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Saturday, November 17, 2012

my tumor got punched in the face

i had a blast on stage thursday  night.  really fun, although it was a smoking venue - eeeeeeeeek - but  they let me go up first , so i could get out of there . almost wanted  to burn the clothes.. 
s t i n k y !!

my "fire " about being alive  feels  wonderful..  people who see me once in a while are commenting on how much better  i look  - each time !!

the energy and nice  feeling from a packed house is just fantastic..tonight in Metamora , sold  out , SRO , wonderful group of people..  the tumor took a beating from the laughs & applause .. 

i'm  pretty fried so this might be short & jumbled in thought.

here is Zuzu making a seat out of Bella 
                       Bella                                            Zuzu

                                            clearly a  "seat " 

Bella is thinking,,, get this little crazy train off me ........
Zuzu is thinking ,,   what ??  i'm not doing  nothing

Bella is so nice , she weighs 45 , and  Zuzu weighs 27.. they are  equal in strength.. Zuzu is crazy as hell, Bella is calm and relaxed.
they get along  wonderfully .. they  snuggle up on each side of me , i feel so loved 

well that's it for tonight 

no supreme words of wisdom today.. 
although Mr Fong told me once,,,   "yu want gud week, buy 10 fortune cookies - keep the best  7" 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

more fluff & ho hum

and i'm feeling  even better than last week,,  this is  great , i'm not sure how good i will feel in 3 weeks , but it's gonna be on the  fantastic scale...   like  fantastic 3.4

i had to kind of  go "budget"  on  the last 6 days  of food,, not as much leafy greens , and fresh veggies  as i wanted.. we  had  lots  of  beans & quinoa ...   beans are inexpensive and good  for  me , i cook 2 cup batches ( 4 days worth of  yield) , and season each batch differently.  NO  "boring"  food around here !!...  our garden is still producing leaf lettuce in large amounts,  so it's  back on for the greens !!! 

today's catch ...... just picked leaf lettuce, carmelized sweet onions, carrots, cilantro, hot yellow potatoes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes .  hemp oil for  dressing, on a 14 inch plate .........   a  ( big salad) 

 more good vibes keep flowing my way , so i must thank you all for reading my rants, and staying on my positive team..

i've had a few thoughts about , "what  if" i kept this whole deal private, and i'm certain that i would not be  healing as well on my own ..  by that i mean , without  all the  love i'm getting , and positive  energies from you all ..    we are still "on our own"  ~ doctor wise.. they are waiting on the sidelines, and they aren't gonna get play in this game .. 

compared to  july / august , when i was pretty much collapsing , my life is 98% back on track / normal   .. my "earth job"  ( the  job that pays most of my bills ) is better than it was before i retired.. apparently - i did more than i thought - when i was working, and they chopped up all those  duties between many people.   So now i get to "manage" and help in all areas, instead of being "locked" in one area... plus,,,,,,  way less stress than before...  

Special  thanks  to my friendly comedian friends, they are booking me in their shows .  i really like  having  at least 
14 or more shows a month.. the  stage energy is very healing..  "with every laugh - a cancer cell dies" - is working  out nicely,,  and that's  14 nights that i'm not home  being the "cancer-guy"

my hand and arm pains are not even thought about anymore.  my neck  has full mobility,  it still crunches and creaks, but it doesn't hurt,,   my lower back , L-3, ruptured in 1985, that pain is not around either..    now,, the  pain in my ass....... ME ......or,,,  my brain,  my constant battle to keep thinking correctly - is a daily / hourly deal...    i must remember , RIGHT across ,or "next to", any bad  thoughts / ideas , is a fantastic memory that has easy access .

i like cleaning stuff,, it's a good activity for me , instant results, and there's always MORE  to do..  after cleaning,  i don't feel guilty about playing guitar for hours - which is very important-   i've gotta keep my hands in shape & keep writing new stuff, when the comedy brain isn't producing "gold" ,,or even mediocre  crap.......

i had a sleepy day in the sun  with the dogs,, just having them next to me is a wonderful feeling,, nice and warm, they are  happy all the time, and that soaks into me . the Humor factor they produce is also really great.. Zuzu , the little one, likes to SIT ON Bella,, on her face , neck, legs, body , it doesn't matter where they are ,  Zuzu is on top of Bella,, like the small fish that clings onto a big shark, they are always together ..  it's a dang love fest around here!!

well ok, that was all useless info, but that's how i feel today , and you got to read about it....... 

health report

weight             148.4     the  beans put a few #'s on
tumor size        "holding" at very small
attitude            really good
strength            ever improving
overall              9.4 

i'm booked on December 21st,,  2012  if the world  DOES end, i'll be on stage, laughing about it

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

bacon toast with sugar

"generally speaking" ,, MANY / most -  stage  4 cancer patients, die within 18 months,, with "treatment"  or  without.. that is  a statistical fact..    and  with "treatment" , many of those  18 months are not the best "quality of life" .. 

i'm  5 months after diagnosis,, i feel really good, my body is intact, i'm not suffering  from my cancer battle physically ,, mentally - yes, but i've got a good handle on that now..

i'm  doing the  Gerson Therapy,, 70 years  of proven success . 

with food  & vitamins, if it takes  up to 2 years to become "cancer free" , and i get to feel like this the whole time- ,, well,,, winner winner - chicken dinner ,,,  that's   24 months  of feeling great, compared  to a hopeful 18 months , with the  bad side effects starting  immediately , when traditional treatment starts,,  

to me , i still think i am WAY ahead , and i'm quite  happy about it

i feel good , and i'm HAPPY  about my treatment,, not bad for a cancer patient............

two thumbs up , hell yeaaah !! fantastico ,  wunderbar,, top shelf, that's how i feel about this whole deal now,,   i'm strong , confident, and  ready to take on anything..

my passion for life  "meter" is pegged .. i want to live long time, smiling, joking, and playing music...      

not too much can get me down now,,,  cancer - schmantzer .. what else you got ,,,  traffic troubles?, line too long at the grocery?, cell phone dropped in the toilet?,  guitar string breaks? dog chewed up your schedule book? ,,  

"it's all in yo head"  -   that  madness,   

if anyone  asks------------  i'm feeling great ,, pass it  on 


Sunday, November 11, 2012


i've been back to work now for  6 weeks ,   it feels nice . 
 no stress from "where's the $$ gonna come from".. i was even able to get a couple extra shifts this week

i've got 12  more  shows   this  month , and so far,     9  for december, so  my  "life"  seems to be closer to back to normal. 

well as normal as i can be now ,, 2 jobs , like before, + cancer

i used to really dislike reading , but i've  had to make myself read LOTS of stuff.    it's  all been very  helpful ,  lots  of cancer books.

i still am fully confident in my treatment,, i'm able to suppress the "what if's "  easier now

still feeling really good,,  stress level super low, strength - better each week ,  attitude  on a good upswing

 my  mustache is coming in , for the MoVember  Cancer awareness program.. i just got rid of that stinking Go-Tee in october, and was enjoying  the clean face again.. 

i had  a bit of bread that i made, to gain a pound or two this week,  along with  bumping up the quantity of  my  regular  anti-cancer  foods.. ..    the results are in,  + 3 lbs, but  i don't feel as  "pure" , knowing the bread  got in me... so  no more  bread..  even if i make it.   

 i have  nothing to complain about now ,  i was quite the bitch  the last few months...  well,    i'm thinking smarter, i feel better ,  i know my  correct foods diet can not be altered at all..

this nice weather  was really a boost of goodness..  sunny AND warm , mid  november,, just fantastic 

alright , that's it for today .. oops,,   one  more thing

                   here's an example of  that # code ,
                                 for  organic vegetables  , 
                                             they start with a  9

                                           happy eating !!!