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Saturday, January 5, 2013

6 month re-cap

    my name is  Otto , im 54 years old , 24 years sober.  

  On  June 2nd,  i retired from a 36 year food service/ management  career to pursue my  comedy career full time.    For 10 years i had a little speck on my neck, and in June, it grew into a gumball size bump.   My chiropractor said to get it checked out and i went to an E.N.T. .  He touched my bump ,  looked into my throat, and said,,  you have tonsils, we should take them out. He asked me if i smoked ?, i said no.  He said, if you did , i'd  tell you   that you have cancer.   This took 3 minutes.  

 I was sent to get  a biopsy, my tumor was 3.3 centimeters,    ( a US quarter is 2.8 cm )..they took 12 samples.    The results  took 6 days . 
   on  July  2nd  the  ENT called  and said - well  otto - you do  have cancer. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, the  #2 type of cancer world wide. Then  he said . "You probably won't understand what i'm going to tell you , because i just  told you  that  you have cancer , but here goes".....and for 4 minutes his voice sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher.  He ended with,  "did you get that?"     i  said NO, not a word.  He said the hospital will call you,  and set you up.. click.   45 seconds later the hospital called and said they were ready for me, and my operation was in 3 days. What operation? . The one the doctor told you  about.  I said to  cancel that now please.

my life partner Heather was sitting across from me , i said ,, well  i DO  have cancer.... 

 So  i walked to the computer , and  googled , the  cure for cancer.. the top 10 hits were NOT the cancer industry,  they were  FOOD !! ..        

  Then i called my  regular "doctor" and told him  they said i have cancer,  they  want to operate on me.    I  want to see a tumor doctor for a second opinion first.  He said,   " why do you want a second opinion?"" ... i thought , this guy is fired !! 

then,  right back to the internet --  i  found  the   "cure  for cancer" , and instantly changed my diet that second  !!!   To  an ALKALINE base ,  all cancer fighting  foods.  Cancer can't live in an  Alkaline system , and specific vitamins  & herbs fight cancer too.    My fight  was  on ..
 I  can eat   and  Juice  my way out of this.

cancer feeds on poisons,, and stress is a poison.
it took  13  days just to get a referral . .  He sent  me to an Oncologist on july 16th ,   a chemo guy, in the same building as the ENT.  He backed up the ENT , he said they would not cut the tumor off, only radiate  & chemo it..   He said get a PET  scan , that will tell everything.

  The PET  scan was scheduled for july 23rd.  This is the "tell all" of tests.  It's a nuclear fluid, that  "lights"  up any cancer in you.

By test day ,and  in  only 19 days ,  the food & vitamins have shrunk the tumor by almost half.     I   feel better than i have in 30 years.   I've lost 12 lbs.  A   25 year coffee ,  sugar & sweets  habit is cured in one week.

 july 23rd.. the PET SCAN.. i asked ,  any side  effects?  the guy said no.  They put the the stuff in you and let it stew, then into the big machine you  go.   It takes  3 hours... $ 9,000. 

On the way home , my neck felt like it was boiling, and when i got to  a stop sign , i looked in the mirror and was shocked to see the tumor had grown .  It looked like a computer mouse was under my skin. It was as had as a rock. It hurt a lot..   When i got  home i was very sick, like i had  the super flu. I looked up the stuff they put in me,  and it was very poisonous.  It was going to be in me for 17 more days..  I was pissed, they poisoned me., they fed my tumor.  It was  20 times bigger .

4 days later , July 27th,  i see the Radiologist, he is going to go over all of the tests , and present the Cancer Industry's Attack Plan to me. He said , "that's a big tumor",  i told him the PET scan  made it this big . He said impossible.  He showed us the PET scan on the screen and where I have cancer in one spot. I asked , what stage am I ?   Stage  4  with no spread.  He said i had an aggressive cancer.  It got  that big so quick.      I  told him  that  i was  making the tumor smaller, but  he  said  that was impossible.  He said their plan was very  aggressive.

First , a feeding tube was to be installed , because my swallowing was going to shut down.   That means no more of my food !!        #2.   go to a dentist and  get a fluoride treatment, and a mouth guard made.   This mouth guard will catch your fillings , as they may boil out of your teeth, from the radiation.    My saliva glands my be burned out also . My voice my change or be lost.. He said  after radiation of 8 weeks,  the chemo guy would get me for 7. He  said  i would  BARELY BE ALIVE ,  so they could treat me. He said i NEEDED  chemo . He said i could have all the drugs i wanted.   I could get my tonsils out if i wanted to, after that .     So in a matter of weeks , under their care , i was going to barely be alive, and  just in time for winter.

  august 1st ...i decided to walk away from treatment . My plan was  for 15 weeks , to do what i was  doing , and compare results in mid December.  They said i'd be BARELY  ALIVE and  my tumor would be as big as a grapefruit in December.   Then by January , I'd be completely taken over from cancer,  a total wreck.  When they asked  me what  i  was  going to do , I  told them VooDoo , and walked out. 

    A few  weeks ago ,i sent the doctor  pictures of  when  he saw me in July,   and one of  in October , with no visible tumor.  He  called and offered a re test.. A  CT  scan, less invasive than a PET scan .   He  didn't ask  "how i did it" , only how i felt .       

 the  CT scan is  radioactive Iodine..  i am allergic to Iodine, and  .04  to   3 %  of CT scans   CAUSE cancer.      so  no thanks

January .  

i won !!!   

 i am in no pain, i have  NO side effects,  my tumor is the size of a pez candy.. i've lost 15 lbs , but  i can  gain weight.  I have NO cancer symptoms.  I feel fantastic.  My strength is like i am 19 years old again. 

HOW ???   

 organic vegetables, fruits , Juice,  vitamins, herbs, exercise,  good positive thinking,  love ,  and laughter

     my  new  comedy show is
                         Humor  Vs. Tumor

            with every laugh , a cancer cell dies
            .........  please  don't let me die up here....

thank you  & good night 

love  , otto



Friday, January 4, 2013

staying in INDY this weekend

here is a blip about the show i was invited to speak in tomorrow in NYC. 


when i got invited into this , i thought ,, holy cow , how fantastic !!
then the stress of , getting there , lodging, food,  $$, weather, getting back , etc. started to pile up..   i was a stress wreck almost instantly..    this was back  before thanksgiving,,       And, according to the  doctors,  i was supposed to be really bad off by today, and the trip wouldn't have happened anyway.. 

wrong,, i feel great .  hahahahahaha

So i had  to pass on the trip,  concentrate on keeping the stress as LOW as possible, and continue digging out of  my cancer debt.  

i'd  like to give special thanks  to   Eddie Brill  for asking me to come out  & speak.   Maybe  i can  get in another one of these, and   by then , my cancer fight story will be more than 6 moths old.

i have  no mysteries about my health so far this year.  Next week i get to have  the Comprehensive Blood Test  that i've  been wanting to get.  This will let me know if i have damaged my body with my  home made cancer diet.  This is the test i really wanted , more than something offered by the cancer industry. 

so far , what a great year !!  a bit colder than i would like.  the streets  are still too icy  to walk the dogs.. Together they are almost   3 horsepower, and can pull me to the ground quite easily.  All i need is to break my  wrists  on the ice, that would be stupid. 

i had a few back pains this week.  anytime i feel a new pain, the stupid   "what -if's " start.. what -if  it spread??  maybe that's what hurts??    NO !!!  no  no  no !!   ,, good  golly miss Molly, i have got to stop letting these thoughts creep in..    And the back pain -  from  the "new" chair from the dumpster,,  it has  2 bolts that  are not protected by the foam enough...  that took 4 days to figure out.. back into the dumpster it  goes!!!    i need to find a new guitar / eat dinner -  chair this week..   a  rolling office chair with adjustable back..  if you have one laying around , i'd be glad to take it off your hands and  give it a test drive.

Have a great weekend everyone !!

weight .............. 150
pain ..................   tiny 
tumor ...............   can't see it , still can feel it
attitude ............     top notch
overall .............    9.4


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

i am in the ready position

day  2 of this new year, feeling good.  i am not a fan of this cold, anything under 20 is a real bummer.. i do have a weird  temp / dog out side scale.    in the winter, if it's 10 out , then , they dogs can only stay outside  for  10 minutes  max,, have you got it ?. 

this  year should be all kinds of fun, last year got a bit serious . 

starting out super alive is a good jump start , i don't need to make any stupid new years resolutions..        for 2013,  no drinking, no drugs, no crappy cancer foods, no meat , fish, dairy, and no stress are already in place.    what can go wrong now?

no cancer industry hassles this year either.  

ok , bring it !!!