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Friday, September 7, 2012

yes i do...

my neighbor asked me if i had a C - clamp,, yes i do,,  

so i'm thinking  he is doing his brakes..    a few minutes  later he sayes ,, "we're stuck,, do you know anything about  brakes ?

.. yes i do.. 

so i go over and check ,, they are stumped.. rain is on the way , and neighbor's helper has  got to leave on his  harley , to beat the rain... ..  disc brakes,, usually  an 8 minute job..  usually..

so i tell them i'll be right back, got my me-chanic  clothes on,, and went over to help..

and of course it's  "worst case scenario "  ..  so i give  the guy a lesson in  "time consuming does not mean difficult" ...   the piston needed to be screwed in to the caliper,, and naturally i could only turn it 1/ 16th  of a turn..at a time,,  so  two hours later  , drenched , we  get it finished..  i was the happiest helper this guy ever saw..  bleeding hands  and all

why .. ??  because  so many people have  jumped  up to help me!!!!   

motto of today ,,,  help someone,   someone's  helping YOU,,

pass it on ..  

we  can talk cancer  tomorrow

Thursday, September 6, 2012

one answer

i get some questions about  what food i'm eating .. so remember it's ME , i am no doctor, i'm fixing myself...  so   do your own research ..  don't  get fooled  by me .

                                                                   so for lunch i had this

                            ya  don't get to have  "dressings" so  start liking Flax Seed Oil
                    5 leaves lettuce, 1/2 avo,  carrot , 1/2 apple , 3 0z, cooked  chick peas, 1/2 tomato

the food program is kind of like - how can i arrange these same  X   ingredients, and still  have  fun eating..   well start off by making it look pretty ,,   ooooooooooooooooh,, woooooow , cant wait to eat this...   you've all seen some food channel crap,, make your food look good...

                                                your eyes are your first taste buds

                                                               and it  took no time at all

                       taste --- pretty dang  good,,     then  "sell it " to yourself ....  today we have...

 red leaf lettuce,  crunchy  carrots, smooth avacado , seasoned chick peas,  very ripe tomato, sweet crisp apple , just a  dash of pink Himalian sea salt . drizzle  of  flax seed oil .. 

after you suffer through  the  "same stuff" all the time,, you will be very please with how  you  feel, in just weeks..

my  family is true-ly the best !!!    my sister set me up with a new  juicer..   i was  24 hours with out my "juice" and could feel it.. she  said it will be good  to have  two , just in case there is another failure.. this one is much better than the other one,, the drive system is MUCH sturdier , and the  juice "return" is also better ,,     
                                  and  heeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee it  is....................

                                                        like an              F-1  McLaren

                                                   ok ,, who's ready to feel real good???

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

left to right comparison

                                                   look at the shadow line of  my jaw
                                                                 NOT much difference

                                                                 this is  happy stuff

no more ice cream for me

not much new stuff today ,,  i'm a bit bummed that i'm  not  working enough...

now that i know what i am actually up against,  cancer & recovery wise,  i can start getting back to aggressive amounts of shows...   they make  me feel so good 

i could use a slacker day time job too. if anyone knows of one,, brainless droid work would be best..

weighed  149.5  today ..that's  twice  under  150 ,,,,   ooops,, trying to stay  closer to 153...

  my juicer  failed ,, why do they still "mate " plastic  with metal, at the highest stress area???  and  THAT  part is not replaceable ....  come  on !!!   and  to make it worse,, i have 20 lbs of carrots in the fridge.. why couldn't it  fail when i had 5 lbs ..  oh well ,, that's my big problem for today...

health report ::::::

feeling  very good,,
tumor  -  it's shrinking,,,  it is not as big as it was at biopsy time,,
mental --  i need to stay more  balanced,, get out of the future, relax,  & clean things

thank you !! everyone,,   for sending the positive vibes , i feel them AS  you think them.. 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

60 day re-cap

july 2nd, i was told i have cancer  , Squamous Cell carcinoma. 3.3 cm tumor..  with health insurance, my options were have my tonsils taken out, then be radiated, and then get Chemo.. the projected  side effects were unacceptable, so i "walked away"

i studied, and decided to try food & vitamins.. at least for the same amount of time , that the  first "treatment" would have taken.. basically  until  october  16th..

i am at the  1/2 way mark, i feel fantastic physically , still have some mental "dents" from having cancer, but i'm pulling out of that depressive dip..  i have  no side effects , well no  BAD ones.

i went public with my cancer , because i figured  i'd get  help and advice from many different people & places..  good idea otto !!!

i received  "links"  to look at , and  websites  to visit.. and my support network is growing nicely.

my program is working.  i am fully confident ,, and in october , when i go back to be  re-tested, as long as the tumor is smaller, and i still feel great , then i get to continue  with what i'm doing..

if i am  "cancer free'  or  "no evidence of disease" , then even better..

            photo re-cap                                           july  24th 
                                                      this big blob , size of computer mouse

                                                                                 sept  3rd
                                                                  to this little  bump

                                               had to tilt my head back  to make it visible

ok-- that's today's thoughts ..   stay positive

Monday, September 3, 2012

a new month

 retired in June, july was  crappy ,,  august was better ,, that's  two  months that i've  had cancer,,

my treatment is working , i'm in no pain , and no side  effects, so i must get back to normal life..

my mind was battered, so i fine tuned  my diet  ,,  and i really just laid around, which  was  very good ,  for  60 days.. 

so this week i must re-enter  my   life ,, with cancer as  a  side-bar,, not the main event..

ok , let's get to it 

best Odom Fest ever

the rain delayed some  stuff , be we had a blast .. the band rocked like crazy , and the bike raffle  worked thanks to Cindy Odom !!!!..   She  sold tickets  for  two days , strong - arm style.. and then the winner  , Izzy ,, let me keep the  bike..   how cool is that !!!!

i met some super nice folks too

today will be the first "labor Day "  i've  ever had  off ..  wacky

be safe