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Friday, February 22, 2013

see you next week

hi everybody it's friday ..  short health report today 

feeling great 

my mind is becoming clear again, can't wait for feb to be over

weight   150
attitude   superterrific
strength  real good
pain        0
tumor      phhhft
overall    9.2

nice blog next week,,   super busy weekend
work friday night ,  &  sat  morning,,..      gig sat night, 
church gig about being positive sunday morning ,  work sunday night.

be safe and have a fun loving weekend

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

i said it !!!!!

even steel stretches, then it snaps. 

this is how my cancer mind feels,, it was   s t r e t c h i n g,, and it finally  snapped...    and i'm on the good side of this break.. 

i saw some people tonight  who haven't seen me in a few months...  one of them said  " you beat it " , and i said  YES i did..

the first time i said  - "i beat cancer" , and man did it feel great

i'm writing a new  One Man Show-  the first 20 minutes are  Food Vs Cancer, and then my musical comedy show to complete an hour..       it will be informative, healthy , and funny-   that sounds like a winner.

sunday i get to talk about  how being positive can save your life at a church..  a friend of mine's church has been praying for me, and now i get to show up and let them know it worked..  

back in august , when the doctors predicted my "grave condition" , it didn't really sink in,,    yesterday i realized what grave condition means...  that you are ready for your grave.. okie smokes batman,  that's not a good way to be... 

so in 8 days , when February ends ,, i have beat the odds..  the expert's prediction was wrong  ( or maybe he was 60 days off,  but i think - NO WAY ) ..  i am as healthy as ever,  "cancer" is  not killing me, it was a  ramp to launch  my new wonderful life that opens up everyday .   

thanks  to all the positive  thoughts   from all the people out there,, i didn't  do this alone,,  i had a wonderful support team.   all the well wishes landed on me , and i am well.         ding

in june we will have a big party!!! we will celebrate being alive and feeling  healthy..  we will take a big group photo and send it to the cancer doctors, with a  "find otto"  attachment..  and i will be right  out in front with the biggest smile ever 

february 20th,,,  it's an interesting date  for me.. in 1978 i met my dog Reggie on feb 20th..  then  20 years later , i met Esperanza on february 20th..   and  today the dogs chewed "The Monkey" 's  face off..  this was Esperanza's first toy,, it lasted 12 years with her , and guarded her grave for a year after that..

here is the forensic photo................

he's  still smiling , but  he can't see anymore

you've heard the saying --  it takes 13 muscles to smile, and 41 muscles to frown..   but only 2 muscles to flex your arm and bitch slap the person who made  you frown........   ha

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 days jammed into one

i don't know  how many of you  readers are in show-biz,  or  do public speaking, but  thursday was one of those magical moments in life on stage.   a classic old theater, just about sold out, with fantastic positive energy..    a wonderful evening.      that  was the best feeling ever - the applause and cheering at the end.. wow        .  then in the lobby i got more rave reviews and sold a bunch of my crap . 

friday i went to see my buddy  Mark Eddie -  Comedy that Rocks!    at  Latitude 39, up on the north side ,,.. he's  one of THE  nicest show-biz people you'd ever meet.  so i'm feeling pretty good about thursday night , and when i show up  at Latitude  39, they treat me like like im some  kind of superstar.   just awesome!!   i got to spread the food Vs cancer story, and the show was great.

saturday at the "earth job".. i get yelled at by the angry  mob of customers who just can't  handle that the product is so desirable , it's VERY busy and you have to wait ...     .......dreaming about thursday .....

sunday -- even busier , not as much yelling

today , slept way more than i  "had planned" ,, and off to my open mic in just minutes

i'm over the  cancer funk hump, or  
out of the cancer funk  dip ... i'm walking on air ,  the months of trama  are over ,,   yippeee &   finally .. big  sigh  

i feel relieved,,  i beat the experts, i'm still WAY alive , with no health issues... 

health report 

weight   .............. 149
strength .............   A+
attitude ..............  superior
tumor size .........   laughably small
pain....................  .03
overall................     9.4