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Monday, November 25, 2013

and 34 days later this comes out

i'm  back, over a month since last post.    i hope everyone is healthier than last time.

i've had  blog block again,, i think  of great stuff while walking Bella, and then i get lazy and don't write

 when i was  a kid i had a lawn cutter  job, and i put it off one  day , the next two days  it rained, the day after that i couldn't do it .  So  5 days later, it was super tall,  making it really hard to do , plus the house owner was pissed .. that made finally doing it  pretty hard    .                        morale of the story.  do it  now, then it's done, then there will be time for  fun

here's what you've missed

my car ended up getting  a new distributor, battery, axles, radiator, hoses.  had an "on site " mechanic  save me lots of $$  on the labor / stuff i couldn't do my self.. my car in new again . yippee!! 

october 23rd was Esperanza's 2 years gone..  i miss her still, we had lots of great times together

0ctober  28th  .  25 years  sober !!!  and big ass party at my  open mic , Otto's Funhouse ..  i didn't realize it until some comics pointed it out that i was having a sober b-day party in a bar .  that's  how i roll...  the place was packed, lots of great performers.  and it was also a bonus  "otto Beat Cancer" party too..    really  fun night..        i was asked if i did or got anything special for myself  to celebrate,,  yep,    2 oz of organic  pistacio nuts

october 30th  would have been my sister Mary's  b-day,  i wonder what she thinks , looking down from heaven, about what i did with my cancer..   

nov 2nd  .      16  months since diagnosis,,  6 months  since 
"no evidence of disease" ,,   feeling great physically , no cancer symptoms at all      ....                    mentally , i am pretty  off track at the moment   ( ie.  no blog for  30 days)

nov  9th , at work , there was a big event , honoring Roger , my old boss, Stand Up 2 Cancer was involved.  Tv stars, race car drivers , silent auction .. it was really wonderful.. they raised over $8000 .                         my  belief about the  cancer "funds" is,  i wish  instead of all  of  the money going into a pool of  millions for  research,  give  some  money directly  TO  cancer patients  .            the  $8000  would  be  enough to buy all organic food  & vitamins  for  over a year  , get a good juicer, and have a few $ left to bribe people for rides , if needed..          if someone  handed me  6 K last  july ,  that would  have  been really sweet.  

nov  10th ,,  i went to Rapper's  house, he was cooking  Cuban  sandwiches,  traditional style, slow roast pork, thin sliced ham, pickles, mustard, tomato, lettuce ,mayo, swiss, on big ass french  bread..   my taste buds went  crack-head on me..      since  july  2nd  2012, 16 months,  when i switched my diet , i have not been  even  tempted to eat anything besides  my standard program.  no problem.  the smell of these things  cooking, plus being crushed by a big pot full of water, making the  crust so so good . wow ..  so i  actually  had a tiny sliver..    maybe as much as  my index finger..  oh my !!!!  what an explosion of flavor  & texture.

wow  o  wow !!!  yummy !! 

then i  freaked out  just a bit,, but  realized i had maybe two grams of meat product, and the  small amount of other stuff, not going to be an issue..    later i "could feel it crawling through me" ,,...    so that broke the mental barrier about ONLY  eating what i eat.. no  physical problems followed. 

the next week i had a few chips at work , maybe 20 total, over a 4 day span , with sweet baby Ray's  bbq sauce on them.. this was  not a good idea at all,  it set off a bad reaction..  the  GMO corn chips , &  High Fructrose Corn Syrup in the sauce was  super  poison .  my tast buds   got me , Dang !!  ..   never again ............

had some fantastic shows  the  15th , 16th , 17th , and 18th.
sold out, packed, best show ever, super fun.. not bad for a  4  night  run

once i get on stage , life is normal.    i need my Mr Manager job, but i'm the  "no" guy..  if you know what i mean.. not  super fun, like making people laugh. 

weight on 11-18 -2013 ..  156.. what  the  *&^%$!!!  i think the sliver of  sandwich  & the  chips  set off an internal  bomb... 10 lbs  out  of nowhere.. i feel  fat

back to  precise amounts of the right stuff

had  a brutal show saturday,, i did great , but it was super tough.. sometimes they put a comedy show somewhere it shouldn't be.. but no one got hurt and many people said i was super funny  when i was loading out.

now  with no cancer, i should be  jumping with joy, screaming from a mountain top , letting people know that it's possible  to have no pain while  treating cancer.   but i've been bummed  out  lately ..   mostly about the planet, the Fukushima thing,  i've  followed it since day one,, and now , over 1000 days later,  it's really in bad shape, the ocean is doomed, and the chain of events from that are just not good at all..    so i'm  cancer free , but the planet is  screwed, great..  i look at the wrong stuff on the internet. it bums me out , but i can't help  it. our crappy $ system, the WAR's  on "sfuff", our  rights  are being striped away quickly.  too much to process.

so i'm trying to  just be a happy guy , hour by hour,, and  i've felt weak,  so i  didn't  blog..

this week it was cold as f#@k , we had that crazy rain storm, then the temps dive bombed into the 20's ..  there's a dog i see on our walks,  who is always outside,, all  the time..   how can it still be alive? it never gets to warm up .  . if it  has  water , it's frozen, it's on a 4 foot chain, attached to a "dog house".  a month ago, when it was in the  50's , i started getting concerned about it, wondering what's gonna happen when it gets cold..    still outside,, it was killing me , so last night , 18 degrees, i called the authorities.  they said they'd send someone right over..    today , on our walk , he was not  out side..   i just hope being inside isn't worse..  i mean , out side , he's not close to the creepy people who would do that TO a dog..  at least he's warm,     .. how can   a 100 degree dog, produce enough heat for so many days in a row, just sitting there ?  that  capped out my bummed out bucket .  i had to call ..  

ok healing time for everyone

have a great week , and be nice to your family members on thanksgiving..  it's easy for us,  but i know some folks have it tough.

this is my 2nd year of  "crazy food" for thanksgiving, but , last year , i was the only one awake 45 minutes after eating.. so this year ..i might take some "they're all snoozing"  pics       

so shake off the funk,  take a few  deep breaths ( 7 ) , and  hop on the new attitude train

wooooooooooooo  woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo