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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

more smiles , more love , more hugs

July 2nd, last year i got the  "you have cancer call"

**** 12 month review

i'm super smiley , healthy as ever,  in no pain,  & cancer free.

i've lost  17 lbs, all of it  "bad weight" , i'm a constant 146.

when i got the "call"  , i kinda went  nuts,  the blog can confirm that .

having health insurance ( and everyone will be forced to have soon ) got me introduced to the Cancer Industry. The  doctors and nurses do want to help , they studied for years, and are skilled professionals .  But they are bound by what the Insurance & Cancer Industry  dictates . i refused the  3 choices , surgery , radiation , and chemotherapy.  i didn't believe those would  help me.  i also didn't like the experience of the cancer center.   my ranting  against the  cancer industry was just my opinion,  and i apologize for hurting anyone by that. 

some people say i'm an inspiration.  i really don't see it as such.  i got sick, researched the treatments , chose one that i believed in, stuck to it !! and it worked.   kinda  simple

my treatment tasted really good 

 but not covered by health insurance,  shucks 

and actually -  physically , nothing ever bad happened the entire time.  i started feeling better immediately after switching to the correct diet ( july 2nd -   alkaline foods) .

what got me was the mental side of it.. that's why i started the blog.   if i didn't let all this out , it would have tuned into more poison against me ..   The  -    "you have cancer and it's gonna kill you"  is what is played over  and over and over & over , in all the medias.  you can't get away from it                          

it WAS a roller coaster, and i got to the end with both hands up & laughing.  but there's no way i'm getting back on.  and the line  keeps getting longer

i used the paddle ball as a metaphor.  whap whap whap, the ball is cancer thoughts and the paddle is my  brain.  even if you can have some  no cancer thoughts,  the ball is attached, and soon enough ,  bam  bam bam  , cancer , cancer , cancer , bam bam bam cancer cancer cancer ..  all day all night .           lucky for me it was all in my head

what  did  i learn ???
*  my body is stronger than my mind
*  positive thoughts bring more positive actions
*  love is the answer, and people are full of it
*  simplicity is the cure all
*  if you ask for  help , people will

how much did it cost ?
 **  between $500 and $700 a month ,  all food , no medicine

and  how  do i feel now ...........  zippety-do-da !!  heels clicking together, two thumbs  up, and a smile so big it  hurts.

summing  up .  i can't  advise  people to do what i've  done.  i can encourage them to  research the different treatment options and choose one they believe in.  

i'm really happy i chose my path, beside the mental  funk , which was self induced,  my life  got better daily and still is .

the prayers  and positive energy that people shared with me  were also a big part of healing.    i thank you all

if you ever want to donate $   to a "cancer cause",  instead of giving it away to  "The Cause" ,   give that $  directly to a cancer patient.       they are everywhere, and you probably know one right now...................         it will help so much more , and immediately

here's my motto ..  i say this at the end of my show .. 

be nice 
to as many people as you can
as often as you can
it's absolutely free
i'll be nice to you 
and you'll be nice to me
and just like tag
if we start tonight 
tomorrow will be a better world

                                                                         ding !





Sunday, June 30, 2013

end of June

thank  you again , food  angel.

last night  i had  2 shows,  the early one was  a benefit show, full of love.  i had a great time, super uplifting. 

drove right to the  2nd show ,  sports bar  , music  & comedy. 

what a difference !!!   i had another great time, but  the "love"  level was much lower in the bar,, as should be expected...  

the place was really  big,  maybe 100 ppl spread about.  it's funny to me, that one group of audience can love ya, and 20 feet away,  another group is planning a gang style  "Jump In".

i know  that i "was in their bar" , but  come on, a small amount of common courtesy , just once won't kill  you.

one guy at the bar kept yelling out,   so i told  him,,  "hey - just like  when your wife is talking to you , and you don't pay attention and just sit there,  try that with me " .. 

i usually power through "comments" , but this guy needed some feedback..

last year at this  time  i was waiting on the biopsy  results.

what a year it's been

i want to thank you all for the positive thoughts, vibes , prayers, and well-wishes .  i'm two thumbs  up  because of you all

see you in july !