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Saturday, March 23, 2013

no title

i had to take a break from the  blog.  but i'm back.

since diagnosis, i've learned that some people are just wonderful.   so many folks  have  helped me, it's mind blowing.

i was ready to get settled into nice warm spring weather , but  that is on hold for a few days..  april  &  may will be really nice this year,  last year i was a spooled up about  retiring, which set off the  dang cancer.   

i 've been trying to relax, and stay in the present,, no futuristic plans to stress me out ..  i'm ready to start doing 20 plus gigs a month again

my life is really nice right now,, this will be a much better summer than last year , but i will be working, and not just laying in the yard , turning orange 


Monday, March 18, 2013

i got a bit off center

my mind is getting much better. finally

i must apologize to any one who i may have hurt with my opinions about  cancer treatment.   i posted a lot of unqualified thoughts,, my opinions.  

i started the blog  to get this stuff out of my  head and so people could keep up with what i was  going through..  

i certainly didn't want to make any one feel bad,  or scare somebody with my thoughts.

so i feel very good,  it's got to be the diet and all the positive vibes from everyone.  thank you

" you can feel real good, and have a shit load of cancer in you " ..  this was  told to me from a cancer survivor, . 

 i will keep all future posts positive