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Saturday, July 7, 2012

two free days

i didn't  get the referral to the oncologist on thursday  or friday , so i'm not  going to think about  this  crap for 2 days,, i can re-cancer on monday morning...           tonight i get to be in a  cool Burlesque Variety Show,, dang if it's 105 outside. i don't have  air conditioning in my car  "it  came from Maine"  so it's doesn't  even have a button...   stay  cool everyone,, drink lots  of  water

Friday, July 6, 2012

nothing to see here

no medical news,,, a waiting game, and my guess i  was  pushed  aside by the  July 4th holiday.  thanks for everyone's support , the team is growing . my new comedy  "tour name"   will  be  ........  Humor Vs Tumor  .. come  on !!.. ......................  my new situation  gives me a reason to never miss any  vitamins , or any exercises,  especially the stretching ., and  every meal is  correct...  stress  really bundles me up    .                     . i did  bail on  a contest in Dayton tonight, i canceled monday when the news  hit,, i didn't think i'd be "one fire"  like normal,,   i get to play a music  set  tomorrow, in Kokomo , that will be super fun...      i type  like  i talk ,, horribly

Thursday, July 5, 2012

people freak out

i am surprised  how people freak out when you tell them  ya just found out  you have cancer.. it's like  you are  inviting them to the funeral..            no news on the treatment side of the story today, i'm waiting for a referral to an oncologist.     my dream is  to  have a doctor say - "we'll just cut that  blob off , and  go from there"    ....     it has been a stress full few days.  i'm already  "over it" -  but  i guess  it hasn't really started..     ...         i may have sealed my doom with merchandise  - as a "joke" ,,  i've been selling tickets to my funeral for a few years, they are refrigerator magnets . ticket holders  get an elephant ear , some paint to paint my coffin, and there will be a jart's  field .  those might be valid  way before i planned

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

they told me i have cancer

Squamous carcinoma,, look it up if you want to .. i guess im in "the sytsem" now ...   the first doctor wants to chop me up right away..   THEN   go see a tumor expert??  what ??.. this is day "3" ...    i'm still kinda freaked out, my family is on board.. i hope to post daily . even if just a small blip