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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

nothing exciting

finally the warm weather has arrived ( maybe ) .  i feel so much better outside. no computer , tv, .. the guitar goes outside , and every thing is fantastic.         when i lived at 54th & primrose, a 4 way stop sign, i played guitar for hours in the yard , with esperanza sitting next to me.    many of the people driving by would be freaked out, but  lots of people  honked and waved with big smiles..

i've been just relaxing lately, i don't feel super-creative,  so i'm enjoying  life in 24 hour segments.    for years i've been going full blast towards some comic goal,  and i'm learning how to  less-stress that adventure.

felling good,  everything is a ok !

weight     148
strength    ++
pain         .03
attitude    better

overall      9.2