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Friday, May 10, 2013

7 days have passed

wow , a week zoomed by. i have nothing brilliant to add to your lives  today.

thank you  to the  food angel .  i walked in with with a bag of dimes  & quarters, so  you  saved me again 

i  am not on stage enough.  the energy received while performing lasts for 30 hours.  so  i  better  get  out a bit more............. 

here is a nice  show  you should try  to come to.. 
its a really nice theater show - rated PG 13,  all funny  !!!!!!!!!!!!!   , come relax in a nice comfy seat,  you  can even eat at the Mayberry Diner , before the show.

i've been  in the sun again, like May last year , but this time  i am not  filled with unknown thoughts of   my future, as i was gearing  up to retire.   

 now  i'm  like  a  vegetable junkie,, when is my next  meal..  do i have  enough juice  until tomorrow, and  will they have organic carrots ?  and  the  suppliments..  don't  want  to run  out of any of those..     well , good thing , consuming  this stuff is wonderful, no hangover, no shame.

my mind is getting better.   yippee 

health report...  
weight ..   147
attitude  ..  good +
strength ... added 50 reps to all  exercises
pain....  basically none

i've  been trying to  counting my blessings more aggressively ..  i have so much wonderful in my life.   my  "need"  list  short, and stuff gets crossed off pretty quickly.    i'm trying to stay  close to the present,   the past & future are unchangeable and unknown..     the  unknown sprouts   the what -ifs

here i am in the sun,, 15 lbs lighter than last year, a bit more  gray too. 
   we  got  new chairs this year