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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

wish this away

so this is it , aug 2nd , and from this angle  it shows  up really nice.
it looks like  a film canister is in there.  i'll post a progress pic from this angle   every 7  days. 

last night i received millions of fantastic molecules from  everyone,  and that's not one molecule from  millions of  people,  it's lots from each one of you.. 

we can't  hate  may cancer , they are my cells , i just don't need them,, we need to love them away.. 

after confessing my choice in december i feel  soooo much better.  how bad  did it effect me ,, see photo above. 

i took no pain pills today..  double ouch  by 7:30  pm.   i will  probably need 1/2 of one  to get through the night.   the perimeter  of the  blob feels like a saw blade.    i need to  take  as  few  pain pills as possible,  can not  get  hooked on those freaking things.

my sister has many prayer groups sending me healing goodness.  i can already tell it's working

about the  pain -- this is  how it feels,, the spikey ball is rotating inside as the edges saw into my neck  

not all the  time,  but when it kicks in - wow !

i still feel super lucky, about this whole ordeal,  i've  just  had  pain for about a month,  my self doom has ended, and won't return.  i'm still super healthy, and strong.     

no fancy ending to this ,   

stay focused on what's good for you