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Friday, September 19, 2014

more results

welcome back, i'm really tired, so i'll keep this  quick.

took the Ct scan on wed, saw the next doctor today. 

here is the summation, more details as the arrive next week.  

i see another doctor next tuesday , then i will most likely have surgery  the week of sept 29th.  

the big tumor will be removed  , as well as the bad tonsil and tissue in throat. the skin over the tumor will have to be replaced with a skin graft.   i will likely have both "trac"  and feeding tube for a while . there  might be some nerve damage, but everything looks like it will be  a  ok in a few months..

hospital for a week, home for a week , then maybe ease into working

my personal time line of having this blob gone in october has expired.  outside help is needed. 

my BIG fear is getting an infection while hospitalized.  other than that , i think it will all go without a glitch

here's a pic from the other night.. wow !!

                      it's like a little coal furnace

ok that's it for now...            

 recap-  one more doctor, then surgery & rehab.    fear of infection..  feeling very positive

and i sincerely thank you for the positive vibes & prayers, i would have been gone a long time ago with out you all