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Saturday, March 16, 2013

more goodness

i found another great website , if you know someone dealing with cancer , pass this page on to them . 


i  just  got it sent  to me yesterday ,  i wish i found this one back in july ,, no problem,,  i am super  OK !!

last nights show was at the Elks in Robinson  Ill..  another  sold out big room.. fantastic positive energy...  the  show  biz high  was huge .

i got to chat with some people about what i am doing , they were amazed,, as in , didn't know anything about food stopping cancer.

i am  feeling so alive ,, 

have a safe  St patty's  day & night !!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

oh lookie !!

and here  it is  folks,, the grapefruit ... 

 imagine if  my tumor  did get this big ,, holy crap...

 i was at costco getting carrots, and  just  had  to size  up  this little beauty.. 

if  i have any cancer issues in the future i will  have to blame  the PET scan,, that dang thing was even worse than i originally thought...   if  you know anyone who might be scheduled  for one of these , make  sure they look up what they are in  for..  i was warned, but  didn't  research it  enough...

check it  out   biopsy day , june 22nd .  

still  have not  swapped  diet , and  now  i'm waiting  for results about this

day before  PET  scan  july 21st ,, i've been on the  diet  for 18 days

3  hours  after PET scan

 the next day ...
it  gets  a bit  bigger , then i see the  radiologist on July  27th

he  said  his machine  could not have made  my tumor bigger , and  i needed  chemo

health report

weight                   149
attitude                   getting really  great
pain                        .001
strength                  best
tumor  size             smallest , and extra  wiggly

overall  score         9.7   


Monday, March 11, 2013

winner winner chiken dinner

try this,   think of the best you've ever felt..   was it for seconds , or minutes?  maybe it was years... was it from "winning"  something? or just an accomplishment ??  sit  back,, take a few  seconds and really think -  what is the best  you've ever felt ?  maybe it was another person.  what ever it might be,, try to get "there" now.   to that happy place , it's there  waiting...............relax.. really think

ok , that feels good, add a few nice slow deep breaths,, bingo

as you searched for the  best you ever  felt , many  nice memories popped up.   like the tops of  mountains, these happy  moments / feelings are always available. 

last night , the positive energy from the crowd was just mind blowing.. this show ..  

it's an easy gig if you are in a show  with Dave "the king " Wilson,, so the place was packed. 

anyway.. what i am trying to say is that i have been  dancing on happy mountain tops  since  March. 

   if i have some nice  calm breathing, this power full smile starts to take over my whole face.   if i flip my mind from july to now , back n forth, like a thick  book,  it makes me laugh to know i wasted so much thought and energy on doom & gloom from the  cancer.  i  instantly started feeling better        ( with the diet fine tuning) , so my whole battle was mental,,and a mental battle  for me can be quite  involved .. and now it's  all getting kinda  funny

i wish   someone  handed me a slip of paper that said , -- eat all of this , and in 9 months you'll be in the best  health ever , don't  worry about  it ,,               maybe if Mr Fong would have made me a special fortune cookie,  

i guess to sum up , i feel like i've won the Indy 500, and it's starting to soak in

keep sending the good  vibes,, if my cancer battle was a show car, we'd be wet sanding it...   all that's left is the buffing  

 and to my Hungarian friends  - egeszseges napot kivanok!