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Friday, May 3, 2013

10 month re-cap

10 months since diagnosis , and what  have i learned.....

positive energy is the key to recovery / healing

what you think, you become

some things  you  can't  do alone

my body is stronger than my mind  


now  some blabbin'

physically , the last 10 months  have been great .   i  only  put  good stuff inside me ,  exercised and stretched .  i feel  way better than i ever have , and i'm in no pain...  not bad for a kid my age. 

mentally , what a nightmare. all self induced..   10 months ago  i was freakin out big time.  not because i thought i was gonna die, i thought  i was going to be in a lot of pain.   cancer spreads , your body hurts, i didn't want any of that.

so my mind trip , you couldn't see it on me.     i did  turn orange from the foods  & the sun,  other than that , i looked  better  quickly.   i  used the blog to unleash my  emotions .   if i tried to keep  all that crap inside , or to my self , i surely would have  crumbled into a poison soaked mess.        and  you   got to read all about it      

   the roller coaster  cancer puts you on is  terrifying ..    the clinky , ca-chunk of that slow uphill.. that's like seeing the doctors and doing research.      then the pause at the top,,    . and  release.....
       what's gonna happen ????...    and  i chose   the  "no seat-bar" car  , so to speak.   and yes,  the first hill , scary as hell..      each  dip  and  hill , loop , and tight turn was  another month gone, and i felt better, less scared . .      now , it's May ,, i feel like the coaster is  slowing down to stop.   i've got my hands  up , a big smile on my face..  almost thinking - that was fun.......              i'm gonna get off this scary ride,  and enjoy the rest  of the park...   but  i do have that snapshot of my face on that first hill,  it's not  laughing.....

what's  bad  about the coaster slowing to a stop , is ,  that a whole new load of people are going to get on. 

this  ride should have  been closed  50 years ago.................

and here's my new haircut..

                           i will have  gray side walls now 

ok , thanks  for playing along




Wednesday, May 1, 2013

another new month

may 1st ..  my sister Mary passed away in 2010.  i wrote about her before , it was her birthday in october.   She  had  lung cancer .    I would have to guess that when my family  heard i had cancer , they thought i was doomed. 

i gave myself a nice summer haircut today.   my hair is almost impossible  to mess up..  i can adjust it in a few days.  

last May 1st   i was   30 days from retiring,   starting the stress nightmare that  triggered my cancer.    today i was out in the  yard in the sun with the dogs.   i am expecting to start turning orange again soon , maybe not as bad as last year,  now that i'm 10 months into  juicing

my recent mind boggling battle is about  comedy, i   " got out of line "  so to speak, and had to stay  home  to beat cancer.. so i'm out of the  loop.   hence  not too many shows booked as of today, bummer 

 i do  really enjoy being home , it's really nice here. 
 the dogs are constant entertainment.    although i am the  ""asshole  with 2 pit-bulls""  when we  go walking.   i can feel the vibe from some of the people looking out their windows.    sometimes  Bella  & Zuzu  start fighting each other  on the walk, when they get crazy about  another dog...     then i know i can feel people thinking ---- --  { great- there's  douchy with the 2 dogs , and  NOW they are fighting }   oh  boy 

tomorrow is  10 months since diagnosis.. what a ride it's been ,,

no fears.. it's   a cake walk now 


Monday, April 29, 2013

indy to vegas on $6.56

 my Vegas trip ..............

my wonderful sister set me up with tickets on Southwest. i had not flown since 1998, and was expecting a horrible  experience with the TSA..  i had my food , and my merch  ( magnets & lug nuts with wires stuck in them, and DVDs ) , and some clothes.  they opened it up in Indy , and looked a bit , and it was ok to go.    my guitar  was "checked " and went into the underbelly.. i took the old black one,  just in case............   i brought some hemp/flax/seed granola with raisins, 6 bananas, and 2 avocados ,  for  30 hours , and my vitamins.    i chugged a big 'ole jar of  carrot juice , right before i walked into the airport.. 

bottle of water $ 2.56

the plane was packed,  but it was pleasant ,  4 hours , and i slept some .. 

landing is always a good thing .. yay ..

they broke my guitar case in one spot ,, and they did open it also , so  good thing i had old Blackie in there..  the wasburn might  have  been another story. 

free shuttle to the Hilton Gardens. $ 2 tip .    85 and sunny !!!  palm trees everywhere , super cool ..  not close to "the Strip" , but just across the street from the venue..  my Vegas contact Matt , was a brain injury survivor,  i will blog about his story another  time, it is  unbelievable .  He was  so inspiring,,  the minute i started talking to him.   we hung out till show  time.

Deborah, the show  organizer was another amazing person .  I'm so lucky to have met the people involved with the show.

they truely were survivors,,  i felt like a puss,, all i did , actually since July,  was eat vegetables  .      and  complain

The  Copa Room ,, super swanky, and the event was  powerfully positive.   more than  fantastic. 

after the show we chatted more,  their stories were  mind-blowing

went to bed, got up at 9,, had my last avocado, one  banana and some granola.. .. 

talked to Matt a bit more , and caught the shuttle back to the airport at 10 am  $ 2 tip

breezed right through TSA in Vegas,  kinda empty plane, left Vegas  at 12:45 , and landed in Indy at 7 :20

they   broke the guitar case ,       again,     in another spot..  damn..

trip review - wonderful ..  erased my "fear" of the flying experience,  and  being away from my Juicer & home.
spent  $ 6 .56

to make  wonderful better .  yes that's right , to make the trip even more  fantastic -   an old friend who i had not seen or talked  with for may years was in Indy , near the airport, with 2  other  old  friends, and they picked me up ..   we got to visit for a few hours

when he called and we knew we could meet up,  i said i  had something that might kinda blow their minds...

minds  blown ...indeed..

before i said anything about my deal, i asked them , how  do i look ??    ......  besides the  small amount of gray hair - almost exactly the same.                       it's been  14 years

we took a group photo, i told them , in the future ,,  when you look at this ,  if i start to fade out of it,, call me , and i'll eat some broccoli real quick. 

my life is so much better than compared to last April / may.

the diet  has  helped ,,   but   it's  the loving people who have carried me  along ,  is what  has  really   fixed me.

health report 

attitude .                new - recharged
pain  .                     .oo1
strength                 top notch
overall                   9.5 

i craved the carrot juice , and the vegetables , even just for those  30 hours..  yesterday -  drank a big jug , and had this fruit lunch today ..  feeling  like a  Top Fuel Dragster

 one apple - THE WHOLE thing - yes the core and SEEDS
one banana 
one cup of fresh pineapple 

try the cilantro on some fruit ..  it's good for you , and you'll go  

hmmmmmmm   that's  pretty  good