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Sunday, August 4, 2013

written friday , posted today

have you heard of the Law  Of Attraction ? 

there are many  youtube videos about it..    a quick explanation is -   what or  how  you think about things brings them to you ..  if you are always negative, and complaining, well you are going to be stuck at red lights, late for something important , or "always getting screwed over" .        if you are always positive, well  positive things will happen for you.   you might think this  is  Hokas-Pokas , or  way out there, but it's not .. 

here are a couple  examples that happened to me recently.  
*  there's  3 guys who run comedy shows all around indiana. they have used me before , but not for a long  time  ( the dude has cancer ? )..  so on my walks 2 weeks ago,  i'm thinking , "man it would be great to get these guys together and  ask them for some  gigs."    The next day i get a text from one of them , to see if i could be in a low pay show nearby .  YES SIR !!!  , and who else is on the line up ?? the other  2  guys..   so the other day the  show  happened , they got to see me work through one of the worst comedy room set ups ever..  simply brutal , as some comedy is.. will i get a gig from these  guys ??  i think so .........

* i'm always looking around the internet for  similar cancer stories as mine ,,  just days ago , i found that  Chris beat cancer . com  site  and put it in my last blog.   TODAY - my sister calls and says "there is a guy on Rikki Lake talking about  how he beat cancer like  you " .  i flip on the  TV and there he is !!!  .    amazing 

* i  run low on $$ a lot , my food bill is about $600 + a month,, i've walked into  Pogues Run Grocery with  a bag of change  ( quarters  &  dimes) a few times.  thinking  i'm only going to get a few potatoes and a tomato - and the clerk says - " hey  otto - someone  loaded a gift card  for  you "   (( the  Food Angel ! -  i have thanked many times ))

*  i still do charity events for free.  it's great to get something - gas  money  or $50 , but  many times  there is no pay . charity events are  usually full of LOVE , and that's a good  pay in itself --   these are usually really good  for the Law Of Attraction.  i did the Soda-Fest a few weeks ago, and  a few days after i was contacted for a good paying gig in september  buy one of the  organizers. .

so  give it a try ,, when you feel yourself thinking something negative,, flip over to a positive .  people  love you !!  remember that ..