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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

get out the party hats

i'm no doctor, i'm  doing this to myself, to myself

sorry about the  gap in blogs,  i wanted to let all those ha ha-s get loose

8 month re-cap...........

first , i feel great..  people say i look good too

2nd.   the mind bending never ending horrible cancer thoughts are starting to diminish....    

even though i know i've got it beat ,  there is still a small lump on my neck.  way smaller than biopsy time.    you can't see it unless you know  exactly where it is..  last May when my lump was this big , i wasn't even worried about it yet.

i saved at least $250,000- 400,000  in medical bills by doing what i've  done.      and my plan is very tasty

sometimes i just want to punch a representative of the cancer industry in the dag gone face.  not from me, but  for all the people who get  into treatment that is going to make them worse..  i made it ,  so i'm good ,, no regrets here  

if i die from cancer, ever , i will be  shocked.. i'd bet on a lightning strike getting me  way before "cancer"  kills me..

i'd love to run into the doctor somewhere where he wasn't at the cancer center , and i wasn't at work,, so we were both  "off the clock" .. i'd like  to calmly ask him -  "do you even wonder how i did it ?  " 

my life is the best it's ever been,,  it's wacky ,  ya  get cancer,,  ooooooooooooooo,, spooky, scary stuff,, everything seems grim to horrible.  for me , the answer, is proper foods and vitamins..  holy crap. and almost instantly i felt way better  
my blood test came back with good results, i really am healthy 

i use to hate reading,, now i kind of like it, thanks cancer!

there is a bunch of loving people out there who are cheering me on, and lifting me up ,, thanks  cancer !!

i feel like i'm 18 again,,    thanks cancer !!!

and now  ! -  ( to me ). i've beat cancer

still  might have some, but it's not an issue.  this is MY opinion, i am no doctor  

the  first 6 months were tough, month 7 was a good turn-around month. february was  hee-larious!!!!  to me anyway..    when the december grapefruit was a pea size lump, i knew i was way up  on my  battle ,, but  since the doc was wrong , maybe  he was wrong about the  time line too.    that's  how the  funky cancer what  if's  work..  so in january, my "grave condition"  month didn't happen,   i knew i was doing great.          no complete cancer take over of my upper body, hilarious.     then  february - " you'll basically be done" month..    i didn't even feel bad.., i feel great.

march 5th ,, wow .  two thumbs up.  GIANT smile on my face.

if i could  split screen my mind from last august / to now,, what a difference.

so thank you !! for wishing me well - it worked. 

now we need to let people know that even in what seems to be the worst thing ever, can be the spring board to wellness and a much better life..

now , i did none of these , so this is speculation 

here's a few good what if's...   
**what if i did sign up for treatment,  and the feeding tube got infected,
 ***what if i lost more weight than  planned, and my radiation mask was loose - making each treatment hit the wrong spot
** what if the chemo did get me "this close to death" and i got that flu in october - like i did
** what if my fillings did 'boil' out of my teeth.  bummer
** what if the  tonsillectomy  went bad 

whew,, pretty close..

rejoice everybody                   it's a great day