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Thursday, April 11, 2013

what a difference

 a year ago i was gearing  up to retire, and  try full time entertainment.  this started the stress factor that ended up setting off my cancer explosion.

now i'm  a chilled , smooth runnin' , no problems mon, holoholo type of  guy

the dogs were going nuts the other night, an opossum was injured and in the next yard.    i gave it some food  & water, it's face was bloody, and it was moving really slow.    the poor thing,  for two days , it barely moved, so i kept  feeding it .  it had a pouch with some babies , and  it just broke my heart.             today , it was walking , slowly , but much better , and i saw one of the babies had died...     i know they are ugly critters,  i just had to help as much as possible..                 i hope to shoo it away tonight,  ZuZu wants to tunnel under the fence, and she  can dig really fast..  

i didn't get to go to New York, but i am going to Vegas at the end of the month to be in a "survivor"   show .. a short  talk about me and i get added to the comedy show too.

so i will have to  face my fear  of  flying  ( the germs on the plane, the  TSA shake-down, and where's my food ? )  ,  man -up and become a big boy for a day .

thanks  to the Food Angel again!!  and to everyone else who has made my progress possible 

i've had a pain in my back, and of course, my mind kicked into the what -if's,,  but i figured it out - it's  mopping the floors at work..  i need to teach a young kid how to .  i'm too old  for  that  stuff

i also figured out the granola mix i really liked  had way too much sugar in it.    it's been two weeks without any of that stuff, and  some chubby weight  melted off..  

i'm also trying to cook less stuff, and  consume more  raw.. 

two thumbs up . !