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Thursday, January 24, 2013

i'm a slacker

today i was surprised to have no energy, i was a sleepy head all day with the dogs.    i did work on my possibly cracked radiator,   super cold weather and liquids are  not fun to deal with.

i juiced, swept, cooked, and did a few things, but  i just kept wanting to sleep.    i'm such a weenie about this  cold weather, i just  don't want to go out. 

my friend videotaped the "talk" monday, i need to see it and edit it before i let anyone see.  i don't want it spread around the internet unless it is help full.  there were also a few interruptions that put a glitch in the smoothness of the presentation..     and i had a few emotional moments, where i choked up real bad..    a good test run , the next one will be much better, and maybe more people will come out.

health report 

attitude ............... sleepy
pain  ...................  almost  zero..  lower  back    1985
tumor .................  staying small
weight.................  151
overall ................    8.4 

that's it  for today

positive energy is a plus.                            yeah , i just said that

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

links and stuff

i did my cancer talk monday night , it  went over nicely.  i only had  2 people show up from the invites, but there was about 40 people there when i did my presentation.. i   want to do that more often.

here are some  links that i used  for my cancer battle ..   

alkaline diet .......  alkaline diet  

movie  about the  food  system the war on health 

the program i am using the Gerson Therapy 

mind blowing film about cancer Bruzynski

good overall healthy information site Natural News

cure that is  " against the law ". Run From the Cure

inspirational short .. must watch !!the doctors were wrong

hilarious cartoons about the cancer industry you need a test 

movie that sums up lots of stuff that is going on in the world today , a believe it or not type of deal ...  Thrive

and of course, for  your own knowledge , "google"  the cure for  cancer ,, and see what comes up

remember, i'm  NOT telling you what to do , i'm just  giving leads to the stuff that helped me decide what to do.

i believed i could  do it , i know my body can,  just keep the poisons  out