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Saturday, July 21, 2012

happy day

butterflies, rainbows , unicorns, fast cars, shiny guitars...  everything's  great ..   fell asleep from 4 till 9pm,, that's  a new saturday..

have a great weekend

Friday, July 20, 2012

whew , glad i saw that

watched a movie about this  guy ---Dr Stanislaw Buryznski . MD. PHD.,,  the movie is called ..


it goes step by step into the corrupt side of the  "cure"  for cancer, and how the   "industry"  suppresses  what they don't  "like"                                  ,,  if you have cancer, this will really get you thinking  / mad  /  horrified..   ,, i've watched   almost every cancer / food  movie available,, and this one is the   TELL ALL ,,,     my studies  are  confirmed .. 
                                     FDA    = Freaking Dumb Asses   - you won't take me down  !!!!

it's a wild  ride   ..  and i'm gonna smile the whole time

Thursday, July 19, 2012

best day ever !!

well,,,  since  july 2nd...  17  days into this adventure.. i truly think comedians should be in charge of the entire planet...  no one would  F&%k  with anything , you'd get slapped ya dumb-ass..

    back to the great day ...  a comedian friend , a guy who's  loved by  everyone   -  Big  John Richardson,, hooked me up  with   "Friends For Life"  -   an agency / service that puts new cancer victims like me in touch with people who have  had the SAME thing.  brilliant ,, that's  an opinion i want to hear ,, ""  yeah , i had that , and they did this ,, and it it did  THIS to me , and bla bla bla ""

so i got  a call from a gal ,  she  had the same thing , and her beliefs about  the "cancer industry" are similar to mine,, another opinion  i WANT  to hear...    best 23 minutes on the  phone this week!!.. so i got  some  positive 'back-up" about  MY thoughts  & research..    her call was the  icing on the cake. insert smiley thingy here  (  )  , she's  all clear

the  "cake" was another call yesterday from a friend who  - had the same  thing-    he did the "traditional"   thing  - or  - what they are selling today ,,,,  ,, radiation , chemo , chop chop ,   4 years  ago , he's "all clear"  ..  

i also got  deeper into my "alternative "  medicine research ,......, vitamins, herbs, food  , Voo-Doo, ..    it  seems that cancer has     two different   approaches ---
     "alternative "         aka ..... Voo-Doo.. ........ where you  use the lovely planet and what  has been so delicately grown for us , and  eat ...   side effects . feel great , look good , run faster - Jump higher, nice hair , smooth skin..   ( i had to list something ) , oh yeah,  ya meet some  loving people too

Modern Man's  MEDICINE ..  mostly made from OIL products , lots  of machines, radiation , chemotherapy,  and  heck , let's  cut some flesh  out , just for kicks...   it  "might" help. 
side  effects ...  more cancer , hair loss , leukemia , fatigue, burnt skin ,  death,  a "good chance "  if  we're  lucky ..and actually too much to list here...   also a possible  time line of "life left"


cant wait to get up and  eat  some  good food !!!

it's my opinion, the cancer is in ME , and  I  get to decide how  we  go about  making it  go away.. 

i keep thinking  of those   36 seconds on july 2nd , the  18 seconds  BEFORE they said  YOU have cancer ,, and the  18 seconds  after ..    same  unit of time ,,  BIG  difference

stay upbeat everybody ,,,  it's gonna be  fine

love otto

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

155.6 in the evening

i weigh myself in the morning and at night . there is usually a 5 # difference, being heavier in the evening..   science sayes  "you can't change what you don't measure" ..  so tonight at 8 pm , weighed in at 155.6...   the  exact diet  is working great , i feel "full" and after i eat i feel energized , NOT sleepy ...  Alkaline based  foods are the key,, cancer can't live in  an ALKALINE  system,, the war is on ..   ...................... i got  some  30 inch  waist shorts for my birthday in June  , but returned them for  comfy 32's..  i'm gonna  look like  a young  gangster  soon, with droopy  shorts, if this  new diet keeps  eating my "muffinTop" ..  oh wait  , i can use a belt !

PET scan monday , meet & greet with the Radiologist tuesday..  then all the players will be in place..  i won't let them put chemo in me , so chime in with your comments if you'd like ..  here's my regular e-mail, if you want to write me and not be screened by Gooble, or Facebuck.. 


 yeah, positive molecules !!!   i'm full of them , cancer doesn't stand a chance  with me..  hahahaha 

on a good side note,, my pulse rate was 68 at the cancer doctor's office,,   and i was  kinda freaked out

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

here's our plan

my  support team is great ,                     the  oncologist said they are not  going to cut the "blob" off ,,   so   we've  decided to bypass the tonsil surgery, get the PET scan monday, and then to the oncologist for the radiation ...   if they really need to  cut  some  flesh out ,, they can do that later ....  that's the plan..  

this  cancer thing is a  bad trip for sure...  the mental flip flop is surprising me, and i thought i was tuff,

more  diet tweaks !!!  alkaline  foods !!!!     JUICE s ,, exercise  &  good   vibes  have  me feeling better than ever..   and  i  quit coffee.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH !

my tumor is  smaller  again today ,  the skin covering it  is "loose" ,, the shape is slowly changing too..

the plan of attack is on !!! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

survey sayes ...

 saw the oncologist today,,  he wants  to radiate & chemo the cancer..  The  ENT  wants to take my tonsils out, he's  NOT  cutting the cancer  off, sayes that would make it worse...  i don't  want to be cut on at all , so  what to do ??? 

   we've talked it over and  are  gonna  get the PET scan , hit the blob with radiation,, and  "go from there" ,, they can take my tonsils out in the future if it is  needed..  and , as of today the  "tonsils  MIGHT be the cause"   ..  " might be " is not  solid enough      ..    i was right about  what the oncologist would say ,,  he  backed  up the  ENT....    both  doctors  voiced  "where the cancer started"  as an important factor..  IS  the  exact spot of  where it started  is  so crucial ?  my guess it "started " in the  few cubic inches of my jaw/neck,, close to the BIG blob??   or  did  it start in my toes???   so blast  that  blob with the radiation...   they can call me  a fool later,,  if the  tonsils thing comes back to haunt me

my cancer doesn't  "hurt" , but the mind trip is brutal,,   and tiring ..

thanks  to every one who's been thinking good stuff for  me, it's working

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2 nd opinion tomorrow

  the oncologist ,,   he will probably say the same thing as the first guy ,, and then maybe operate on thursday..     just for giggles,,  i can hear him saying,, "" wow , if  we got to THIS  6  days ago , it  would have been no problem.""..                      my sister is going with me , so i'll have two sets of  ears and two people taking notes..       i re-read my early blogs, quite the  whiner  i am .. sorry about  that...         i was  super tired today , juiced , walked the  dog  4 times , and fell asleep in the lounger outside from 7 pm to 9:40 -  i thought there weren't  "any" mosquitoes , being this  dry.. they must live in the garden,   they woke me up

   our super-dog Bella  , likes tomatoes,,  we've got them frozen , as treats,, oh it's funny as hell to see her eat one,  the  problem is she wants  to eat fresh "on the  vine" ...  she tasted the blackberries 2 months ago , and  ate the complete bush,, thorns  & all,,  so we are worried she might  go on a rampage and destroy the tomato crop

i'm feeling all the good  vibes !!  thanks everybody

   i'll throw in a free  blurb for my open mic  monday the  16th @ the melody inn  9 pm to midnight,, comics , weirdo's , musicians...          check this  out  ----  Bill Murray is coming to INDY august 20, he's on a wacky tour about  "poppin - in "  on surprise   - bars & clubs..  WE  want to get him to "pop-in" at the  august FUNHOUSE,, it's the same night...      ......  good chance  he'd visit a place that's been open 75+ years , and has one of the "longest running open mics" in town,  that's  a Variety Show , a perfect  fit  for him..  any ideas on what  might make him come to our  show ,, send them to me

ok -  i'   feeling GREAT ,, juice and the  correct amount ( not the "daily recommended" )  of vitamins  is   a super feeling.. my slight muffin top is almost gone  too             share  some  love !!!