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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

really sad

more sadness,  dang.

my brother is my best friend. always has been.  His best friend / dog - Joy , passed away today.   she was almost  13 years old, and being an 80 pound Irish Setter,  so, in dog years , she was almost 150.  

we all have heavy hearts today.  loosing a family member isn't easy

Joy was the perfect name for her..

now  go find Faye , Simone,  & Esperanza,  i'm sure there's a chuck-it in the air right now 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ups and downs

holoholo =  hawaiin word for  -      glide with life.

we are all in our "life" canoes , all in the same water, so every paddle i make, makes a wake, and eventually, ends up hitting your canoe.   so i try to be a happy paddler , gently  easing my oar into everyone's  ocean.     our  wakes combine to move us forward or sometimes backward.      i've  learned you can not get anywhere  frantic paddling.  it's loud, it looks foolish, and it makes a horrible wake, that others will feel.

with last weeks news , naturally i'm pretty  happy.  then yesterday,  a big pile of sadness,  so soon ?

our little buddy  ZuZu moved to Casa Del Toro, a pit bull rescue and placement center.  i am selfishly sad, broken hearted ,  i have become such good friends with her,  and to see her leave was  brutal. She was just  too much for us.  She needs a specific  owner, some one who can spend the correct amount of time with her.  Last  august ,she arrived here in horrible shape , she  was obviously  a "yard  dog" , and only weighed about 20 pounds.  her collar was so tight , that her fur was wearing off.  it made me  sick, i had to help if i could..  so she ended  up staying  with us, and Bella and her became best of friends.   They were my cancer buddies, walking them took my mind off of my situation for a few minutes.   I have received so much entertainment from the  two  of them.    

we know that ZuZu will be much better off in the years  to come, so i balance that against my selfish sadness of missing her.

when Esperanza died, i was super sad,  but there was closure. She went to doggie  heaven, and i had  to get over  it.  But i knew nothing bad would ever happen to her..  With  ZuZu leaving , i have these  blipps  of fear about  what if something bad happens..   even years from now, is it on me?,  because  we let her move on ?

stupid thinking , i know , but Lil ZuZu is just so adorable..  i'm sure she had a fun packed first day at her  new home.. Bella was very relaxed today, no little devil-dog trying to play every second.

here she  is .. 30 pounds of  Dyno-Might !!!   

i have really become attached to her,  i can't tell if Bella is sad or relieved.

okee dokie,,  that's what you get today

health report 

weight ............... 146
attitude..............   very good
pain ..................   zero
strength.............   good
overall...............   9.1