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Thursday, January 10, 2013

two fists clenched

just a quick blip today ,,, 

since the year turned, i have  been even more  diligent to keep precisely on my diet..   and of course the  exercises 

i threw that bad chair away , and my back is pain free again.

i'm almost out of  "cancer debt",, at least i get to keep some of my paychecks  now...  this is a big relief for me 

bring it !! throw it at me !!!  show me the action !!  i want more !!! let's get this party started !!!!   i am SO ready .. 

sign me up 

Monday, January 7, 2013

better and better and better

ha ha ha ha ha.. i feel GREAT ...  

i feel sorry for people who get tricked into submitting into "cancer treatment"...  what the doctor  told me was not even valid with my situation.  

i ate my way out of my dis-ease, and man am i happy about it !!

i believed in myself, and what i researched.  what i found was  a 70 year old proven method.. it's working - no cancer machines, no drugs, no toxic fluids -  just good old real food

Kroger has a "new" organic food program, and a big ad campaign to  promote it..   we will have to see what happens with this,, if it grows , or gets squashed.

my best friend work in a bookstore, so i am getting all kinds of cancer books to read.   in these  books , i am finding that i am already  doing what most of them preach.  i felt like a rebel at first , pushing the cancer industry away,  but it's been done before.  

 i read about another doctor who was curing cancer,  Harry M Hoxsey.  so i looked him up..  the AMA  and FDA have destroyed this guy..  in the 1950's  he had  cancer centers in 17 states.. the stinking  government , with the help of the AMA and FDA , shut him down..   his "formula" is still available on the internet.  


even Wikipedia has the AMA's version of his Bio...   QUACK!!    i don't think so...

if the AMA calls someone a  quack,, then i need to know what they did.  and it's usually something MEDICINE  can't do  

i am getting e-mails from  people  battling cancer the "traditional way" , who are VERY unhappy with what is happening to them.  they are interested in what i am doing ,  and asking me  for advice..

i'm no doctor , just a guy who is practicing healing..  my results ?  freaking fantastic...  and the cost - not much.. side effects - NONE,  drugs - NONE.. put that in some chemo ya bastards.

one week into  the new year,,  awesome , almost couldn't be happier..   a few more comedy gigs per month and i'll be the happiest guy on the planet..

i had to let my website expire because of  finances .  so i need to build a new one, that's updated with my cancer -fight-bio..  anybody out there a web designer for cheap ??

alright, that's it for today .. stay healthy everyone..

this Flu going around is a bad one,, so be careful who you touch in the next few weeks, and wash your hands  A LOT !!!!