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Saturday, August 11, 2012

nice weather

it's been a while since  70*  weather ,,,  that  100 + stuff  was uncool,, so i chilled out ,, took it  easy , 

 i  have a nice   busy week ,,  shows   ,, sunday monday tuesday thursday & saturday,, yay  ,, that will be   some nice healing  energy...

  it's nice  to go out  - --  when i'm home , i'm the cancer  guy ,, even though i know it's  leaving my body ,, i still   am battling ,, so in the  house , i think about it a lot ,, ... maybe i should throw the chair  i was sitting on, when they said i  have  cancer ,  away 

i love  where i live,,  it's fantastic, i like to be here

health report - feel  very good , no pains,,  

no  side effects so far ,,, lost a few pounds,, ugly beard..

Friday, August 10, 2012


 my enemy is  stress,,   an  evil  toxin,, available   anytime !!  and it's accepted ..  no more for me ...

smoooooth  runnin mon ..  glide  with life   - holo-holo... 

health report - feeling good , super  physically ,,top shelf !!!

  some mental  dents,,, but not as bad as July
 then new  tenants behind us have a dog and treat it horribly.. he's scared all the time ,, .. i keep looking out the  window ,, and i have  to "step away" ,, DON'T GET SHITTY ,, cancer loves  shitty     --   too  many   people have no business owning dogs..  

                 actually . little ZuZu  has  come  back to us ,,  what a wild 10 days  for her .. snatched from her yard ,, dropped off in our hood ,, captured by our neighbor , turned over to us,,, 4 days with us ,, 4 days with   "oh we'd love  to have her ",, oops , "gotta  give her  back" ...          well  we LOVE  this little beauty ,,  and  she  gets along with Miss Bella  wonderfully  ..  Heather said i live in a  "house full of bitches"   now .. i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky

i am excited i feel so good, and  stoked about sunday ..  when i went "public" with my cancer , i   thought i might get  more positive juice  to fight ,,, and i was right ..  i had  some  people send me links to things that really  saved my life ..   ...     the  food "miracle"..  no miracle ,, just old facts  you have to "find"....

ok have a great safe weekend ,,   and maybe i'll see you sunday  @ Birdy's    6  - midnight

Thursday, August 9, 2012

life is so different

i have a bunch of  gigs  soon,  what a wonderful deal ,

                                                      i miss my  face,,

          this cancer beard has got to go!!!  ,, i forget i have it , and then later ,  oh yeah that's why  people are calling me Gramps..

my cancer report is - feeling good,, weight  152.1,,    my  other  old neck  problems  are "more healed"  too , with the  new diet..

 , my hands feel great too ---- i haven't rolled or  eaten  a pizza  for  71  days ...   .. world record  for me .. we had pizza  every week , since  1968 in INDY ..

get ready for a great weekend  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

super excited....

....about  sunday..  the amount of positive atmosphere i'm feeling is  just plain sweet.

july sucked ass... it really did .. and  now  i'm pulling out of that funk..  and i feel great ..

so i get to feel fantastic  at my benefit . think about it,,,, . most of the time , the  "benefit-or",   is in less than great shape.. lots of time  the person can't even make it

if i didn't know  me, and i showed up sunday ,, i'd be like  "i thought  that  guy was  supposed to have cancer".. he looks great ,, what's the deal... ?

i get to be my own "doctor" until october16th ,, i'm in good  hands, the prognosis is wonderful..

i did have lots  of tests and see a few doctors, so the  "benefit" is  to help with  the  costs that health insurance won't cover...  

only organic food is well worth the extra  few dollars..  i could  eat for years  for the amount on the bills that will be arriving soon .. dang

ok everybody ,, take 7 super giant deep breaths,,   that feels great ,,,,doesn't it ..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

progress report

tumor  -                       WAY  SMALLER
how i feel -                   GREAT

weight 156.2    seven days in a row

this is the week i would have  had  my Radiation "mask" made,, with treatments starting next week,,

                                                      my right  side almost as small as left

 the  Radiologist called today ,, he was  worried about my  "holistic" decision... he was really nice,, and we will meet in october to see what my progress is ...  his prediction is that my tumor  will be GIANT, and the  cancer will take over my throat, mouth, neck, and invade my head too.- in 6  to 9 months ...   he is puzzled by my report of the tumor almost non-visible,,  he  saw the  BURGER BUN  size after the  PET  scan..

i am sending this  guy a written thank you  note...  he really  seems  to care  about my health,, and that deserves a gold star

ok   see you  all on sunday

Monday, August 6, 2012


this week i had no cancer doctors scheduled,,  what a great feeling,,  i did  go to the dentist , but i was a week  early .. 

i feel  fantastic,  i'd look great too , without the  go-tee, which is  turning  blue ..eeek

gearing up for  Sunday !!!  it's  gonna be fun

Bella, our  superdog , caught a cold from the  rescued  visitor last week ,, and had  huge  eye goobers this morning,, some  good  eye drops cleared her up

this is the week i would  have  had my radiation Mask  made , for next weeks  start of radiation ..
and  i am not having issues with the feeding tube i don't have .. man i would have been a grumpy-gus about that .

ok , feeling great ,, tumor is smaller again today ,   really !!!

i feel like i dodged  a bullet ,, whew

Sunday, August 5, 2012

next sunday

nothing  "creative " today.. we  had a family event ,, it was nice,  they got to see how  healthy  & up  beat i am .. i don't look like a cancer victim  

so  NEXT  SUNDAY -- 

my friend  D Roc  / Bullett Proof  Soul ..   is throwing a benefit show for me at  Birdy's .. 71st & Keystone  sunday  aug 12th  , 6 pm to midnight...  many bands  and comics are donating their talents  for a night of rocking good fun...  i'm raffling off a super Kool  Hot Rod Bicycle ,, .. there will be a donations bucket for my medical expenses and organic vegetables..   i'll be  selling my weird  merch too..  

come by , even if just for a positive moment ,, and see with your own eyes  how i am  kicking cancer's ass ..  if you've been worried about me , ,, here's  a great chance to see how fantastic i'm doing ..  so turn those worries into positive molecules