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Friday, February 1, 2013

nothing really new

i feel like  a slacker if i don't post everyday,,  but some days i have nothing  interesting to blab about

the  "fighting cancer"  loop has been running through my mind..it never ends,,  it  eats  up so much time, it's  hard  to be creative, it's a bummer

but  i am still alive & feeling great

the  internet gives me stress,, computers too..  i don't like  downloading  things,  it's scary to me..  that sounds  silly , but  that's the way it is

sorry about this weak , non-informative post.

tomorrow  will be  7  months since the diagnosis... 

happy days are ahead !!

Monday, January 28, 2013

24 minutes you'll never get back

here's the link to my "talk"  from the Melody Inn.   as  an entertainer, i think it's  not so good..  but like i said , it  was a  test run, i learned a lot, and  the  next  ones  will be really  much better .  otto talks about his cancer & food

plateau's of learning .  

since my cancer  diagnosis,  my life  has actually gotten much better ...   at first  it was terrible, but now  it's amazing  how  good i feel.        reading lots  of   different things  helps too..    it's all mental now,  stay in the  present, accept all that life  gives  me.  help as many people as i can  have a better day .       breathe , eat right, spread love

that deserves a   ding

Sunday, January 27, 2013

are doctors & lawyers made of the same stuff

hang in there if you are dealing with something .  relax if you can,, for at least a few seconds at first,, the minutes  will build, but  at  least try  for the few seconds

if there was a split screen / dual time line  of my last 6 months,   what i did  Vs. what i turned  down,, that would be interesting.

i still feel fantastic..  plus the mental ups  & downs and  the never ending  cancerthoughts  are diminishing .

tomorrow i'll post a link to the cancer talk i did last week,, it's  how it  went, .,   was kind of a test run , the next ones will be much smoother

thanks  to the Food Angels again !!!!    how wonderful full you make me feel ,, thank you  again

i've been doing the  baking soda  mollassas gargle for a few weeks now, and the tumor is shrinking again, .. most people have cancer  deep inside, so drinking this would make sense.   my  supposed cancer is on my tonsils,  so i make this potion 2X , and gargle  with  it...  it's a direct hit to my "primary cancer spot"  .. ha ha & F-U cancer !!!     i drank the formula  for a few days, but  hated the taste,,   the  2X gargle  for sure is  making a difference


ok   see you all tomorrow .. video blog