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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

now what ??

wow , i've been  gone for a while.  i must apologize for my  absence .

 two major hollidays  have gone by , and i didn't say a thing,  how  rude.    not one  thank you from me  !! - for a wonderful year.   not one  thank you  !! to all  the  nice people  who supported me through this ordeal.  how  horrible.... i feel awful       no christmas blessings from me,   uncool .    like the last blog ,  i "let the lawn get too high"  again, and really freaked out.. 

well , let's get  back to it..  

 here's what went on ...  i'm still in a mild funk about the future.  Not as bad as before , but  worried about  the planet.

 i did a few shows  since the  last blog.  the night before thanksgiving, the worst night for "surprise comedy",  did a set  in a little place . the night before thanksgiving , people want to P A R T Y !!  woooooooooooooooo!!  , not  listen to some weirdo like me, or some other comics..  so i kind of got into a little tussle , while on stage with some people who just wouldn't shut up.  i asked them to leave, and they did .. the funniest part of my set was  otto's motto ......
be nice to as many people as you can , 
as often as you can , 
it's absolutely free -   
I'll be nice to you -  and you'll be nice to me .. 
and just like  " tag"  
we can start  tonight,  
and tomorrow  will be a better world...

unless  you were the assholes who i  asked to leave .. 


Rapper sung a song about my concussions  at  the october  Funhouse,,    it was very true  & funny..  a few weeks later,  me , rapper, Heather, my  Dad  & Lee, got together and my Dad  mentioned   to Heather how i had  hit my head  "a few times" .  Each thing he  said was  almost a direct line from Rapper's  song.. one  after another  -    With the  "capper"  Dad says  "that's why  he doesn't think right"...   The  3 of  us  giggled  really hard  , and Dad asked what's so funny ?  We told him about the song , and everyone  laughed really hard....    yay !!  head injury happiness 

for  11 years I've performed at The North Side News X-mas  Party, every  dec 23rd  @ 10 :30 ..  last year ( 2012)  i pussed out..  i was still in full  "battle cancer"  mode.    That    December i felt great, but was still mentally screwed to pieces.   i was super happy  JUST to be there , alive  & feeling well .  i didn't need any stress from a show where no one gives a crap if i'm doing it or not.  That's what made The N S N  set a challenge , and fun to do every  year..   So this year  (2013) i was ready..   i explained why i weenied out in 2102, and  gave the great news from june - "No evidence of  disease" . the crowd actually listened ,, for a bit,, i kept it really short , and had a great time    ..

did a show on saturday night  december 28th - Poor Man's  New years Eve..  In a  a Chinese Resturant.  it also was  a benefit show  for another cancer patient.  the place was packed , and everyone had a blast..   A young gal, maybe 9 , came up to me after and said  - " I just want you to know you were hilarious" ..    wow , what a great feeling !!!

New years eve -- i've  done this for years now .....    just before midnight - 11:57 , i stepped out on the porch , and waited for the gun fire .. pow !! 
  11:58 ,,  oh my !!  , 11 :59..  oh yeah -- here  it comes . midnight ..   BOOM !!  chirrrrakkka !!!  pow pow pow pow pow pow pow ..for  8 solid minutes..  sounded like a war was going on.             oh  big  city life

ok, 2013 ,, is  done,, all behind,,  a great year

so i should have blogged , but i didn't.. i just didn't feel like it.. it had been really long  40 + days,,  i just had nothing to say really..

the snow storm---  i loved it, i did loose 2 days of work,  but i really liked it ..  we had  food, we were ready,   i did  go to Costco the day before the storm. Its was strange.. blank pallets , empty boxes every where.. surreal .  the snow blower made  digging out a snap.  no pipes froze when the Artic Blast followed..  all is  good

i twisted my mind up by not blogging,,  i'll do it tomorrow, yeah right,,  

  i still am thinking of the wrong things too much.  i should be  overjoyed just to be here,  i'm so blessed.   super  lucky too.........

ok , that's the catch-up .. 

health update 

weight          148
attitude         coming back to the surface
pain              zero
strength        even better , increased all exercise #'s

what put me in the  funk the most is i have realized that  my life is WAY  different than i thought  it was gonna be..    

more on that soon ..........

and i sincerely thank everyone  for all the  help..  it's  been 18 months.    

i auditioned for  America's Got Talent  online..  i figured if they didn't want me online, they wouldn't want me doing the same 3 minutes in person either..   and i won't have to be in the convention center  for  28 hours, with 25,000 other superstars