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Monday, April 28, 2014

back to bloggin'

you're probably wondering ,, why i haven't blogged  for months ..   well, nothing really changed, and just living life was  taking up most of my time.   and it takes a decent amount of time to write a blog that can be read in just minutes.    so  yeah,, i got lazy about it      

 it's been since January,, here's what you missed..

like you i was frozen in Indy for months, it was too cold to go anywhere, and just a bummer for too long

on Jan 20th, my poisonous mind  sent my tumor back to active..  i was  approaching the 18th month mark - Feb - , and i couldn't stop thinking about cancer.  then i saw  - "you are what you think"  .. and  my tumor twitched  and  dang,,  i said to my self,, "you just re-fired  your cancer"   

my mind wouldn't shut off.. and soon enough , the tumor was starting to grow...  i had a cancer talk scheduled in May, i was supposed to "tell my story"  about healing myself , and now  my neck was active..   i waited 2 weeks to see where it was going, and decided to cancel the May speech , i was stressing out big time,  thinking ,  " i have to make this  go away NOW ! , you have a date in  3 months" ...  
    Mid month, i was consumed by cancer take over thoughts..  they wouldn't shut off, and the tumor was still getting bigger..   and  my nut cysts started to act up too,,  so i scheduled some doctor appointments

1 . regular doc - physical + blood work..   i still feel  great , but wanted to make sure it was true

2.  eye doctor.  my eyes hurt and i thought i had tumors in my skull, pushing my eyes out of my head

3.  dentist .. i have  a new bump on my inner jaw bone,  and was like   "great - now  you have  jaw bone cancer too". i thought many of my teeth were  loose, with cancer under them.

4. Urologist,,  the old tiny  cysts are becoming uncomfortable , and i wanted to make sure it wasn't  testicular cancer

5. E N T . small growth by tonsil,  my tumor is still growing,  i'm stressing out , knowing what this guy is probably going to say. 

the results ... 
#1.. super healthy, blood work perfect,  all organs good, NO issues, better than in december of 2012    WHEW !!!

#2.  no tumors in skull !!  ,no issues,,  eye prescription changed a little     ~         i have quite an imagination

#3 . bump is a  "tomma"  common  bone growth, no big deal,,  NO jaw cancer... teeth are not loose,,the skin on my finger was what wiggled, NO cancer under teeth.!!    all normal       ,, sweet !!     

 3 down 2  to go 

#4.   same type of cysts as last time, can have removed "whenever",,  NOT  cancer...    ta daaaaaaaa

#5.   as expected,          cancer,            same place , same cancer as before.. doctor recommends , major tonsil-ectomy , remove neck tumor,  (  4 cm !! at the time of visit , that's  huge ) ,, and remove  7  lymph nodes..     he also wants me to have a new CT scan and a new PET scan,  before  the operation. 
     i told him i needed to think it over..this was april 2nd

so i've been  back in battle cancer  mode and didn't want to start blogging about it until i chilled out , and got my shit together..

last time i blogged without thinking , and said some crap i shouldn't have.  So  this round I will be more positive.

so i "have cancer" again,   but this time i have so much data  for success, and have learned much more.  Again, i am going to make it go away.

please don't be bummed out , this should have been expected. My body has not been damaged at all during my adventure , only made MUCH stronger.. my MIND screwed it up..

send good  vibes again!!  

 so get ready for more blogs.      

i have some  stuff on my mind again

                           it's  down to  3.1 cm , it changes shape almost daily,
                                               feels like a bee is stinging it when the protocols take effect