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Friday, November 23, 2012

you should get re-tested........

 one of  the best thanksgivings ever,,, it looked all so good , i got to eat what i brought , and  a few veggie dishes.  it was rubbery.

my dad wants me to get re-tested , to make sure it hasn't spread,,, that would be a PET scan , or a CT scan

the PET scan is a NO WAY EVER !!!  

the CT scan , is also not as mild as most people think,  and i'd have to take  2 different drugs before the scan, so it doesn't hurt me .. i am allergic to Iodine... yay.. 

here's what i am up against 

iodine-based Contrast Materials

Mild reactions include:
  • nausea and vomiting
  • headache
  • itching
  • flushing
  • mild skin rash or hives
Moderate reactions include:
  • severe skin rash or hives
  • wheezing
  • abnormal heart rhythms
  • high or low blood pressure
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Severe reactions include:
  • difficulty breathing
  • cardiac arrest
  • swelling of the throat or other parts of the body
  • convulsions
  • profound low blood pressure

nice list eh?

i am allergic to iodine , and this test puts it in me ..   eeek X 2..  i ended up in the hospital before , from Iodine Reaction,, ...................plate of shrimp ..

 i had one (  CT )  in july , it didn't  effect me like the pet scan, but  my mind was super  blown  from the   recent cancer diagnosis,,  dang

bummer ,, personally ,, i want to be done with the cancer  "doctors" ,, i don't ever want to see them again..

i feel great , i look great ( that's what everyone's telling me ) .. my  tumor , which seemed to be a big deal,, is so close to being GONE...  

more frustration , thanks CANCER ,   i've  had  it up to my neck with you !!

this kinda knocked the nice showbiz buzz i had from tonight's show...

oh well,,  more tomorrow

Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

30 days till "dooms-day" if you believe in that  kind of stuff,, there is not too much chatter about the  end of the world on the web,, with only one month to go...  hmm,,  

oh boy , that internet !!!  what a crazy place....  i like some of the internet,, for fact finding, which can be hard , with all the  incorrect stuff out there.. what CAN  you believe???

the internet helped me in my info quest about cancer  treatment.. so 2 thumbs up for that.. 

as i dug into my research,,  food & vitamins  seemed to be the best   way to fight cancer.. and it has proven true - to me - so far

it's exciting to want to "get home"  -   to  eat ,, i bring some  food everywhere , but to eat at home is the best.       i got  close to 150#  most of the week

i hope  people are careful with their dogs today , that  T-Day meal is so dangerous in many different ways..  fruits, creams, BONES, ,,, and  overeating ...  ...we have  Mung beans..  the dogs are not interested

i'm thankful to  be so alive 

overall score   9.3


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

warm & fuzzy

two days from thanksgiving, oh my am i grateful  to be where i am.

so many people have helped me , i am Mr Lucky for sure

 to be feeling like this, ( fantastic) , is  a miracle.     the mental dump my brain  took in july was  a deep pit..   the dreaded  C word - on me .. whoa.......

to "walk away" from  treatment , to me, was a no option choice,,  some people think i'm super-brave , or  "have  HUGE balls",, but i'm just a chicken shit like everybody  else..  i want an easy, pain free life.  i want to be happy.    my life as i knew it was going to be drasticly altered..   i couldn't  "sign up" for that...   

 i  had a choice,,        A.  -  what 99.99 % of people do ,
 or  B.  -  take a "chance" and do what i believe in .. 

the  "chance" was backed up by lots  of  data , so it wasn't that much of a leap..  not that brave.. 

well, happy thanksgiving everyone,, be with friends, family & loved ones if you can  . 
i'm lucky to still have  my giant family , hollidays are great .

this year's  menu will be different  for me that's for sure

one  my examples about my "diet" is ... , i say -

 after i eat , i am energized !!!! like  bam! let's get it  going !!!, and then, think of Thanksgiving dinner,, after that meal , everyone is passed out,,  



Monday, November 19, 2012

it took 2 days to write this ??

this might sound horrible,, but it seems true...

"Cancer - the best thing that's ever happened  to me"

i've said  " that "  before,  and   i got a good slap in the face with reality ,, super-tuned everything going inside me , haven't missed a single workout,  got a great attitude adjustment,,  but the best thing about this "deal" is  how people are giving me so much love , kindness , & good vibes,,   and $  too !!!!

i couldn't have made it this far without the  generous donations directly to me.. i'm overwhelmed by the kindness i've received..   i'm pretty hard on myself, i think i'm a looser most of the time, i can't get a handle on why so many people want to help me. 

at this point in my life  ( 54 yrs old) , i'm in the last third of my life..  i would not have wanted this cancer thing to happen to me when i was  20 ,,i would not have been  mentally able to handle this  back then..
Now,, being  older &  wiser, this was at first a REAL bummer , but now it's more of an inconvenience ..     .....the drag,  is the constant - " ya got cancer",, that repeats over and over, in your head , the food prep , and  eating right is a pleasure.        the exercise is minimal, and it also is a feel good  activity..    so everything's  good - except my own mind ,,    but compared to july ,   wow !  what a fantastic change for the better

i was blessed with another  donation this weekend!!! and then  today at Pogues,, holy cow --  another GIFT CARD miracle

THANK YOU  !!!   ......  not worrying  about proper food is such a relief... 

ok  , outside i go,  &  my  show is tonight !! 

report ...

feeling ...........   really good
weight          ......148.4
attitude         ..... super 
strength        .....  bad -ass
tumor           ......  smaller  & easier to wiggle
over all         ......  9.4