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Thursday, May 30, 2013

finally over this sickness

that was the worst week ever, but  i'm almost 100 %  now.  i still have one uncomfortable lung, but it doesn't feel like it's full of glass, maybe just bruised.  i weighed in at 139.7 on tuesday morning.   i never thought i'd be  under 140  ever,,  back up to 144 today..  being able to eat all my meals is a wonderful feeling.   

one year ago, i was 3 days away from "retiring" from  working for the man,, and going  full time as an  entertainer.    little  did i know i was  30 days away from a real life changer.    and what an adventure it's been. 

i sure bitched a lot on my blog here ,  but i checked my notes and didn't bitch or complain in person , at  home, at all ..   

i did have  a few  "poor me"  episodes,  a  cancer diagnosis &  mysteries can throw even a positive attitude in the crapper at times.

thanks  again to the food angel !!!!  just in time, again. 

the  summer  comedy drought is upon us.. what  does this  mean ?   ...  " comedy shows"  kind of  go away in the summer months,  the  sun is  still out till 9 :30 , people want to be outside as much as possible, and no one wants to  be inside at  8 pm ..  it's  just a  summer  fact..   

well , i 'm glad to have an air conditioned  job, at a place that just keeps  getting busier every year.   Not too many  work places that have that kind of growth  history..  

june is usually on of my favorite months,  and we're  just  hours away..   it's time to start everything over again.  no  gloom,  no doom,  no "what's gonna happen"  mystery, i  have  11  months  of data,with a  long life planned ahead.

health report 

attitude ................  good , looking bright
weight ..................  144. low but better than 139
strength................   96 %
overall score .........    8 .3

Sunday, May 26, 2013

all this chatter went into space the other day. BOOM

when my blood panel  came back months ago, they warned me NOT to get sick, as my immune system is a bit weak.. , if we all remember i got super  sick in october and had to cancel  5 shows....  

tuesday , i started feeling crappy,,  most likely , microphone flu,,, comics  & entertainers from 100's  of miles  are spewing their germs on mics nationwide.. The Melody Inn has  action every night, so in just one week 96 different people might be unloading whatever they KNOW they  have,  or what the don't know they have .. it's just part of "entertainment".  i have my "own Mic" , but it's been at band  practice, shame on me...
wednesday..  i was certain i was in for a bad ride..  by wednesday night, after work,  i was grieving... total body aches, joint pain everywhere,  massive headache, no energy or strength --- i was sure i was  dying...  the cancer has  gone  &  got me !! .................i had the wildest  fever dreams ever , and woke up  feeling the worst EVER..   this is the first time i've felt bad  since  october .. and i was pretty scared.

thursday...  couldn't eat . or drink without throwing up instantly,  10 % of the exercise program, my head is exploding.. i'm coughing up orange ((  from the carrots? . or are my lungs bleeding ? )).. the achy joint pain has  gone to Def - Con 4.. and i have to  go to work.. at 10:30 am.. this is gonna suck big time... only small sips of water are staying down.. my eyes looked like i was tripping big time, & i couldn't  put basic thoughts together..    and the damn what if's start..    what if my brain is full of cancer,  all of my joints are full of cancer,  &  my lungs are full of cancer.  that's the only way someone can feel this shitty  for sure. NO  food and no pills= NO nutrients ,  and  off to work i go...    luckily ,i was able to leave , shortly after arriving. and was back  home by noon..  i choked  down 1/2 a meal , and as much water as i could  handle, and went to bed..  stayed in bed until friday am.     that's  minus  4 meals and all my suppliments , and no juice too,,  this is really bad.......     more crazy dreams..

friday ,, walking dead.. orange coughing again, my brain felt like it was wrapped in industrial twine. NO energy at all. but i am off , and can stay home in bed all day again... one meal near 6 pm,, no puking !!!  yippee ..   and finally was able to keep down some juice..   30 minutes later, i felt a tiny bit better, but back to bed till saturday morning...  that minus 4 meals again...  dying would have been a blessing, i was really hurting that bad...    and on my mind is Saturday night , the busiest day of the year for us, and it's my  shift. i'm doomed...  you can't call in on the busiest day of the year, are you kidding me..

 8  am   saturday.... i woke a little better, but maybe at 18 % of normal, i am seriously in trouble for the evening.. the food stayed down,  did 30% of exercises, and  had a full  load  of juice  & pills.... my brain is on fire, stayed in bed till 3 pm, got cleaned up , ate , went to work.........   i told the crew is was  sick as hell and they had  to all step up to the A game, as i was only able to help a little bit...  they did great, and i made  it to close = 12:30 am.. whew.. still sick , but improving.  but  back to work  at 10 am  sunday....... crap

sunday , today , i woke up hungry @ 8 am, what a wonderful feeling.
 ate the regular  breakfast, 100% of exercises, and juice. cancer take-over thoughts are gone..  back to work, INDY 500 day,, i just have to make it to 3 pm. i did  have a kinda "big" nosebleed out of nowhere, but it stopped in a few minutes 
 home at 3:40 ,, wow , what a week...  

now more  rest and LOTS of  food, and tonight , my first walk with the  dogs since monday,, lay in the yard chair inside,  and watch the 500..  i should be normal by monday night..

some of you were  thinking , go to the  doctor!!!  well , we all know  how i feel about that , and they would have told me to do what i did.. try to eat , rest, stay calm...   i shouldn't  have worked , but it did force me to  feel better , instead of staying  home and want to die.   

and that was my week,, how was  yours?