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Saturday, December 1, 2012

december has arrived

in racing,, when you're in the lead , near the end of the race, you start hearing "sounds".   it's like something is going to break, maybe just a small part, but it's gonna take you out of the lead, and maybe the race too........

i'm "hearing sounds",, my mind is playing tricks on me,,    by hearing sounds, i mean   i  am feeling little pains, and then the "what-if's" start.. i have to smack them out of my head..  

i'm  working the earth job 5 - 6 shifts a week, with comedy shows 3 nights a week.... my comedy shows have been extra physical lately, super good response, but i've just been a super-nut on stage ..  my neck takes the biggest beating when i'm a super-goofball, plus the guitar hanging on me doesn't help either...   if my neck hurts, then my mind starts talking  "what if"  crap..

even being "up-beat" and really positive,  this cancer thing blows..  it eats  up so much of your thinking time,,, it is a full time job - the food and great feeling is wonderful,,,   but that you have cancer ~ and cancer kills lots of people  is always clawing at your eyeballs..

TV is FULL of cancer "awareness" , walks, ribbons, pink football shoes,  movember,,,    you just can't get away from it ... and if you have  cancer,,,  you just  wanna scream...   it's all about treating and "early detection"  ,, nothing about  prevention,,,    when is the "we are  raising awareness that  real organic food prevents cancer and almost all other diseases"   1/2 hour special  going to be shown ?? 

not soon dang it 

November was  really great ,, i get to shave !! ,,  or ,, do i do the Dr Phil for a couple weeks ???? ,,,  then i could shave it all off,,  and have a "cancer-do",,, i'd look like an old skinhead , with nowhere  to go

 i wish facebook was never invented, but it was , and  lots of people use it.. it has some good value,,  people send me inspirational stuff, good vibes,  & love ,, that's  great .. i was sent this today .. 


Disabled war vet ..  if you haven't seen it , please watch 

comedy is wacky , tonight's show was really great for me , had a blast , everything worked great ....    the wacky part -- 6 comics , 2 audience members...  but those  2 were the best ,  we all had a great time , and they said they were glad they came

ok that's it for today

i think i've mentioned  this before,, but  worth repeating ,, 

"if you dress nice,  no one can tell that  you feel like shit"

Thursday, November 29, 2012

great month, good stuff happening

this month is still being really great.  best month since  diagnosis!!

i had more generous food gifts this month too, THANK YOU  to my food angels !!! 

my comedy shows have been very good.. i keep  getting great comments about  my "new show" ,, it's the same old crap, presented  better...  last night i moved forward again in the contest in Muncie ,, the crowd  did the   otto! otto! otto! otto! otto!   chant.  that killed a bunch of cancer cells .. 

2 more  Movember shows and i can shave my 'stache  off.   my mustache came in really fast , the  other guys in my group - not  so much ...  earlier in the month,  one  guy in the group was almost pissed at how mine grew in and his was so weak---  little secret ~~  mascara !!!  chaaa...   stage lights make light  &  gray hair disappear  ,, so you have to darken in things..        my gray hair is always glued in place, so it LOOKS  black,, but i'm almost 35 % all gray..   my charming face.... i can't do anything about that 

 i want  to make the New York trip in January. right now i just have the - date  - jan 5th ,,, & an invite to speak..  i hope to get more details soon , and i will post them ..   the weather could knock that whole  deal out,  we will have to wait & see ...

nothing to complain about, and i'm trying  not to anyway , so that's nice........               my mind has been cooperative lately, staying positive, and suppressing the "what if's"...  

my weight has been 150 - 153 all week, on the "eat way more than you want to "  program ..  i figured out roasting broccoli with potatoes in the oven makes a good base for  everything..   i needed a break from raw broccoli for a day or two...  the nutritional value goes down a bit , if they are cooked,  but you can eat more,,  and it's  in my diet program anyway ( cooked vegetables)  

what's left of my tumor is super hard , like a pebble,  it's been the  same shape for  a while now,, it might be mostly  scar tissue , after imploding on it's self ..  it's very hard to see , even if you know where to look.....     my neck did hurt a bit , the other day , and my mind took off like Evil Kenievel --  some  major "what if's" ,, 

i'm sure it's just because i stepped up the stretching, and added more time to my neck exercises.   i see the chiropractor next week , on schedule ,, i don't want to get behind on that again..

i am an old mess....  but -   i can stay pain free if i stay active.  do every exercise, stretch, eat right, think correctly,  &  sleep enough.  that's not very hard ...  chronic pain is awful

overall ............

weight   .................... 151
attitiude ...................  super
tumor  .....................   small, 
strength ..................   better still,   muscles building 
pain .........................   1.3
overall  ...................    9.4   ---   the comedy shows help !!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

here's what i eat

                             and here's  Zuzu  on  me...........

people have been asking about "what i eat" or my diet.. here it is

 all  organic  if possible...  

potatoes, tomatoes, avocados, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli ,cilantro, leaf lettuce, leafy greens,  beans- many types,  quinoa,  rice ( small amounts), granola, dried cherries-tart, corn tortillas, himalayan pink sea salt, onions, garlic, bananas, apples, other fruits, almonds, other vegetables, water, spices 

juice,  5 # carrots + 4 apples=   64 oz  or MORE - every day.

i eat a mix 'n match of those ingredients,  as much as you want,, 
 4 meals / day , i got down to 142  lbs,   
 5 / meals a day = 145.  
@ 6 meals/ day = 150 ... 

seriously, you can eat as much as you want,, here's my additives . 

                           these........... PLUS  vitamin C 


                     plus potassium ,  calcium, and  spirulina
       i split all of the above into  4 doses - 1 dose  each meal 

my "exercise" program is  

100  reverse crunches on ball   
100  crunches 
15 # free weights - presses & curls 
40 #  bar bell   presses & curls
Hang & stretch from handles from ceiling ,  many minutes
30 minutes , stationary bike
30 minutes NECK traction + 10 # dumbells while hanging

80 minutes all together..   60 of them are seated

also add  walking the  2 dogs, 2 times  per day
...2 X per day - breathe with authority 
 and  ..  stretch ALL day

no membership, i don't have to drive somewhere, no one else's   sweat!!!    for neck traction i'm  seated, the bike has a seat ,and  stretching !!!    just   minimal weights -  feel like a teenager again

                          what a neat way to start the  day .............the harness pulls up ,
                             and of course i have way "over the limit" amount of weight...   
       while hanging , i listen to healing tones,  Tibetan Bells , or  Native American Music  

            i have  an invite to tell my  FOOD  Vs cancer battle story in NYC in January,,
                                                                 more details  soon

                                                             here's my Movember 'stache

                                          2  Movember shows in Indy this week,,
                                                        Thursday @ Daddy Reals Place  .  96th street
                                                        Saturday @ the Under Ground 9    - irvington
 ok .........thanks for playing along


Sunday, November 25, 2012

paddle ball of the brain

                        here is  Zuzu, using Bella  as a pillow

the dog comedy just never ends here..

this month has been great , i'm blended in at work, there is minimal stress, and  i've had  many good shows.   i "feel"  normal again.    i have a good   "earth job" ,, and i get to be on stage frequently..... 14 + gigs a month....    i've received many nice comments from other comics, and audience members about how my show is  "more alive" or  "just better"  somehow...    i am also having fun ON stage  now too.

so THAT part of my life is doing great..

the cancer deal is and up & down thing... i'm UP !!  , my tumor is almost the  "speck" it was  for many years.. i'm healthier than ever !! , my strength is almost like my high school days,  and my attitude is constantly  very good.  i am confident in my "treatment" and i am not afraid of the cancer i have on me - it's not  moving , or getting worse. 

 my problem is  "proof" that it's working -  as in paperwork stating that my cancer is  going away.. the  2 tests that will show no spread are not user friendly.. one is nuclear, and the other is Iodine..  the nuclear ( PET) scan really did me wrong, so i'll never have another one of those..   the CT scan (iodine),   didn't effect me nearly as bad , but i signed up for that when  my mind was melting about the possible  cancer diagnosis..  i can't remember really even having the CT in late  june  or  early july ... i DO remember being really  itchy, that's one of the  minor side effects... 

if my cancer was "private" , as in, no one knew about it,, i would  never go back to the cancer  center..  i believe that my diet & suppliments are  working .. i feel really good..   One of my cancer friends told me   ---  " well - you can feel great , and have a shit-load  of cancer in you " .. this sentence has been re-playing in my mind ..   his cancer  spread quickly and would have  done  him in, , he went through "treatment" and is  fine now...    my other survivor friends  who went through treatment  and are also "cancer-free"  , but they did suffer  some side effects ...       so far my BAD side effects are only one thing - occasional  self -doubt..  this comes from the ( as i call it)  - public brainwashing about  cancer...  i think i'm right , and a zillion people think i'm crazy or  have  "huge balls" ..

i'm not that brave , i can compare how i feel right now , to how  they said i'd be  at this  time  ( late november) ..  well  i feel great , and they said  "id barely be alive , so they can treat me " ...  i have to  think i am way better off than "barely alive" 

so that's my problem ,, it's all mental...  

my dad wants me to re-test, and i don't want to.. both tests are "bad" in different ways... if i got retested , and  IF  the cancer has spread,  ((  NO WAY !! )), i still would NOT sign up for their "treatment"..    i'd like to give my dad some ease of mind, i owe it to him, his daughter/ my sister  died "from cancer",  and he's worried about me

report ... 
weight ...........  150    all week !!   i ate  6 times a day
tumor ...........   small  / tiny 
strength ........    very good
pain ..............    .02
attitude ........     very good

here is a link to my set from the other night - 40 minutes..  it goes by quick if you watch the whole thing,,  if you want to see if they liked me .. watch the last 4 minutes...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpF5OprCjOQ&feature=youtu.be

like i said the other day - my tumor got punched in the face,,  by this  crowd

ok have a great sunday AND week