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Friday, October 12, 2012

weekend update

i feel real close to normal ,  being back to work is really helping ,, 

in 2 weeks i should be feeling fantastic,, i will be  re-settled into my life,,    MY  new  awesome healthy life ,, 

not   "cancer otto,"     i will still be fighting cancer, but the end of the tunnel seems to be  in sight ,,  not like the feelings when it all started .

ok that's it for today 

have a great weekend

go see a local band, or entertainer, and after their set ,, actually walk up to them and say , "hey , that was great "    that will spread some joy  for sure 

thumbs up twice 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

i forgot to hit publish

 i feel great , things are super !  not much to say today ..

if you have netflix, watch          Food Matters...           if you've seen it ,, watch it again, instead of  some crappy sit-com..  lucky for me , i had seen this movie  before  i "got cancer"...    because  of this movie , i watched  HOURS  of  other food &  nutrition  movies,, all that is saving me  today

here's  the only youtube link i could find,,  it has  subtitles in arabic? ,, but you can still watch it


the  Gerson Miracle ,  also fantastic..  this is  the main source of my diet  ideas

and this one helped me think about the chemical side of treatment, and  the courtroom footage will just blow you mind..    something is  wrong with  the "health system"



if you watch  enough  of these types of movies ,,,  or hopefully just these three,, you will  understand  how i decided to "walk away "   from  "treatment" ..

i HAD  to try food  & vitamins , for the same amount of time they were going to radiate me  FIRST,,,  then think  about  traditional treatment ,,  if the food deal failed...

it was 8 weeks  of  food , vitamins  & good  vibes  =   look at the pics and i feel fantastic


8 weeks  of treatment and the  side effects   ...

i don't want to offend anyone but  ,  i think to just sign on to treatment, it horribly stupid...  

they tell you  you have  X amount of time  left ,, how  do they know  that ,, ?  ,, so why NOT  try  everything   YOU think might  help ,,,   heck,, you're  only messing  with  X  amount of time .. GO FOR IT !!!!   if  you're  wrong , the cancer center will   let you back in..

so watch some movies,,  and believe in yourself


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

no test next week

 for weeks,  i was writing about the  "re-test" and that date - october 16th.    that is next tuesday..  i'm not  going back for a "re-test" on that date .  

#1 , i cant afford it.  sure  health insurance will cover a good portion of it , but i don't have that $$.   I'd rather  "eat"  that $$--  as in  food  & vitamins.

#2,  i will still have  some cancer in me next tuesday, so why let them "re-propaganda"  me,  and maybe even scare me again.

#3,  if i was "in treatment"  , i'd be very  damaged buy now,  and i am not  damaged at all  under "my"  care.  so i am WAY  ahead of their  prognosis...  and they would still offer me "treatment" if i wanted -  Chemo - " to make sure " the cancer  will be  taken away

#4 , the cancer center , even with all the flowers and art on the walls, is a negative place ( for me) ,,, i DO NOT  need any negative energy ..  i am so close to to feeling  "cured" . 

#5 .  the  doctor  i NEED to see  a.s.a.p. is the one who can do blood work, and tell me what my self imposed  diet  is  actually  doing to me .   i feel great , but i am not certain that i am as healthy  as  i feel...   sure i've almost erased my tumor, but  what is going on with my other  organs ??   i haven't  lost any  muscle-mass, just "fat" , and my strength is  better than before cancer.

the  stress factor of not working is over ,  i'm back to work with both my "earth job" - ( pays most of my bills,and i can dig out of this $$ hole i'm in )    and  my comedy career.  NOT  working , and NOT  doing any show-biz work  had me on the edge of being really bummed out.. i was just  the cancer guy --    

as the cancer guy- i've done  very well,,  i kept my good attitude , got  EVEN healthier than i ever imagined i'd be ,, and    i made  95 %  of the tumor  go away..  i have a new  outlook on life,  much better than before ,  i really know what is important  now ..  -  staying healthy , remaining positive, and slowly getting my story out..     i don't know if other people can do what i've  done ,  but at least  i have documented PROOF that  "my " 8 weeks of treatment , gave me better results then  what the cancer center would have done.   

Chemo was on their  list , supposed to start monday the  15th,,   for  7 weeks   , ending december 1st ...   maybe  , and that's a "maybe",,  they will  want to see me  early in december, to compare what i've done , against what they thought they were going to do ...........................   first comparison will be  side effects  Vs  side effects,, and  i am going to win that one  hands  down. 

summing up,,   i have crossed over to the  good side of my brain, i have enough positive results to not be afraid of the cancer any more..  it's on me , but not spreading, so who cares... and now  you can't even see it , even if you know where it is...     

 grapefruit by december ?????? , that's 21 days away .. it better start growing quick...

thanks to all the readers,,  i've been a bitch at times,  angry, and scared..   i thought  i was doomed, like anyone would , with a cancer diagnosis...  that word usually  brings  up  bad thoughts...  i lucked out ( so far) ..  i am confident that i will be  a-ok , clear by january,,  and if not ,,  then i stay on this lifestyle change and be forever healthy... 

 that's a good result  -  forever healthy .   and  happy on top of that .   

                               october 10th

                                            july   27th 
              65 days ....
                                           ding !! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

thanks for your help !

things  are  getting better  daily ,, whew ,, it's been a while..

i have a nice  "day" job again,   the gigs are starting to fall into my schedule.

my weight  loss has been an issue , for  me,,     i started at 162 + , and am down to 148  ,,  no crappy foods ,,,,  i have to eat a LOT . i found this  ( below ) yesterday ..  this might be  me ??

CACHEXIA (Wasting/Rapid Weight Loss)

Cachexia is loss of weight, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness and significant loss of appetite in someone who is not actively trying to lose weight, and is frequently seen in cancer, especially advanced cancers, HIV/AIDS and other conditions.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), can help prevent cachexia and is considered an essential complimentary supplement to oleander in general. Other items that may may help combat cachexia are coconut oil and especially Garden of Life`s Primal Defense, a natural blend of 12 species of probiotics and Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSOs). It helps support normal gastrointestinal balance of good and potentially harmful bacteria, and maximizes the benefits of a healthy diet by supporting normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the gut.

naturalnews.com    has been really helpful  , for  ME ,,  remember , i'm a rebel, doing this on my own

i've been written in to a small movie , we had a first read through tonight,,, i got to tell my quickie . otto Vs  cancer  story .. no one has  even heard of this idea of  food  Vs  cancer..  i have a new  mission ..

Monday, October 8, 2012

sigh of relief

i  am returning to the  place i retired from,,,    they gave  me the option to return when i left.

they all like me there, i know  what i am doing ,, this should be way less stress than the shop lackey gig.

it was good that i was "retired" when the cancer news came to me,,  that gave me 24hours a day to  research my  situation ...                              i would have had to ask for time off , if i was still working at the time.. so it  seems two paths  have  re  merged .

there's  a cancer clause in  "worker's rights" ,, where a place has  to give  you  12 weeks off  if you get cancer or some other big  disease,, and  hold your job , if  you  are able to return,, .. so it's almost like  i'm using  that ..

so my  worried $$ thoughts ,  can be slowly taken away ,, i'll be out of  debt soon..  what a relief ..

               here's the apricot seeds i use..  2  bags of these  for $ 13.98  .. 135 days  worth..

                                    they are  "bitter"  at first  ,, but much tastier than Chemo

ok have a great week ,, me too

Sunday, October 7, 2012

bouncing around my brain

i was a shaky little kid, i like to turn my eyelids inside out ,, i like to put the shoes on the wrong feet, take my arms out of my sleeves  ,draw weird pictures, tap on stuff, sit upside  down, look up constantly,laugh for "no reason" ,make things  go ding, day dream, i took some  stuff apart,  &  i watched   the cowboys & indians on my pajamas fight every night- even told my mom about it.   

good thing that was the early 60's,,,  a kid with  1/2 of one of those  "symptoms" would be on all kinds of  meds, in  today's crazy pill poppin world

when i was a waitor , and someone said , "i'm a vegan",, i was like  "stay  home "---- now  i am a super vegan,, and guess what -   NO way i'd  go out  to eat,   i didn't understand  the  Vegan thing before , but i sure  do now,,,  

so i'm a  vegan ,i don't  say i am,, "i have a specific dietary lifestyle "   i fell into it , but i don't use  Soy products,, or  tofu,, soy is one of the top 3  GMO foods,,  i've read that  organic soy is kind of hard to get , i might be wrong ..., but why  chance it ..

my mental state is many times better than last week .. the shop lackey job was ok at first , but then  they  had  me  do some  stuff a rookie should not  have been near.   and  no  old  doors to  practice on, if you know what i mean.. so i can't have  that stress of making mistakes... and  ,,  if  a guy saws off a fiberglass panel , then the whole place is stinky .. and  if you can smell plastic---  it's IN YOUR  lungs,,,  so i can't  work in a chemical plant either.. if i have  to wear a breather , i shouldn't be working there ..  

aaaaaaaaw  , no pressure mon,,  the island way..  chill out ..   it's gonna be fine

ok  have a great week