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Monday, November 25, 2013

and 34 days later this comes out

i'm  back, over a month since last post.    i hope everyone is healthier than last time.

i've had  blog block again,, i think  of great stuff while walking Bella, and then i get lazy and don't write

 when i was  a kid i had a lawn cutter  job, and i put it off one  day , the next two days  it rained, the day after that i couldn't do it .  So  5 days later, it was super tall,  making it really hard to do , plus the house owner was pissed .. that made finally doing it  pretty hard    .                        morale of the story.  do it  now, then it's done, then there will be time for  fun

here's what you've missed

my car ended up getting  a new distributor, battery, axles, radiator, hoses.  had an "on site " mechanic  save me lots of $$  on the labor / stuff i couldn't do my self.. my car in new again . yippee!! 

october 23rd was Esperanza's 2 years gone..  i miss her still, we had lots of great times together

0ctober  28th  .  25 years  sober !!!  and big ass party at my  open mic , Otto's Funhouse ..  i didn't realize it until some comics pointed it out that i was having a sober b-day party in a bar .  that's  how i roll...  the place was packed, lots of great performers.  and it was also a bonus  "otto Beat Cancer" party too..    really  fun night..        i was asked if i did or got anything special for myself  to celebrate,,  yep,    2 oz of organic  pistacio nuts

october 30th  would have been my sister Mary's  b-day,  i wonder what she thinks , looking down from heaven, about what i did with my cancer..   

nov 2nd  .      16  months since diagnosis,,  6 months  since 
"no evidence of disease" ,,   feeling great physically , no cancer symptoms at all      ....                    mentally , i am pretty  off track at the moment   ( ie.  no blog for  30 days)

nov  9th , at work , there was a big event , honoring Roger , my old boss, Stand Up 2 Cancer was involved.  Tv stars, race car drivers , silent auction .. it was really wonderful.. they raised over $8000 .                         my  belief about the  cancer "funds" is,  i wish  instead of all  of  the money going into a pool of  millions for  research,  give  some  money directly  TO  cancer patients  .            the  $8000  would  be  enough to buy all organic food  & vitamins  for  over a year  , get a good juicer, and have a few $ left to bribe people for rides , if needed..          if someone  handed me  6 K last  july ,  that would  have  been really sweet.  

nov  10th ,,  i went to Rapper's  house, he was cooking  Cuban  sandwiches,  traditional style, slow roast pork, thin sliced ham, pickles, mustard, tomato, lettuce ,mayo, swiss, on big ass french  bread..   my taste buds went  crack-head on me..      since  july  2nd  2012, 16 months,  when i switched my diet , i have not been  even  tempted to eat anything besides  my standard program.  no problem.  the smell of these things  cooking, plus being crushed by a big pot full of water, making the  crust so so good . wow ..  so i  actually  had a tiny sliver..    maybe as much as  my index finger..  oh my !!!!  what an explosion of flavor  & texture.

wow  o  wow !!!  yummy !! 

then i  freaked out  just a bit,, but  realized i had maybe two grams of meat product, and the  small amount of other stuff, not going to be an issue..    later i "could feel it crawling through me" ,,...    so that broke the mental barrier about ONLY  eating what i eat.. no  physical problems followed. 

the next week i had a few chips at work , maybe 20 total, over a 4 day span , with sweet baby Ray's  bbq sauce on them.. this was  not a good idea at all,  it set off a bad reaction..  the  GMO corn chips , &  High Fructrose Corn Syrup in the sauce was  super  poison .  my tast buds   got me , Dang !!  ..   never again ............

had some fantastic shows  the  15th , 16th , 17th , and 18th.
sold out, packed, best show ever, super fun.. not bad for a  4  night  run

once i get on stage , life is normal.    i need my Mr Manager job, but i'm the  "no" guy..  if you know what i mean.. not  super fun, like making people laugh. 

weight on 11-18 -2013 ..  156.. what  the  *&^%$!!!  i think the sliver of  sandwich  & the  chips  set off an internal  bomb... 10 lbs  out  of nowhere.. i feel  fat

back to  precise amounts of the right stuff

had  a brutal show saturday,, i did great , but it was super tough.. sometimes they put a comedy show somewhere it shouldn't be.. but no one got hurt and many people said i was super funny  when i was loading out.

now  with no cancer, i should be  jumping with joy, screaming from a mountain top , letting people know that it's possible  to have no pain while  treating cancer.   but i've been bummed  out  lately ..   mostly about the planet, the Fukushima thing,  i've  followed it since day one,, and now , over 1000 days later,  it's really in bad shape, the ocean is doomed, and the chain of events from that are just not good at all..    so i'm  cancer free , but the planet is  screwed, great..  i look at the wrong stuff on the internet. it bums me out , but i can't help  it. our crappy $ system, the WAR's  on "sfuff", our  rights  are being striped away quickly.  too much to process.

so i'm trying to  just be a happy guy , hour by hour,, and  i've felt weak,  so i  didn't  blog..

this week it was cold as f#@k , we had that crazy rain storm, then the temps dive bombed into the 20's ..  there's a dog i see on our walks,  who is always outside,, all  the time..   how can it still be alive? it never gets to warm up .  . if it  has  water , it's frozen, it's on a 4 foot chain, attached to a "dog house".  a month ago, when it was in the  50's , i started getting concerned about it, wondering what's gonna happen when it gets cold..    still outside,, it was killing me , so last night , 18 degrees, i called the authorities.  they said they'd send someone right over..    today , on our walk , he was not  out side..   i just hope being inside isn't worse..  i mean , out side , he's not close to the creepy people who would do that TO a dog..  at least he's warm,     .. how can   a 100 degree dog, produce enough heat for so many days in a row, just sitting there ?  that  capped out my bummed out bucket .  i had to call ..  

ok healing time for everyone

have a great week , and be nice to your family members on thanksgiving..  it's easy for us,  but i know some folks have it tough.

this is my 2nd year of  "crazy food" for thanksgiving, but , last year , i was the only one awake 45 minutes after eating.. so this year ..i might take some "they're all snoozing"  pics       

so shake off the funk,  take a few  deep breaths ( 7 ) , and  hop on the new attitude train

wooooooooooooo  woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo       



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

cross this off

 it's been on my to do lists for weeks

almost one month since my last  update.  nothing amazing still .

i do like october , my dad's birthday , Rapper's  birthday , my sister Mary's b-day,  and my sobriety  b-day  10 -28-1988.   
25 years in just a few days...   years ago i joked about being able to drink again , if  i made it  25 years.   15 years ago, i chucked about the same  idea, "only  10 years to go".  July of 2012 , when i was assimilating all the cancer ideas, Rapper asked if i had  thought about  "alcohol therapy" , and i said  -   "if they are giving me Chemo , i am for sure drinking"

( another reason for me to not want  chemo ).

drinking was gonna kill me , or i was gonna ruin my life with it..  it's legal, but just not for me .  i haven't missed anything because i don't drink.  and not drinking was easy , just don't touch it, don't put it in your mouth.. taa daaa.. cured..  physically ..  took a few  years  for the mental aspect.   and the jury is still out on that  

i saw my mom put her last cigarette out, she said "
that's the last one "  and it was.  34 years of smoking , done in one second.    seeing that  has been my inspirational moment of all time .. anything can be done!!

so  switching my diet to  fight & erase my cancer was not difficult , i did that in 10 seconds.  and i'm still on it ,  & guess what  -  won't ever change

i'm not special, anyone can do  what i did.  when you are  ready to change your life ,  you will ..   some things help you decide,  some things keep you on the  same  path.

i haven't written because nothing out side of normal has been going on,, i'm just a worker bee , like most of you , wake up, do my routine, go to work, eat all day, practice, or do a show, walk the dog, freak out about the future, go to sleep.. 

things  don't  go my way all the  time , just like  you .  i went  to get a present for rapper , , my car died ,, my diagnosis - battery , cap , rotor,,  nope-  DANG .. , 3 days later , distributor... runs like a champ now.

leaky radiator, all summer, so i've been using straight water,  tomorrow it's gonna be 30 ... , i THOUGHT a new radiator would be $300 + , so i never looked,, ordered one last night $ 328 - sale price + free shipping  = $ 57...........
        57 !!    what  a dumbass i've been ,, $60 would have fixed me up months ago.. but i didn't look  

i've been thinking of the wrong stuff,, it was,  for so long , fight cancer, beat cancer , over and over.   blah.. then that got lifted off me .. my mind got free'd  up again.. 

in the last 15 months i did learn  how to relax . and do nothing. it was important to heal,   now,  my showbiz mind is re-activated, and i feel guilty if i  just relax.  ya gotta be  doing something !!!  tic tic tic ,, come on!! get something going ,,bla bla bla. 

 health wise ,  super good 

weight                   146
pain                      barely, not stretching enough
attitude,.              better . i got this blog written
strength                added more reps to the weights

cancer thoughts..   frequently ,    and  3 months until 18 from diagnosis..   pretty wacky 

when i got diagnosed, my comedy mind, thought ,, "wow, all this new material"  , but  nope,, not too much funny stuff about cancer..  funny to ME , but not the general public..  so i'll keep my mouth shut 

i did get to  tell my story last week to a small group who actually wanted to hear it.  i wish i could  do that  professionally ..

and i was having trouble with "life's general purpose"   we can talk about that next time ,,

stay healthy , and don't let your taste buds  fool  you 




Thursday, September 26, 2013

short blip

well it's been 4 weeks,  i've had " blogger's block",   nothing exciting  to report.  

still eating the same stuff
feeling  good 
trying to stay relaxed
i'm pretty happy 

ok, sorry if you were waiting for something amazing , i hope you are  feeling good and thinking correctly .

more soon  

Monday, September 2, 2013

my favorite gig , yearly !

if i forced myself to write  here everyday , the content might be thin, so i write when it's worth reading . i'd rather you  wait for  something  good , than read a daily diary about some weirdo who's addicted to attention.   i'm like you , we are all struggling to live in america.    i TRY to stay upbeat & happy , but there are bumps in the road .. 

first , thanks for all the support !!!    i have nothing spectacular to add to your lives,  just a few thoughts. 

my favorite gig of each year was yesterday -  Odom Fest.
the wonderful Odom family has a love , food , & music  filled weekend on labor day , this was the 12th one , and i've been in 9 of them.   last year , i was 60 days into my cancer battle, and the supremely wonderful good vibes there was the push my soul needed to win against cancer.  i'm sure of it, --  positivo !!

some of us had thoughts that last years Odom Fest could  have been my last.  -------- ,  so being on stage  last night was a victory for so many people 

the weather was supreme, the food spread was incredible . although i couldn't eat any of it , besides some fruit, the smells and the look of it all was delicious . 

the band played yesterday - otto & the GearHeads. what FUN !!!  it's much easier to perform with the band than solo , as a comic, and more fun too..  the music feels so good  as it's happening, and seeing people dance is really great.    and when they are screaming for MORE , that's how to leave the stage ..   i thought i played horribly, i know my singing was not 100 % , but the reviews  keep coming in - 
"you guys were great " - "fantastic " & "totally rockin!!"  

 .......  this  is the the show biz  buzz that is so intoxicating.

love and good  vibes ----   abundant !!!   people saying i'm an inspiration blows me away.   i don't think i really did anything  that special,  but if it makes people happy and better , i'll take it ..      to  a few people, seeing the band was a first, and comments like -  "i thought  you were just a comedian, but you're a musician too !!"  give me goosebumps.   

 so many people told me they love me, accompanied by warm hugs - that's a good day my friend

another bonus for me was  seeing people light up in happiness because Rapper was there.  he is Mr Sunshine, best cook on earth , nicest guy in the Universe, and the Bad-ass Bass player of all time.  one couple who met me last year were so pleasantly surprised to learn that Rapper &  i are brothers . " small but wonderful world " - "rapper's THE man "  yes  he is.........      

when i announced i was cancer free, Rapper added -  "cancer didn't have a chance ! "  - that was super special, i had to hold back the tears that are flowing  now, as i type

all the other performers were fantastic !!  i think everyone brings the " A "  game to Odom Fest.  it's an honor to be involved  

 here we are  - tearing i up!!!   that green mic foam cover - from my view, made me think i had a clown nose on . and yes , my shirt is  un-tucked..  my new  tiny waistline  would  have made me look like an hourglass on crack.  i do have new shoes on , unlike Soda-Fest .  Rapper has the pfeffer family "sweats" going , and Benny B. is not wearing a sweater, he IS furry.

ok that's my time..   

Shep Fest this weekend, and i co-Headline with Gerry Goble at the Laugh Comedy Club, mishawaka sept 12th & 13th.  very excited about that .

and health report:

weight ............ 146 
attitude...........  it's on - like donkey kong
pain ...............  zero
strength.........   good , i need to ride the bike more,

be  fierce or afraid- choose wisely



Sunday, August 18, 2013

336 hours later...........

it's  been 2  weeks,  i hope you are  well, or better than before.   i've  been talking to myself a lot,  instead of  talking to  the blog.    i  am not skilled with computers or the internet.  i get all swirled up  trying to "work" on the computer.   Esperanza used to  paw me , and tell me  to get away  from the computer.........

i write about wanting more  gigs, and september  is filling  up nicely..  

i'm real close to being done with  cancer  bills,,  what a relief, i'll be able to  eat that money soon..

and for the universe to stay "even"  my exhaust pipe came undone, and the radiator  cracked., and my axles are  clicking .............  dang

i still think of ZuZu  often , but i don't miss her with so much heart break ,  i'm sure she's a complete wonder dog now.
 she's watching  some  TV here,              i look  old,,,

i've been a slacker lately,  watching tv,  what a mind eraser.
i feel ashamed  about it

more  L. O. A. stuff ---   
first some background,        in 2006 , i was  banned  from ***********'s comedy club.  it was  politics i didn't  agree with, so i got banned .       i got a guest set in 2008, but haven't been it the place since..  it would be nice to be able perform there again, to meet the road comics, and to also do the open mic,, you know -  comedy stuff

so i'm trying to do way more comedy again, and  recently thought.. it would  be nice to  be able to go to ***********'s 


the other day at Costco, in the organic room, i hear , " is that you  otto? " ,,  i turn around and it's the owner /manager of  the comedy club !!!!   we chat , she asks why i haven't been around , and i give her the quickie cancer story.  (  she is a cancer  survivor ) .  it was all smiles and happiness.  she  invited me  back to  the   club, and  , all is  good in the hood.

the next day i think ,, i have  GOT  to call gerry gobel and tell him about this...  30 seconds later , he texts me,  with a  gig in november

i 've needed   more  hours at work, and they adjusted my schedule to  get a few more each week...

it's human nature to not be satisfied for very long..  think about it......     but  it's not completely our fault.  the  ads that are shoved  down our throats,, buy a new this , YOU NEED a new  that,,   you wore that last year, are you kidding me

in the last 14 months  i learned  how to be satisfied, and glad about it...  the things i have are amazing.. i really don't need anything,,  well food, and that kind of  stuff.. but  trinkets and  gizmos ,, i have all i need.  if i won the lotto i would feed as many people as i could, and perform for free - wherever they'd let me     

people  WANT  stuff , and they  think they NEED  what they want.    i was like that   many  years ago, i'm sure  you were too at one time..  that's how credit cards  get maxed out

get to the point ..   ok ,   simplicity , is they  key  to happiness..   to  enjoy what you have , not  caring at all  about  what you  don't  have,  is a good positive adventure

i hope you have looked at the    Chris beat cancer . com
 site..  especially the 24 other stories about people who used food to cure themselves..  that site is a one stop shop for loads of useful information.

if you were wondering , how much of that does  otto eat.?

here's the stuff i use a lot of.  monthly  average

carrots ..................... 165 lbs
apples ...................      40 lbs
potatoes ................      39 lbs 
tomatoes ................     28 lbs
broccoli .................      15 lbs
cucumbers.............      12 lbs
garlic .....................        6 lbs
cilantro   bunches           9
avocados .............         24
pineapples ...........          5
blueberries ..........          12 lbs
coconut oil                    1.5 liters

then lots  of greens, other veggies, some  organic granola,  & tortillas

health report    

attitude ...........  good , but scared of the  future ( stupid)
strength .......... best ever
pain ................  minimal , neck & upper  back
weight.............  146

my whimsical end to  today's  rant ........

success is  luck........   ask any  failure ....................



Sunday, August 4, 2013

written friday , posted today

have you heard of the Law  Of Attraction ? 

there are many  youtube videos about it..    a quick explanation is -   what or  how  you think about things brings them to you ..  if you are always negative, and complaining, well you are going to be stuck at red lights, late for something important , or "always getting screwed over" .        if you are always positive, well  positive things will happen for you.   you might think this  is  Hokas-Pokas , or  way out there, but it's not .. 

here are a couple  examples that happened to me recently.  
*  there's  3 guys who run comedy shows all around indiana. they have used me before , but not for a long  time  ( the dude has cancer ? )..  so on my walks 2 weeks ago,  i'm thinking , "man it would be great to get these guys together and  ask them for some  gigs."    The next day i get a text from one of them , to see if i could be in a low pay show nearby .  YES SIR !!!  , and who else is on the line up ?? the other  2  guys..   so the other day the  show  happened , they got to see me work through one of the worst comedy room set ups ever..  simply brutal , as some comedy is.. will i get a gig from these  guys ??  i think so .........

* i'm always looking around the internet for  similar cancer stories as mine ,,  just days ago , i found that  Chris beat cancer . com  site  and put it in my last blog.   TODAY - my sister calls and says "there is a guy on Rikki Lake talking about  how he beat cancer like  you " .  i flip on the  TV and there he is !!!  .    amazing 

* i  run low on $$ a lot , my food bill is about $600 + a month,, i've walked into  Pogues Run Grocery with  a bag of change  ( quarters  &  dimes) a few times.  thinking  i'm only going to get a few potatoes and a tomato - and the clerk says - " hey  otto - someone  loaded a gift card  for  you "   (( the  Food Angel ! -  i have thanked many times ))

*  i still do charity events for free.  it's great to get something - gas  money  or $50 , but  many times  there is no pay . charity events are  usually full of LOVE , and that's a good  pay in itself --   these are usually really good  for the Law Of Attraction.  i did the Soda-Fest a few weeks ago, and  a few days after i was contacted for a good paying gig in september  buy one of the  organizers. .

so  give it a try ,, when you feel yourself thinking something negative,, flip over to a positive .  people  love you !!  remember that .. 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

it's all behind me now

i've  been  "tomorrow-ing" ...  as in,  putting things  off till tomorrow .. a horrible thing to do.     now a bunch of little things  are a big pile of mess. 

my blog has been a victim of this too. 

this past week was one year from stepping away from the cancer industry -  refusing treatment .     now it's  August, no more  "one year ago today"  thoughts.   i know i made it , so no negative thinking about my health ever again.       sweet

i found this site a few days ago . it's kinda like a complete guide to beating cancer.. i did most of what this guy did , i didn't get on  TV , but the other stuff is similar.     if  you know someone battling cancer, or just diagnosed,   have them look at this guys site.                 http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/    

that's it for today ,  i hope you all are eating healthy and staying positive


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

back on stage !!!!!!!!!!!

the stage  " juice ", or   buzz a performer gets , is simply the best feeling.  weather it's 15,000 people  or 8,  it's  so intoxicating.    i like  family friendly events outside, i can be my weirdo self . the kids think i'm some wacky science teacher on acid.   the  parents get a kick out of  someone their age , ( or  older  ~ 55 ), being so nutty - the  freedom they don't have in life..          

saturday a fellow comic - Gerry Gobel  and i went to "Soda - Fest"  to entertain.   what a fun and super positive  event.  some fundraisers are really  great , some seem like  big-biz scams...     this  was a Love  Fest ...  they had a cash raffle , the  person who  won , turned all the money right back into the charity..  they had a big ass TV as a prize, the winner  gave it right back too , so they could raffle it off again.  the organizers were so nice, very calm, and a pleasure to work with and meet  .. even the sound man was ultra-friendly.   i asked him to make me sound sexy, and wow ---

after our sets  i got to talk about my cancer story with a few people..   talking about correct food is invigorating , and add on the  supreme stage buzz from about 200 ppl, you could say , i was feeling  really good..   &  they  fed us BBQ !! , ( not me ) , and treated us like movie stars.  we got in the car feeling like  kings...                 

and then , as  comics , as soon as the doors shut we started ripping  apart our shows , criticizing every  part.    comics think they can and should have always done better....    applause breaks , laughter, giggling, silence -  all  so powerful

i can't wait  for  Odom Fest in september, you will hear  about that  soon

one year ago i was sick as hell from the PET scan, july 22 '12,  ,,  ...  today i am  18 lbs. lighter   , and feeling excellent. 

health report 

weight ........... 144
strength ........  very good
pain .............. teeenie  bit  - neck
attitude ......... good  , needs more stage time
overall .......... 9.3

 i know ,, my shirt isn't tucked in right , and i have  tan shoes


Monday, July 15, 2013

i feel roots

i've been reading some blogs from other cancer patients.  man was i a puss in my battle.. i whined and bitched about about stuff i had no right to.  i mentally lost it for many months, but  physically i was getting stronger from day one.     i never had any pain or discomfort from my choice of treatment.  the  side effects were better health.      now i'm all ok, no "battle" , just a continuation of a correct diet , without the cancer cloud over me.     and i'm  stronger than ever...   i let cancer eat my mind , and i'm starting to feel  my old  fire back......

man i missed  my mind

Thursday, July 11, 2013

i have no complaints

i haven't written  in a few days,  you have missed nothing . 
 i'm working "shifts" , not too much stress, i enjoy being  home  

overall i'm a very happy person now.   super healthy too

last year in July was all the tests and doctor visits,   once  August comes,  "cancer" will be  one year behind me.   i don't  want to  constantly  be comparing  this  year to last year.   this  year is fantastic.......   

i'd like  more  comedy or music gigs.  they make me feel special

ZuZu  has been gone  just over one month.  i  think Bella  misses her a lot .  Heather says Bella  likes the calm ..  i haven't  figured out exactly why ZuZu  entertained me so much...i'm pretty sure she reminds me of Esperanza as a puppy.. same color , energy for days !! , and the  happy smiley face.
 here she is co-piloting..   like  Esperanza

here is one of her room mates - Roxie
 ZuZu looks like she'd  like some of that 

when i walk Bella , i think of all these fantastic things to  blog about.. then  i blank out , and post nothing ......  i hope to get back  writing almost everyday.  

 one of the nice people at Pogues said she read my entire  blog in one day  (  5  1/2  hours )...  eeeek 

 clarification - all the people at Pogues are nice , one of them read the whole thing 

   chasing carrots is  wacky ,  Costco has the best deal  10 lbs 6.99  = 70  cents a lb..   kroger's "organic" if you believe  it to be , are  88 cents a  lb.              organic carrots at Pogues are  1.36  a pound..  at  40 pounds a week, this price  difference  adds up  ~  per year
 costco is on the way to work, and it's a 14 minute stop, i get broccoli and avocados there too..  pretty harmless, and the cashiers know why i'm buying all the  carrots, so i get a good up lifting buzz from that...    Kroger is a nightmare , my local one seems all beat up,  and they don't have stuff frequently.  it's really close , 3 minutes there  , 8 minutes to shop , 3 minutes  back,  but it's an  icky  experience most times.  Kroger has apples cheaper too.      Pogues is fantastic !!!  it's almost like getting off stage  , the wonderful  feeling i get there.  i get almost everything from Pogues,  it is also really close .      and the ride across 10th street is always entertaining   . i go to Pogues 3 to 5 times a week.

blabbitty  blabbitty boo

that's all  folks   

oh that feels  good.........................

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

more smiles , more love , more hugs

July 2nd, last year i got the  "you have cancer call"

**** 12 month review

i'm super smiley , healthy as ever,  in no pain,  & cancer free.

i've lost  17 lbs, all of it  "bad weight" , i'm a constant 146.

when i got the "call"  , i kinda went  nuts,  the blog can confirm that .

having health insurance ( and everyone will be forced to have soon ) got me introduced to the Cancer Industry. The  doctors and nurses do want to help , they studied for years, and are skilled professionals .  But they are bound by what the Insurance & Cancer Industry  dictates . i refused the  3 choices , surgery , radiation , and chemotherapy.  i didn't believe those would  help me.  i also didn't like the experience of the cancer center.   my ranting  against the  cancer industry was just my opinion,  and i apologize for hurting anyone by that. 

some people say i'm an inspiration.  i really don't see it as such.  i got sick, researched the treatments , chose one that i believed in, stuck to it !! and it worked.   kinda  simple

my treatment tasted really good 

 but not covered by health insurance,  shucks 

and actually -  physically , nothing ever bad happened the entire time.  i started feeling better immediately after switching to the correct diet ( july 2nd -   alkaline foods) .

what got me was the mental side of it.. that's why i started the blog.   if i didn't let all this out , it would have tuned into more poison against me ..   The  -    "you have cancer and it's gonna kill you"  is what is played over  and over and over & over , in all the medias.  you can't get away from it                          

it WAS a roller coaster, and i got to the end with both hands up & laughing.  but there's no way i'm getting back on.  and the line  keeps getting longer

i used the paddle ball as a metaphor.  whap whap whap, the ball is cancer thoughts and the paddle is my  brain.  even if you can have some  no cancer thoughts,  the ball is attached, and soon enough ,  bam  bam bam  , cancer , cancer , cancer , bam bam bam cancer cancer cancer ..  all day all night .           lucky for me it was all in my head

what  did  i learn ???
*  my body is stronger than my mind
*  positive thoughts bring more positive actions
*  love is the answer, and people are full of it
*  simplicity is the cure all
*  if you ask for  help , people will

how much did it cost ?
 **  between $500 and $700 a month ,  all food , no medicine

and  how  do i feel now ...........  zippety-do-da !!  heels clicking together, two thumbs  up, and a smile so big it  hurts.

summing  up .  i can't  advise  people to do what i've  done.  i can encourage them to  research the different treatment options and choose one they believe in.  

i'm really happy i chose my path, beside the mental  funk , which was self induced,  my life  got better daily and still is .

the prayers  and positive energy that people shared with me  were also a big part of healing.    i thank you all

if you ever want to donate $   to a "cancer cause",  instead of giving it away to  "The Cause" ,   give that $  directly to a cancer patient.       they are everywhere, and you probably know one right now...................         it will help so much more , and immediately

here's my motto ..  i say this at the end of my show .. 

be nice 
to as many people as you can
as often as you can
it's absolutely free
i'll be nice to you 
and you'll be nice to me
and just like tag
if we start tonight 
tomorrow will be a better world

                                                                         ding !





Sunday, June 30, 2013

end of June

thank  you again , food  angel.

last night  i had  2 shows,  the early one was  a benefit show, full of love.  i had a great time, super uplifting. 

drove right to the  2nd show ,  sports bar  , music  & comedy. 

what a difference !!!   i had another great time, but  the "love"  level was much lower in the bar,, as should be expected...  

the place was really  big,  maybe 100 ppl spread about.  it's funny to me, that one group of audience can love ya, and 20 feet away,  another group is planning a gang style  "Jump In".

i know  that i "was in their bar" , but  come on, a small amount of common courtesy , just once won't kill  you.

one guy at the bar kept yelling out,   so i told  him,,  "hey - just like  when your wife is talking to you , and you don't pay attention and just sit there,  try that with me " .. 

i usually power through "comments" , but this guy needed some feedback..

last year at this  time  i was waiting on the biopsy  results.

what a year it's been

i want to thank you all for the positive thoughts, vibes , prayers, and well-wishes .  i'm two thumbs  up  because of you all

see you in july !

Monday, June 24, 2013

time passes along

a few  days ago it was  my birthday.  55 .  yowza !!     i still feel like a kid.  i'm in the best  health ever , so the future should be wide open.    i had an interesting year

Bella  misses  ZuZu,  me too.   i'm watching her progress on facepoop.   she looks  pretty happy.

now that     "fight cancer"   isn't  repeating over and over & over and over,  i feel like i have  some free time.

i'm not feeling super creative though.  i feel good relaxing, and  getting better at guitar.

my goal of the everyday is to stay relaxed, don't stress, be smiley and eat right

here's my smirk face ......
  feeling good about  what  i  did 

health report 

weight ....................146
strength.................. better still
attitude ..................  confused
pain .......................   none
overall ..................  8.7

Monday, June 17, 2013

back to normal ?

positivity , that's the  key

although i miss ZuZu , i know  she's  gonna have a much  happier life.   man is it  calm around here now .  Bella  is a very chilled out soul, she seems more relaxed too.  

not having the cancer cloud over me feels just great

i will stay on the same food program, but  i don't have the intensity  of  getting every meal exactly right. every pill at the exact time, etc.         i don't have to erase  any cancer , i just have  to keep to away - a much easier task

health report

weight ................ 146
attitude ..............  real good
pain ..................  .o2
strength ...........   excellent 
overall ..............  9.0

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

really sad

more sadness,  dang.

my brother is my best friend. always has been.  His best friend / dog - Joy , passed away today.   she was almost  13 years old, and being an 80 pound Irish Setter,  so, in dog years , she was almost 150.  

we all have heavy hearts today.  loosing a family member isn't easy

Joy was the perfect name for her..

now  go find Faye , Simone,  & Esperanza,  i'm sure there's a chuck-it in the air right now 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ups and downs

holoholo =  hawaiin word for  -      glide with life.

we are all in our "life" canoes , all in the same water, so every paddle i make, makes a wake, and eventually, ends up hitting your canoe.   so i try to be a happy paddler , gently  easing my oar into everyone's  ocean.     our  wakes combine to move us forward or sometimes backward.      i've  learned you can not get anywhere  frantic paddling.  it's loud, it looks foolish, and it makes a horrible wake, that others will feel.

with last weeks news , naturally i'm pretty  happy.  then yesterday,  a big pile of sadness,  so soon ?

our little buddy  ZuZu moved to Casa Del Toro, a pit bull rescue and placement center.  i am selfishly sad, broken hearted ,  i have become such good friends with her,  and to see her leave was  brutal. She was just  too much for us.  She needs a specific  owner, some one who can spend the correct amount of time with her.  Last  august ,she arrived here in horrible shape , she  was obviously  a "yard  dog" , and only weighed about 20 pounds.  her collar was so tight , that her fur was wearing off.  it made me  sick, i had to help if i could..  so she ended  up staying  with us, and Bella and her became best of friends.   They were my cancer buddies, walking them took my mind off of my situation for a few minutes.   I have received so much entertainment from the  two  of them.    

we know that ZuZu will be much better off in the years  to come, so i balance that against my selfish sadness of missing her.

when Esperanza died, i was super sad,  but there was closure. She went to doggie  heaven, and i had  to get over  it.  But i knew nothing bad would ever happen to her..  With  ZuZu leaving , i have these  blipps  of fear about  what if something bad happens..   even years from now, is it on me?,  because  we let her move on ?

stupid thinking , i know , but Lil ZuZu is just so adorable..  i'm sure she had a fun packed first day at her  new home.. Bella was very relaxed today, no little devil-dog trying to play every second.

here she  is .. 30 pounds of  Dyno-Might !!!   

i have really become attached to her,  i can't tell if Bella is sad or relieved.

okee dokie,,  that's what you get today

health report 

weight ............... 146
attitude..............   very good
pain ..................   zero
strength.............   good
overall...............   9.1

Friday, June 7, 2013

it's starting to soak in

hello , and welcome to the blog.

if you are  new to this, be warned, if you skip back , i have  some days  that are very opinionated . 

a super quick version of what's  happened to me.

diagnosed last july 2 nd,   2012 

googled , the  cure  for cancer

immediately changed to an Alkaline diet

took all the tests, weighed possible side  effects
lemon size tumor july 27th 

july  28th , decided to use food & vitamins only

november 27th , no  visible tumor, feel  great

 june 3rd 2013.   no cancer, no evidence of disease

i tried to follow  The Gerson Therapy  as close as possible

i used  some cancer  fighting suppliments 

i believed it would work, and had lots of  support

i did it to myself, and it worked , 
research is what  saved me

it was very hard to say  . i am cancer free,,,that first  time

i've wanted  to say that really bad,  and  after a few times , it's starting get comfortable.   the happiness & surprised looks  are just wonderful

don't  let your taste  buds  kill you


Thursday, June 6, 2013

here is what we've been waiting for

i saw a specialist monday.  

i am  cancer free..       NO  cancer..            boom !

i wanted to tell my  dad in person , before i posted  it here.

so it worked  !!!!  , the diet , vitamins , and good vibes / prayers

THANK  YOU  all , i couldn't have made it on my own.

so , yes  , i am pretty happy .

i just have to keep "doing what i'm doing",   and there should be no future  issues.

health report 

attitude ...................... back-flipping !! with glee
weight ......................   144
strength ....................   very good
pain...........................  ZERO
overall ......................   9.88 

even though i only weigh 144, i feel 600 lbs lighter 

i can hear Frank Sinatra right now...... start spreading the news.......

and from the balcony ..........  amazing !!!


Monday, June 3, 2013

11 month re-cap

june 3rd, one year ago, was my first day of being "retired"  from the food industry..  i was gonna take a month off , and then try to be a full time entertainer . oh life seemed to be starting again, and i was ready ....  little  did i know what was waiting

11 month re-cap.  

so far all is good,  no issues except being really sick in october for 6 days , and  last week. my left lung hurt a lot, but it seems to be fine now .  i can take giant  breaths again , with out being painful.

weight ................ 142,, low from last week's illness
strength..............  very good
attitude..............   good, staying positive
pain level ..........    0.8
overall ...............   9.1

i really think i've got  it whipped , i just  must continue to think correctly, and stay on the  food program.

my mind has been my  biggest battle..  i think of the wrong things sometimes, and then  it filters down in a bad way to my  body.   exercise and sweating is the cure for this..

so that's it. kinda  boring..  diagnosed, changed diet, feel great, no  physical issues.  and i'm still alive    

Thursday, May 30, 2013

finally over this sickness

that was the worst week ever, but  i'm almost 100 %  now.  i still have one uncomfortable lung, but it doesn't feel like it's full of glass, maybe just bruised.  i weighed in at 139.7 on tuesday morning.   i never thought i'd be  under 140  ever,,  back up to 144 today..  being able to eat all my meals is a wonderful feeling.   

one year ago, i was 3 days away from "retiring" from  working for the man,, and going  full time as an  entertainer.    little  did i know i was  30 days away from a real life changer.    and what an adventure it's been. 

i sure bitched a lot on my blog here ,  but i checked my notes and didn't bitch or complain in person , at  home, at all ..   

i did have  a few  "poor me"  episodes,  a  cancer diagnosis &  mysteries can throw even a positive attitude in the crapper at times.

thanks  again to the food angel !!!!  just in time, again. 

the  summer  comedy drought is upon us.. what  does this  mean ?   ...  " comedy shows"  kind of  go away in the summer months,  the  sun is  still out till 9 :30 , people want to be outside as much as possible, and no one wants to  be inside at  8 pm ..  it's  just a  summer  fact..   

well , i 'm glad to have an air conditioned  job, at a place that just keeps  getting busier every year.   Not too many  work places that have that kind of growth  history..  

june is usually on of my favorite months,  and we're  just  hours away..   it's time to start everything over again.  no  gloom,  no doom,  no "what's gonna happen"  mystery, i  have  11  months  of data,with a  long life planned ahead.

health report 

attitude ................  good , looking bright
weight ..................  144. low but better than 139
strength................   96 %
overall score .........    8 .3

Sunday, May 26, 2013

all this chatter went into space the other day. BOOM

when my blood panel  came back months ago, they warned me NOT to get sick, as my immune system is a bit weak.. , if we all remember i got super  sick in october and had to cancel  5 shows....  

tuesday , i started feeling crappy,,  most likely , microphone flu,,, comics  & entertainers from 100's  of miles  are spewing their germs on mics nationwide.. The Melody Inn has  action every night, so in just one week 96 different people might be unloading whatever they KNOW they  have,  or what the don't know they have .. it's just part of "entertainment".  i have my "own Mic" , but it's been at band  practice, shame on me...
wednesday..  i was certain i was in for a bad ride..  by wednesday night, after work,  i was grieving... total body aches, joint pain everywhere,  massive headache, no energy or strength --- i was sure i was  dying...  the cancer has  gone  &  got me !! .................i had the wildest  fever dreams ever , and woke up  feeling the worst EVER..   this is the first time i've felt bad  since  october .. and i was pretty scared.

thursday...  couldn't eat . or drink without throwing up instantly,  10 % of the exercise program, my head is exploding.. i'm coughing up orange ((  from the carrots? . or are my lungs bleeding ? )).. the achy joint pain has  gone to Def - Con 4.. and i have to  go to work.. at 10:30 am.. this is gonna suck big time... only small sips of water are staying down.. my eyes looked like i was tripping big time, & i couldn't  put basic thoughts together..    and the damn what if's start..    what if my brain is full of cancer,  all of my joints are full of cancer,  &  my lungs are full of cancer.  that's the only way someone can feel this shitty  for sure. NO  food and no pills= NO nutrients ,  and  off to work i go...    luckily ,i was able to leave , shortly after arriving. and was back  home by noon..  i choked  down 1/2 a meal , and as much water as i could  handle, and went to bed..  stayed in bed until friday am.     that's  minus  4 meals and all my suppliments , and no juice too,,  this is really bad.......     more crazy dreams..

friday ,, walking dead.. orange coughing again, my brain felt like it was wrapped in industrial twine. NO energy at all. but i am off , and can stay home in bed all day again... one meal near 6 pm,, no puking !!!  yippee ..   and finally was able to keep down some juice..   30 minutes later, i felt a tiny bit better, but back to bed till saturday morning...  that minus 4 meals again...  dying would have been a blessing, i was really hurting that bad...    and on my mind is Saturday night , the busiest day of the year for us, and it's my  shift. i'm doomed...  you can't call in on the busiest day of the year, are you kidding me..

 8  am   saturday.... i woke a little better, but maybe at 18 % of normal, i am seriously in trouble for the evening.. the food stayed down,  did 30% of exercises, and  had a full  load  of juice  & pills.... my brain is on fire, stayed in bed till 3 pm, got cleaned up , ate , went to work.........   i told the crew is was  sick as hell and they had  to all step up to the A game, as i was only able to help a little bit...  they did great, and i made  it to close = 12:30 am.. whew.. still sick , but improving.  but  back to work  at 10 am  sunday....... crap

sunday , today , i woke up hungry @ 8 am, what a wonderful feeling.
 ate the regular  breakfast, 100% of exercises, and juice. cancer take-over thoughts are gone..  back to work, INDY 500 day,, i just have to make it to 3 pm. i did  have a kinda "big" nosebleed out of nowhere, but it stopped in a few minutes 
 home at 3:40 ,, wow , what a week...  

now more  rest and LOTS of  food, and tonight , my first walk with the  dogs since monday,, lay in the yard chair inside,  and watch the 500..  i should be normal by monday night..

some of you were  thinking , go to the  doctor!!!  well , we all know  how i feel about that , and they would have told me to do what i did.. try to eat , rest, stay calm...   i shouldn't  have worked , but it did force me to  feel better , instead of staying  home and want to die.   

and that was my week,, how was  yours?