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Saturday, January 19, 2013

hey , hippe dude

i am not a big fan of winter, but there is one super cool thing i get  to do when it's  cold out...  wear my  otto-hat.. look at this beautiful thing .

years ago, my good friend made these for me .  she made each one different , 10  in all , this is the last one..

i felt super alive tonight,  ,,    even more than that -

 i had a wonderful guitar session  too

in my cancer fight , i am using just about anything i can that doesn't  cost a whole lot of $ , but  it has to grow from the earth.  i'm even using  hokus-pokus , abracadabra, and weird stuff like that..   i keep reading new  books too, and i find out i'm already  doing something the new book recommends.   two thumbs up for me.

health report -

weight ............... 151
attitude .............   zippity-do-da 
pain..................    tiny tiny amount, from the dogs pulling
tumor ...............    smallest yet 
overall .............    9. 63

here is one of my favorite things to listen to when i do my neck traction in the morning.. headphones are needed .  


healing tones, tibetan bells,that kind of stuff,,   they work for me 


Thursday, January 17, 2013

i could have done that

things keep getting better .   it's amazing how different my mind feels compared to last  august..       i like  "time travel" stuff, or  alternate time lines.   what would have  happened if  you did this instead of that?.    there's a zillion choices you've made , and here you are ..  how did you end  up here ? 

you can't change any choices you've made, but you can make sure to learn from them.       or not  repeat a  bad one .     so in essence , a new path can start every second, minute, day , week , month or year, - whatever  time frame you'd  like to be in.     so, actually ,   you are not stuck in a habit,  you chose to keep doing  "it".. 

well that sounds crazy ? right..  a habit is broken when you stop doing it.. some  habits are "harder" than others to stop,  but it all comes down to just deciding to NOT  do something.  

reward yourself with good healthy "prizes"  when you accomplish something..   ice cream used to be  my reward. and i'd get a prize just for thinking of something cool .. all day long , neat thought- have  some ice cream.. this was a bad reward system

now,  when i get an exercise crossed off my daily list, or clean something,  then i get to snuggle  with the two  dogs for a few minutes.  the happy  vibes they give off are like a pint of Len & Terry's buried treasure sherbert  ... but no  muffin top weeks later .

i have really changed my overall attitude about  life.. i'm taking it slower,  i'm not gonna bundle my soul up into a mess about  some  un-forseen future that  won't ever happen..   if i  can spread  some positive vibes ,  give a little cheer and hope to people,  then i think  my  mission is a good healthy one..

today i start by thanking you all for helping me through the biggest challenge so far.   i think we have  it whipped, so that means another challenge will be waiting .  but i'm stronger than ever , and  wiser too, so  no fears my friends..   


Monday, January 14, 2013

ala-ka Zam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

july 27

                                                                                 aug 10th

aug  30th

                                                                               sept 27th

october 10th

october   12 th

                                                                           november 16th

                                                                    december 20th

                                                                              january 6th

                                   6 month time line    diagnosed  july 2nd,,  changed  diet  july  2nd,,
                                                                   saw last doctor July 27th

                               vegetables & vitamins  -  good vibes , prayers, love  & laughter

                              well that should be 8,000  words  of chatter , but i'll keep it  quick... 

                                            the sun is out  today ,   and   i feel  cured..   

sure ,,,,  i had lots  of cancer last year , but this year , ha .. forget about it...

 lets  go eat some  vegetables,        raw  if  possible

my overall was  9.6 yesterday,,   the best ever !!!

 i'm  feeling   kinda  9.62   right  now

Sunday, January 13, 2013

and it just got even better

to me, this cancer threat is over,, no way it's going to kill me, or even hurt me..  i've beat it .. if you ask me .................

i don't want any re-tests by the cancer industry,, i'm done with them.. for  sure

i feel great , my blood  panel test came back - i'm super healthy!!!  no damage done by me with this diet ..  fantastic !!!

today i got to have a good  long visit with my Dad. what a great visit it was..    i am very happy now.

my blog,,,,   i haven't had  too much new stuff daily , so i've missed a few days..    i hope to have more creative stuff to write  about soon.. 

i am planning my first "talk about cancer"  for monday Jan  21st. 8:30 @ the Melody Inn.. same night as my open stage, so please come for my cancer talk, and stick around for the  hilarity and awesomeness of the Open Mic Variety Show..    my presentation will be a basic " how to " get in the mindset  to battle health issues ..   a brief summary of my  fight , and a  Q  & A  from the  audience...  it  will take about  25 minutes ...   i will create an event on facebook for this 

i must give thanks  to everyone who has helped!!!   even if you just THINK a good thought  for me ,  they make their way into my soul ..   positive people bring positive change !!   keep  up  the  good work


weight .................         148
attitude  ...............           A +
pain level ............            0
tumor size ...........           "pez"
overall .................           9 . 6

thanks  to YOU !!  i'm still working this ,, and as a  team , we are winning