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Thursday, July 11, 2013

i have no complaints

i haven't written  in a few days,  you have missed nothing . 
 i'm working "shifts" , not too much stress, i enjoy being  home  

overall i'm a very happy person now.   super healthy too

last year in July was all the tests and doctor visits,   once  August comes,  "cancer" will be  one year behind me.   i don't  want to  constantly  be comparing  this  year to last year.   this  year is fantastic.......   

i'd like  more  comedy or music gigs.  they make me feel special

ZuZu  has been gone  just over one month.  i  think Bella  misses her a lot .  Heather says Bella  likes the calm ..  i haven't  figured out exactly why ZuZu  entertained me so much...i'm pretty sure she reminds me of Esperanza as a puppy.. same color , energy for days !! , and the  happy smiley face.
 here she is co-piloting..   like  Esperanza

here is one of her room mates - Roxie
 ZuZu looks like she'd  like some of that 

when i walk Bella , i think of all these fantastic things to  blog about.. then  i blank out , and post nothing ......  i hope to get back  writing almost everyday.  

 one of the nice people at Pogues said she read my entire  blog in one day  (  5  1/2  hours )...  eeeek 

 clarification - all the people at Pogues are nice , one of them read the whole thing 

   chasing carrots is  wacky ,  Costco has the best deal  10 lbs 6.99  = 70  cents a lb..   kroger's "organic" if you believe  it to be , are  88 cents a  lb.              organic carrots at Pogues are  1.36  a pound..  at  40 pounds a week, this price  difference  adds up  ~  per year
 costco is on the way to work, and it's a 14 minute stop, i get broccoli and avocados there too..  pretty harmless, and the cashiers know why i'm buying all the  carrots, so i get a good up lifting buzz from that...    Kroger is a nightmare , my local one seems all beat up,  and they don't have stuff frequently.  it's really close , 3 minutes there  , 8 minutes to shop , 3 minutes  back,  but it's an  icky  experience most times.  Kroger has apples cheaper too.      Pogues is fantastic !!!  it's almost like getting off stage  , the wonderful  feeling i get there.  i get almost everything from Pogues,  it is also really close .      and the ride across 10th street is always entertaining   . i go to Pogues 3 to 5 times a week.

blabbitty  blabbitty boo

that's all  folks   

oh that feels  good.........................