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Saturday, December 22, 2012

sunny but COLD

i am not blogging everyday,,  i don't have anything "new" everyday,  so i  try to get 5 posts a week..

i feel great , and it's almost January.  The  doctors said i'd be in dire straights soon...as in complete cancer take-over 
 ha ha ha .. no i am not

yesterday was GREAT !!!!   in june i booked a wedding , for 12-21-12.. oooooh  end of world gig !!..  so the months go buy , i don't hear anything about the gig,,   2 weeks ago , i saw  the guy ,, and  he mentioned nothing,, it's his daughters wedding,, so it's a big deal if you ask me,, but  he mentions  nothing....  hmm ,, did i loose the gig ??     so tuesday,, the  18th , i see him again, we do a show together , and he mentions  nothing again,, 3 days till wedding ???...   i don't ask,, figuring he'd mention it first ,, like  - are you stoked for friday ??    but no,, a big hug and a  "see you later"...     i had requested off from the "job" , so i could  do the wedding,,and had the  21st off,, all good  & ready to go..
   5 pm thursday , one of the other managers at work asks if i can work for him friday night,, so i need the $$ and  i thought there's  no gig , so  heck yeah !!  ,,,   moments later , i get a text  about the wedding,,  "are you ready for tomorrow, ? arrive at  noon"...  oh  hell yeah !!!   a noon gig !!  and i still get to work at night ..   sweet ....  

  the gig went great , i did get a bit lost in the country parts of Shelbyville , but  still got  to work on time,, and work was a breeze too...

not a bad  day for a guy who was supposed to be "this close to death"  ( the small distance between your thumb and index  finger = 3 sheets of paper )  , right about now.

i get bits  of  anger when i think of what the cancer industry was gonna  do to me .. i wonder  how many more  people  could "walk away " and be better off,, i know it is working for me .

happy holidays everybody  !!!    i hope  everyone gets what they want .. 

 i am alive ,  my wish has been granted 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


i am not a fan of  all  of those 'cancer awareness' agencies , or the   "raise money for the cure" ,    those type of things...  

i followed  a 70 year old program,  and  , wow , it's working ,,  

 the people who have been working on the "cure " for 50 years, where all this  donated  $$  goes,,  yeah right,,   they haven't  discovered what i know about fighting cancer  ??  

i'm just a goof with the internet...  i learned / found out what would help me in just a matter of  hours  ~   ( 80 ) ... and my "cure" has nothing to do with all the failed research, and   billions of dollars spent with horrible results.

i walked in this club last night , and this sign was at the door , i was like  .  hell yeah !!!!  
  oh my i was laughing so hard,, zero !!   not even  did the bar  kick in 50 ,, so it wouldn't be  zero ..             

zero ,,,  nothing ..          and i thought  ...  as it should be ... 

 if a citizen really wanted to help  "fight cancer" ,, find someone who HAS cancer , drive to their house, and  hand THEM the  cash you  wanted to donate...  they could buy some nice food, or pay a bill,,,  but  don't  give it to some lost cause

here's an example,, some one , or some people, have been loading  credits at Pogues Run  for me,,  i'm guessing they are  a blog reader, i don't know , i am so thankful  for  what they are doing ,,,    that $$ goes  DIRECTLY to fight cancer..  it doesn't get thrown into some fund where they have to buy shirts  and ribbons  so people are  'aware' there is a fight against  cancer....  it goes directly to MY fight ,, more of a challenge now,, but it  does  something very good!!!!  

so next time you are gonna donate to some 'cause'  , take a few minutes to look up where that $ might really end up ..  maybe it  IS a good thing , but if it isn't ,, give that donation somewhere it will actually  be used...  buy food and  donate it  ,, something like that 

i feel super alive, what a wild , 5 months it's been...     

Monday, December 17, 2012

monday the 17th

we had the company xmas party last night,,  there was one of those  gift grab/exchanges..   i submitted one of my Poor Man's GPS,,,, the  exchange was about  1/2 over ,,, one of the cashier  gals  had lotto tickets , so i stole them from her ,,,,    with her new pick , she picked the GPS ,,,,she had no clue what it was,, it was awesome, she hated it , and tried to give it away at each draw,,,  some one  else  took my lotto tickets , so i took the GPS  back  from her, and she got  a new pick  from the table....    walking to the  table she says....  """oh my god , i'm so glad to get rid of that stupid thing"""  ,, she  got a super  cool garden knome..

the  cloudy days are  hard to get moving ,,   cold  & rainy , no thanks,,                           the  dogs  go nuts inside  if we don't get to go  walking,.

what a relief it is to be free  from the  doctors.  now i feel like i just wasted 5 months  thinking  all the bad thoughts about  "having cancer" ...

 ok, i'm really happy  about everything .. it's all good ,, 

another thank you!!!!!!!        to the Pogues Run food angel or angels !!!!! .. it is so very nice , and it makes me feel so good

feeling great , thanks for all the  good  vibes