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Friday, October 26, 2012

twists & turns

and my fight continues,, 

since i'm doing my own thing, i'm not  getting any bad  vibes  from the cancer industry.  so  "my fight" - the physical part is actually nice, i HAVE to eat these certain foods, but   i have 29 teeth,  so eating is not that hard, my hand puts stuff in my mouth, and i  have at it....    it takes 24 minutes  to make the daily juice, a machine does most of the work,, i do WASH the stuff  first, and  cut the black tops off the carrots.. wow , tough. and my life is saved.....  eat ,vitamins, eat, eat, juice,vitamins, eat, eat, eat,  that's  about  how  "hard" it is...

i saw some people today that i haven't seen in 3 months, (they didn't know he cancer deal) ,,  -- " wow  otto,, long time , you look great, what are  you doing ?" ..............battling cancer with food  & vitamins...
the faces turn sour,,, eeew, cancer? ..  yeah but don't worry   (( then they get the 3 minute summary)).. a few questions later , and I FEEL better , and they are amazed... i guess worldwide, everyone knows someone effected by cancer , but not to many people  know someone who "walked away " from treatment...       i'm some  kind of rebel...  then i remember,  if i was  'being treated'   i probably would not have been talking to these people .. this would  have been week 2 of Chemo,, and after being so sick with the Flu last week, man i'd be feeling super crappy.  BUT I"M NOT !!!


i had to throw in a laugh there . 

well, it seems i'm going to weigh around 145 for a while.. it looks pretty foxy if you ask me, i've been on the weights and i'm kind of ripped, my short pants from last year are two fists too loose...  my muffin top is gone finally ..  i still shake a lot if my feet aren't flat on the ground,  so it wasn't coffee jitters for all these years, it's me. 

here's where the real fight takes place-  in your mind, and your mind is always there, helping,  or punching you in the face.   i get punched  quite often..   stupid cancer, and all that baggage it has, it can fill your mind up with such unhealthy crap.......   then there's the people who are worried about you- which is NICE  to have , i am truely blessed to be loved by so many people ,,,,,, ((some people die a lonely "life" )),  but  what has molded their opinions about cancer??    some are worried because they "heard that" , or  "read something on the internet",  and most of that kind of information is  standard cancer industry folk-lore , or as  i like to say --  propaganda . 

they say you have cancer- they test you- they want to "treat" you, after that , they re-test with machines that may  not be completely accurate,or aggravate the "cancer"  so,,,,,, MORE treatment, you have health insurance-no big deal, what's the problem?   sounds  simple,  what are you walking away for ??      another mind smack

i AM the experiment,  i'm the nutty professor, making my own  sauce, i can SEE it working, i can feel it working,  but i have not designed a "machine" that can spit out some  #'s  to compare to the  cancer industry  machines data.. i don't want to be hooked up to THEIR  machines,  they hurt, they damaged me, i felt like SHIT for 5 days.    so i have to go back to basics- and defend myself against the  "test data people" ..  well  you have no data , how can you prove what  you are doing ???   ..  just take a look !!! ask me how i feel , test my strength ,,  but   don't put SHIT IN my body and say ,, "hey there's some shit  in your body" we saw it on the test. here's the data ...

even i am brainwashed by cancer... i hear the little voice, ""hey bitch,, you have cancer""  - it wants to kill you,  it's not  gonna let up .  YOU CAN"T  do this  yourself, no one does this without doctors. are you some kind of dumbass??, come 'on ,

that non-sense  is in my head..   and  i KNOW i'm right , with my plan, but the crap in the air about cancer, is breathed in  by everyone . even me,,    dang !

if i could  only just keep walking , doing what i'm doing , feeling great , eating right,, thinking positive . with out that cancer voice haunting me... life would be great  

ok great  .. but ,,  are you - mr or mrs reader thinking - if he  had  the right test, the c voice would go away.??. 

pow - right in the brain!

i'm an alcoholic who doesn't drink , 24 years in 2 days, i changed my body into a NO-alcohol system, it  has worked out fine, i just can't put alcohol IN or on my body .  people said i couldn't do it my self, and i did...    if i am STUPID  enough to use alcohol again, well,, i get what i deserve

i got cancer , i changed my body to a NO-cancer system, it is working out fine,  ( 120 days in,)  i just can't put cancer in or on my body .. people said i couldn't do it my self, and i AM ...    if i am STUPID enough to put cancer in my body again,    well, i get what i deserve

great googale moogalee otto !!!!   ya gave me a headache

overall score ....     8.7
weight     ......       141.8
pain       .......        some - from  old neck issues
tumor size .......    laughingly small
strength  .........    feels like 1975
attitude   ......       waiting for  "data"     . 



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

all systems are GO!

cancer update..  it still sucks ...  i'd like to say  "i'm over it",  with a teenage girl voice.  and just be done...  

it doesn't hurt, it's not in the way , i can't see it without pulling some skin tight.   it's still on / in me,,  a pez size & shape is where it's  down to now..    i am confident that it is not spreading,, i've been really  diligent  with the anti-cancer foods & vitamins,, to  me the tumor is  imploding,, if it was getting worse,  my  tonsils would be as big as an apple, and they'd hurt  really bad too..  but they don't and don't . so there

i am behind on seeing the Chiropractor, this is an issue that i didn't expect,, today i could feel those missing visits,,  my neck was a major  pain issue for many years, and to get that  pain  level down to ZERO  for the last 2 years is simply a miracle..  water , and stretching , with traction.. never missing any exercises was a key also ..  

 to me, it's crazy how people  can not  dedicate themselves to a  self-life-saving program...  you have to do this  OR  you  die...   holy-cow,, that's not a hard choice...   and  NO !!  you  can't  "cheat - a little"....   i can't have  "just a 1/2 pint"  of ken & jerky's burried treasure  sherbert, not  today , not ever..  NO more coffee,, no more  boxes  of  nerds...  i choose  life, and a healthy one at that.  i don't get to have  ONE  shot  of  wisky,, because it's been  sooooooooo long

i was talking to a comic last  night, i didn't know  he was a vegetarian  ,, i'm a hyper-vegan,  the common  thought was ,, vegetarian food is  BLAND ,,  and that is almost completely true.. i said   SALT helps,, but people are confused about  salt...  GOOD  quality salt  is good for you....fresh spices  & herbs can  wake  up those taste  buds     AND   ,,  it is nice that no one will ever just eat  your food  , while  you are looking the other way ,,  like drunks  do to each other..   i was a very hungry drunk,,  i'd eat your food in an instant , if you got up to pee.. 

my weight seems to have  leveled off at 145... i replaced the  sweet ass bike with and old schwinn 3 speed , has  two  flats and it still works on the  rollers,,,  how nice is that.. i can get my cardio back up to snuff .. my  NO-fat  body %  looks great,,  i felt like a blob last winter,, and all that is  gone, gone, gone..

attitude - it makes  everything...  i must remember my own teachings,, and THINK of the correct things...   i can't  dwell on the  dumb things that don't matter  ...   i feel great , people love me , i have everything i need  ..   i just have to punch these recurring cancer thoughts in the face.

and today's weather here in Indy !!!  how can anyone feel bad in the  sun at 77 degrees at the end of october ??

ok , that's  the  update ...    i feel fantastic  , i just have to think correctly

and  one  more  thing about  Esperanza..........................
                               here is  Esperanza,  on her home beach of  Viques , Peurto Rico..
                                                            "just  caught"         feb 1998

          she went form this  sunny 80 degree beach,,, to 10 degrees  and SNOW , in 14 hours

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my little buddy

today is the  two years   since my little friend passed away .

Esperanza , pure bred Puerto Rican street Dog...   she was my best friend, we did everything together.   She was such a wonderful car companion.. If you remember me from 54th & Primrose,,  @ the  stop sign,,   .. Esperanza would be sitting on her chain, and i'd be playing guitar in the yard..

she  had no teeth,  just her  crusher's , because she ground them off , with her tennis ball addiction... her  fangs looked liked cartoon hippo teeth, little pegs..  in her older age she ended up wearing  "helping hands",, so she could get in / out of the car , and up  / down the steps..    i could  go on for  days about her .. i'm sure she is watching every move i make,  she's  buried in the yard, so i get to chat with her daily...

                                                      here  she is on her last day

                                                             the  two of  us at the park

                                          her   favorite thing, chasing rocks in the river

ok , go hug someone special...  

cancer update tomorrow

Monday, October 22, 2012

day altered , hill-billy-style

as i was returning home from the dog walk, a crew of  2 trucks  & 4  guys were backing into the driveway,,,  i say wrong house  guys, what are you here to do ?     -   them-  Clean out the house  & yard..

oh  NOT   1810 ,,   1801....   holy shit ............... what if i wasn't home to stop them.. that's right  idiot , the house across the street - the one falling apart, with the door open    1   8   0    1......

so my next 2 hours were ruined, the horrorfing scene that could  have  developed,,, ,,  broken in front  door,  what they would  have  done  with the dogs?????????

when would they  have  figured out ,, wrong house,,,  
 does  our house look like an empty clean out ??,, fresh cut lawn, no dust on the porch,  no fingerprints on the glass storm  door...   wow  i need to calm down

so i'm writing this instead of going over there and asking these stup's , who was gonna figure out wrong house??  .. and  probably get a wrench to my skull...   

 i should just  put it in the  Mr Lucky file?,, as in  LUCKY     I    was home to stop the whole thing  right away ..and  NOTHING  bad  happened

Mr Lucky ...  episode #12 ..  i had a  1970 dodge charger that i slowly rebuilt , before the  "resto-houses"  became available.. i drove it when i wanted to have fun, and go 100, and melt some tires..  it was a BLAST ..  black on black on black.. ..   i get in to go for a  ride,,  start it up, put my foot on the brakes to put it in gear , and  POW  !!!   the pedal goes to the floor ...  a brake line broke,,, still in park, i shut it off......  Mr Lucky,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                   ..............  that could have  happened ten minutes later, on a busy street....    OR  the  DAY BEFORE,,   when i had a passenger...

but it happened  sitting there,,  parked,, how many millions of times had i hit the brakes,, and the exact one that the line  broke on , happened in the driveway...... standing still...... 

now to me,, the  car above looked  like this one below   , in my mind ............................. can  you  see it ...   it just needed  5,000 in body work

yeah,,,  the Sexiest Car  Ever Made...  1970 Doge Charger

ok, i'm  calm,, i'm not  gonna  go get punched, and i am  Mr Lucky again

health report ..

weight  143.7
attitude.  Very Good
pain ..     tiny bit,,,   3 weeks late  for the chiro..   sick last week  , $$ this week
strength .. best ever
tumor size,,,  smallest yet
throat / tonsils,,  no problem

and over the flu in 5  days  total, thank you  food  &  vitamins 

being back to the old job is great, way less stress than before, some new and better systems in place too.   so fantastic !! ..    just got to  get back in better  $$ shape, and  everything will be just great

re-test chatter .. from my cancer friends network, it seems there are  about  6 weeks after radiation, before  any  comparison/ tests are  determined, so i am  two weeks into that window,  with almost no tumor, and great health. 

ok, i must do a good  deed today , to erase my ill will  against the guys who didn't  check the address carefully .. 

out into the SUN we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo.........