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Monday, February 2, 2015

so, what does it feel like , this pain??

i talk about the pain, you may wonder what it feels like.  i'll try to explain ..i might try some humor today

inside mouth pain --  do you know what a chore-boy is? or steel scratch pad?  crack heads know exactly what a chore boy is... anyway.... people with really clean houses know what a steel scratch pad is, good for you... back to the pain.   take 1/3 or a chore boy and put it way back in your mouth, stuff it behind your last molars where your jaw operates..  now start chewing...  that's the inside mouth pain.  talking or eating..

face  pain - put your hand on your face , thumb behind your ear, palm on cheek, pinky finger should be on your forehead.  Open hand like when you made a turkey in art class in first grade. trace your hand with pen, that's kinda how the nerve system is spread out.  There's lots of muscles there, they are very strong and active. (My jaw muscles used to look like i was a pit-bull, from clenching from job stress 14 hours a day). Now imagine all the space inside the traced area is on fire, or really hot like one of those metal loops you put in charcoal briquets to get a bbq going...  yeah,,  that's it.   

one more specific place.  just under your ear lobe. take a sharpie, keep the cap on, spin it around so the grey end is poking right there.  Now start pushing it into your skin, try it. push that sucker,,harder, harder, even harder. Are your feet shaking yet? keep pushing...  Are you screaming out loud yet?  push harder you weanie.. Is the arm you're using starting to jiggle like a paint shaker at the hardware store? Keep pushing. Now your feet should be jumping around the floor like an electric football player from 1960.  Your mind should be asking you what the hell you are doing.. If you are starting to fall out of the chair, you are in the zone... enjoy

Add this..  the lower teeth on the right side of your face are vibrating like tuning forks, and if you have any whiskers, barely touching them feels like needles churning in your skin... 

If you talk for more than 11 minutes, your tongue swells up and you sound like Corky. That hurts too

Now, this isn't a one time deal, this is 24 hours a day, (since early December). 

one pills does nothing , 2 kinda work... 

here is an artist's rendition...

i'm the artist..

                                     the bolts hurt, spirals are pain

                                      nail in the ear, spiral is pain

                              and the sword kinda sums it up

                          ,but i am trying to bounce back from this....
and i would be two weeks into back to work NOW, if the SS didn't happen

share some happiness with someone OR everyone you can

love - otto