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Monday, August 18, 2014

monday the 18, not the 10th

i'm a bit late ,, ( aug 10 )  but here is the tumor  one week later

it  is just a bit smaller,, it is crawling around to the back of my neck.. the worst part is it is trying to  get under my ear, in the jaw /skull / joint.  that's really painful.  

having pain pills is like taking the battery out of the smoke alarm , if you know what i mean.. but without them there is no way i can heal..  this blob gets really painful , like 12 on the 10 scale..   i was given 60 pills  for  30 days = 2 a day.  i've only had 1/2 a pill a a time X 4 times a day = 2.. some nights i needed another 1/2,  so i'm  gonna be  6 days short.  bummer.

 i saw the pain doc early, no problem .  now i have  4 per day..  

  this  good  / bad  deal  with  pain pills.   good to have no pain ,,   BAD  to take them..  i will carefully monitor  this .   i do  not want to get hooked on these  or other stuff. 

i know what it feels like to have cancer pain now.  i was  super lucky those first 24 months..

i am fully confident to beat this again. i need to calm down , and  do less. 

health report :

weight          140
strength        A
attitude         good,   with  bad   pain spikes
tumor            large  & moving to the back of my neck

sunday  12:02 am .. 

now it's monday morning , i had trouble publishing this .my old computer  was stuck,,