too.  remember the blob ?  well lookie now ,, this has to heal
,, whew ,  that needs a band aid

Monday, October 27, 2014

Quickie up-date

welcome back .....................October  27th.

well i "thought" id be  blogging like a hurricane as soon as i got home ( the 22nd ) but it took a few days to catch up on faceboogie,  and i was really sore.. 

so here is a quickie update just "so you know" 

everything went really well. 

i'm still hurting, as expected , but it's pain from the procedures, not  from the cancer... how i was working ,and trying to be  a normal person in September is  mind boggling.  The days in October , leading up to the surgery, were like many episodes of Rod Serling's show -" Night Gallery" 

ok that's it for today .  i'm pretty THIN ~  131 lbs

it's ALL good  ,, detailed blog very soon . and here's a current photo 

             you have a fun filled day , it's gonna be the LAST  warm  day of the year

tell your friends that LOVE , Prayer , and positive vibes  work.....  ding !