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Saturday, October 20, 2012

satruday night already

that flu erased my mind..  i'm 99%  today....

if you know what a paddle ball is,,  the ball attached to a paddle,, you hit it away and it sproings back,, all the kids in the  50's had them...      imagine your brain is the  paddle , and cancer thoughts are the ball.. bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam ba bam bam bam ,,bam bam bam bam bam bam bam...   all day long

if my mind gets stuck on tumorville,, then i can at least do physical stuff, like  clean the house , practice guitar, walk the dogs, ..our 2 dogs are  so enjoyable, they are an easy escape to happy  land.     they like to charge into my room,  and lick my face - . i'm all under the covers, just my face  showing .. it's like a thrill show,, i don't know if they are gonna bite my face off  , or just give me big smiley faces.. they play so hard sometimes

thanks for hanging on with me about this cancer deal... i don't know  if any of you have tweaked your diets or what not, or looked up  anything food Vs Cancer stuff...  i just recommend if you are reading this  to  take a minute and ask.......... what little thing you  do or like , could seem  small or innocent, could you  eliminate or cut down on,, so YOU  don't end up  writing a  stupid blog....

start with soda, or  sugar,, or anything.. whatever you pick,, google  "dangers of ________"  , and  who knows ,,  maybe a really great change will  happen...

i'm so glad i'm eating the way i am now, i can't wait to eat , and i can eat all i want , and right now i am eating MORE than  i want..  

i am blessed in so many ways , my life is great ,  the best friends & family !!  love everywhere, i love  doing  what i do.     and then something that will kinda  kill you jumps on,, and  you're like   daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn,, wtf.. can't catch a break...     so i'm being a pissy little  whiner lately,," i don't want cancer" --  said with a sour face  ,like a five year old

trying to keep on all the great aspects of my life, that's what i've  got to focus on,, and  then   bam bam  bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

actual feelings Vs. test 'results"

flu  - be  -gone,,,  poof ,,  i feel almost totally ok.   i was able to make  tonight's show,   that helped  a lot. if i stayed  home , i would have  been  "sick guy" for another 24 hours.. ...the comics in town sure are nice to me.. what a good boost of positive vibes tonight..

all my chatter about a re-test ,, and  then  NOT  having one,,  is  getting me some  grief .  the general brainwashing that most people have about cancer is bumming me  out..  

my results are fantastic, i feel great, i still have a  super small tumor,  and the  "primary cancer" ,,is  still a  "might be " situation.. ...  

i'm gonna stay on my path, no chopping , no horrible chemicals ,,  no  lets  "try this" on my watch .

i should be able to get back up to 150 in a day or two..

and the doctor who said X,Y , and  Z will likely   happen , was completely wrong.

i' a bit  grumpy about the cancer today. sorry

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

dont get the flu !

i thought  i was a bad ass, but this  flu-thingy has got me down...  i could barely hang on to the dogs for their walk today.. i had to cancel monday , last night  and tonight ,,so  now i have  " oh crap i canceled a gig ", bad feelings.....  but i didn't spread any of this , so that's a good thing.

i was  a whopping 143.8 today.  the bad sweats are  over,  my mind is all rattled...can't even think through the easiest task.

thanks for the good vibes..  

back to normal thursday.. i hope  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

not often do i get sick

this is the first time since diagnosis that i dont feel fantastic ....

 i got  the  flu , maybe  from the  return to working ...  yesterday it crushed me , and today it is still  keeping me  down.  i had to   sub out my duties last night,, and  tonight   i have  to stay  home  too...

it  would be   horrible  if i did the show and got anyone  else  sick.. those  Mics are  not the cleanest things in town...  i don't  want to put these germs on a Mic and then hand it to someone.....   (( Birdy's  actually cleans their  Mics))   ..  most smell like stale beer & rotten ass..  i always  have a clean one with me ,  just in case ..

i lost   ten pounds  since  sunday ,,, ...   this is almost beyond  belief...   i got on and off  3 times to make sure..  i've been eating much more  on purpose.. i missed a couple meals monday ~ flu..  i still did all my exercises,,   but the  dogs  got  jipped out of their  morning walk...

every sunday  -   for years  i go to my brothers house  for sports  and  sunday food ,, the best food all week comes from his  house...   now i've  got this super refined  diet , so most of the stuff i used to gobble  down is off the list..  look at this  tasty stuff .............................
he had  wings going and added the potatos
and  asparagus  for me .................................
so those  were oh so yummy , but i did  something kinda stupid,, i had a dinner  roll with just a smidge  of  butter on it....    BAD  IDEA !!!!!!     2 hours  later i was burping the most foul disgusting taste  ever.....   my body was asking   ""what in the  HELL was that????  -  YOU KNOW   taste  buds are  in 2nd place , behind nutrient   intake !!!!!""....

today  would have been the  "re-test " day  ,,   i feel better  NOT  going in for  it ,,,  he doctor  did   call last friday , i hope to talk to him wednesday...  i still have  cancer ,, it's a little  pez  size  blob now, and it keeps getting thinner  & longer,, kinda keels like a  fat vein  now, with a hard bump .

i need to keep focused on staying ON the food  diet  - NO CHEATING !!!!
i have not suffered any side effects,,  

ok i missed yesterday because of the being sick,, 

stay positive,,, be careful out there, wash your hands  more than you  want to 

back to bed i go

Sunday, October 14, 2012

hey nice set , that was great

i missed a day of blogging yesterday..nothing  terrible happened

so , we're back today. 

last night we went to Radio Radio and saw  J D McPherson... holy cow did they tear the place  up !!
the guy  wasn't feeling well at all, and still  destroyed the place..  this  song  had the place jumpin' !!!


if  you like  traditional "rock n roll" from the  50's ,  these guys  have it .

and like  i put at the  end of the blog the other day ,  i DID    walk across the room  and tell as many band members from each band ,,           " hey  great job, really loved it !"       and    it made them really feel good.... 

when i do a show,, and someone  takes the time to walk    A  L  L  the  W A Y   across the room to give me  a compliment,, wow !!!!   that is  a jolt of  good vibes you can't measure  ..

 one  night , i was  putting my guitar  back in the case , and this guy says ... "you  can't just put that away, that case will catch on  fire,,  that guitar is still  too hot "..

and one of these--   from an old lady -     " i liked the guitar & the bell" .. i say - "so i shouldn't have  said anything?"      old  lady , "yeah , that would have been better"  ,  &   gives me pinch on cheek

and one of these recently --  from a   working  Man type of  guy --  " you know that that  bell makes  those  crappy jokes kinda  funny .  did you ever think of that ? "

and just once ,   " you should  use that song for your act ,  you know -  Get in the Zone , the auto  Zone"    .............  i had  fun with this guy , but can't type it here,, ask me in person sometime

but the best was in 2006 , an older lady USING A WALKER  , inched over to me , Tim Conway style,  got  right in front  of  me , and  did the   "strong arms"   pose ...  and  laughed ...    

             one  of these ..........................
                                 and then said  ,  "you're a nice  boy " .. 

4  shows this week,

  MONDAY -my monthly room , 3rd monday each month - otto's funhouse @  the  melody inn 9pm

Tuesday   .  Daddy Real's Place ,  96th st.  GONG SHOW  , otto host's , gonna be wacky  8 pm

WED- Muncie  ,  King of indiana Comedy contest , qualifier round  .  @Comedy Mosh Pit 9pm
                       my return to the Mosh Pit , it's been  almost 2 years..

THrs   White Rabbit  -Indy .. Dead Comics  Showcase.. otto as joey Bishop ,  12 other dead                   superstar comics will be there   8pm ...

each of these shows are completely different ..  if  you come to any of them, i will give  you  a prize, , claim it at the show..

ok health report ...

 it happened,, i hit  144.7  ...   under  145...   so i  ate  6 times  the last  2 days ,   152.4  this morning

attitude =   really good , positive, smiley,  gigglin' a lot

strength =   best ever

pain =      teeeenie bit , i'm a week late to the chiro..

over-all   score       9+

the  oncology lab is on my voice mail, i will listen to that tonight,,  i saw it late friday evening , and didn't want it to possibly alter the  nice weekend i d had ..

and more good stuff , 14 days till      24  years  sober !!!!!!!!!!!,,,
sober &  the new  food plan,,  look who's gonna live til  he's 135 ... "strong arms"   guy