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Friday, July 13, 2012

we'll be with you in 264 hours, stay on the line, someone might get back to you

               finally , the referral came through  !!!!!     ,, 2nd opinion monday ..  the most mind bending, frustrating , 11 days  of my life....

             i watched the trailer  for 50 / 50 ..  that kinda  sums it up in the mildest  manner..               

          so today was   a   "good " day ..           aaaaah ..                    a "good  day" -  that's recovery talk,,,,,,,,, i remember  the first days  of sobriety   -  8675 days ago,,  the surreal feeling of never  going back or i'm dead,,  simple ,, turn the switch , and you're dead..  .........so now i have this cancer trip,  and  i can't just "stop doing something",,   and it goes away,,,,,,i'm not in control of this  situation yet ..                         
         the juicer and kicking up my vitamins   has taken the pressure off  my neck, and the  orb is  more  circular ,  and smaller..      ,,,    really ,..    don't bum me out and think the  biopsy swelling is just going down - that was 20 days ago,,,,,    , the blob is  smaller   -   i'm receiving GOOD VIBES  from my  friends & family .. my show-biz  pals  have  super powerful  energy,  and i can feel it  coming in daily    .

                                                        Humor  Vs Tumor..    
                                         - every time you laugh a cancer cell dies -
                                   so laugh it  up !!  -  ya  gonna let me  die  up here ?

the band plays saturday night  @ the Melody Inn  ..   we START  @ 10:30  sharp ,,  SHOW up at 10 ,,, leave your house at 9:30 ,, ding !!!       it's   $5, no smoking , must be  21 or over with ID ..                             otto & the GearHeads  ---    it's  Rock-a-Comadilly,,  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

newer diet

i've been eating "good" food  for a few years now ( 14)  , and  haven't had public food for  10 + years.. if i didn't cook it ... ( or  really know the cook )...   i'm NOT eating it  ,, i bring my own food on the road,,         i've been a "cook" for 36 years,, it amazes me  how people can't   even do basic food prep..     you'd  save  thousands of $$  if you bought & prepared your own food..   drive - thru's  are not food, so don't throw those $$  figures at me...   oh !!  you  "don't  have the time"  -   yes ,  you  do..                  most people eat too much ,,,   if you're crazy enough to eat meat ( personal choice) , a "serving" is like a deck of cards  in size  , NOT the  18 oz, stuffed with Blue Cheese, porterhouse  you  think you need to eat.. if you measure  everything you eat  ( another  step !! more time !! aaah!!)   you'd know  how much you actually need to eat .. are you drinking enough water ??   . water is cheap,,  it fills you up , and you need less  food ( $ ) ...   if  i'm invited out to dinner ,, i eat before hand , and just have water or maybe coffee at the event.. then the questions come,, WHY aren't you eating????    i don't eat food if i don't cook it  ..... that's all i say , go on with your meal...                                     
    are you really gonna trust some " teenage /cook/chef" who's back in the 100 degree kitchen , working 20 tickets at once, to really care about  YOUR meal... those odds are worse than the lottery.. and who prepped the stuff the cooks are  serving up ???  what about their mental problems and such..    food  goes INSIDE  you.. i  know  people who are all picky about what kind of gas they put in their cars ,, and then they eat at a  fast -food joint...  and people are casual about  " oh i got food poisoning , again "    key word there - poisoned !! and  AGAIN  !!!!!     what ...       oh you can go have a $65 meal, and it will probably  be fine,, but  ya still poop that meal  out  an hour  later ,, that's   $65  down the drain      as i see it

i've refined my diet even further for the cancer deal,,, raw  veggies, juiced , nuts , berries, fruits ,,,  no dairy ,  no meats,  mostly   Micro-nutrients     if you are interested in seeing a cool food movie watch
........... "" Fat ,Sick, and Nearly Dying ""..   it's on netflix, if you have that... ""Food Inc."" is a bit more harsh,, remember it's  going    INSIDE  you...         i weigh the same amount as  i did when i left college in 1978  .. i'm just not as  foxy

i am not saying that all public food is nasty,, so relax food industry people,,  i stayed in the food biz  that long because that's where the crazy /psycho/types i like to be around ,   are ........ i'm a weirdo,, and don't  do what everyone else thinks is  ok .. and no  gal is sexier than in "black -n whites"

no cancer update , still waiting

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

good point , thanks for calling

 a good friend called and   made  some points about what  i've been thinking lately...   it was very helpful and  gave me a whole  new perspective on  treatment..        i still want  a second opinion,, and if   the  time  it  takes  to get one,,   makes  my deal worse,, well  shame on me  ..               i  just thought  , that i'd get the second opinion before  the  first scheduled   date for the operation..      my band plays saturday night @ the Melody Inn,,,  practicing for that will keep my mind focused for a few  days..                 i feel great ,, have  super high hopes,, and  give thanks to so many people for the kind support..    i started  "juicing" today,, it's an instant  feel good ..    go  hug someone today

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

no news from the "pro's"

190 hours . no referral,,,,    if it was up to "them" , i'd be  "recovering " from surgery  right now..  in a world of pain..               about the referral -  i've  called ,, i'm not  doing nothing...  it's very frustrating  , i want  that  2nd  opinion,, i'd like to have this thing cut off,,  but not with the info  i've received  so far..   ok that's the  medical / cancer news..   no more  bitchin' after today ..

show-biz !!!  yay !!  it takes my mind off  the  C word..   i'll be in Bloomington tonight,, it should be a blast.. my band plays saturday night.  playing with the band is super fun,, i am able to enjoy the show  "as it"  happens,,        compared to  comedy,  where there is so much focus  "during " the set , it's hard to  " have fun "  as it  happens.. sometimes it  does , but not too often

Monday, July 9, 2012

5:03 pm, the doctors are off the clock

i want a second opinion,, by an oncologist ,, it's been a week,, and  no referral????? ,,  those must be really hard calls to make ,,  ??   "" hey , Dr X here ,, i've  got a customer who "thinks"  he needs a second opinion""  ,, yeah that should take  168 hours to get done..

  they scared me last week, told me  they need to cut me open asap,,  the  hospital called 4 times , and said  "we're ready for you  monday the 9th "   the same lady called each time,    and  the first time she  called, i told her it  was canceled ..     

my friend asked  ---   are  you  getting second opinion ??    here's my reply

     YES !! and maybe a 3rd,, i am just being very careful about getting cut on, when , and where.. the doctor who wanted to operate TODAY , actually only had his hands on me for like 90 seconds, and i was in his eyesight for maybe 6 minutes... i wouldn't let someone work on my CAR if they gave it that quick of a look,, and no one's shown me photographic evidence of these "cancer " cells ,, he's super anxious to take out my tonsils !!!!! because they MIGHT - ding ! MIGHT BE part of the problem . ((AYFKM )).... yes i have a blob , and dang it Steve McQueen can't help me on this one,, they are just too quick to scare the shit out of you & get CHOPPIN',, gives you NO time to research,,, my cancer  doesn't "hurt" , i can see it ,, and feel it a bit ,, and it's not gonna spread like some TBS Movie of the week deal.. next week will my head be as big pumpkin,???, and if it is ,, well start thinking new plan.... this is FUELING my entertainment fire big time...

i won't let you down and be stupidly killed by cancer , how's that for a deal? ............too much fun to have before the world blows up !!

i'm trying to stay upbeat 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Music Vs Comedy - short version

..  pre-text -  everyone LOVES to laugh,,  it's the only true universal thing ........

      Comedy is WAY harder than music,,,  WAY harder ,, , that's why there's   3 comedy clubs  Vs  200  "music  clubs"  in a  bigger city..                i like Math . it helps people understand things..

         so let's  take  100 ppl.  &  ask  do you like music ??  ~  98 say yes , with 80 of them adding , they "love" music..   wow .. &  easy to understand...  now,  some folks  "don't like " a  particular  style of music, but they can "block it out " 
       same  100 ppl. & ask .  Do you like  Comedy??   ~ 81 like  comedy, with 40 saying they "love" comedy  Huh ???         wait ! -      there's a sub group inside the "love comedy " people,,,  some of them  love a certain kind of comedy, and HATE , yes  HATE !! some  kinds  of comedy..                                        so a guy like me, a weirdo comedian, is sometimes HATED , by someone who "loves" comedy .. have that for breakfast daily ...

example 1 ....  crowded coffee shop 50 ppl,,  a guy stands  up and starts playing guitar & singing an original song ( 3 minutes long ) ,, 20 seconds  in ,,,   the  50 ppl, pause , turn, look, and listen, a few are "bothered" but say nothing ( they are stuffy assholes anyway ) , many smile and enjoy ,,, ............. he finishes , most people applaud , & get back to their busy  coffee -shop life,   a "pleasant interruption of  daily life "  just happened ,,      no one gets hurt , and the  guy even books a gig.        cha......

example 2  ... crowded  coffee shop  50 ppl,,, a guy stands  up and starts doing his new 3 minute  comedy set..   20 seconds in  the  50 ppl pause , turn, look , ,,,  30 seconds in,,, people start telling him to  be quiet & sit down..(( 3 ppl are laughing ,  because they can see into the future ))  ,, before  one minute arrives, many people are vocal about  the guy STOPPING, but he keeps  going,, at the  3 minute  mark,,  he is wrestled to the ground buy 3 people , tables are knocked over , babies are crying, and the cops are on the way ..  people  are  hurt ,,, oh,, he gets booked .........  Co.  Jail